Flower Power

Making little crocheted flowers have been on my "learning how to do"  list for quite sometime.

I never learned to crochet when I was younger, so even though I have friends that can crochet beautifully, it was still difficult to have the time to get together and actually learn the skills it takes to master this art.

Sure, I could do a chain stitch, and I learned a double crochet, but that was it.  I mean, what am I going to do with that?  All the books out there would intimidate me with their abbreviations and symbols.  Sc, YO, Dc Cl, !!! I would just get frustrated and think that since I didn't learn at a young age I would never get it. 

Someday I would love to learn to make those big beautiful "throws" with all the fancy stitches, but for now, I just wanted to make something "useful" for me to use in my art.  
I also wanted to use fibers that gave me a more "organic" looking flower.

I watched YouTube video after video, but they all seemed over my head, until I finally found one that didn't use crochet terms, but just "told" me what to do with the yarn. 

I couldn't believe I did it!  So, you know me...I had to get out my hemp thread because that's the kind of natural fiber I like to use.  I wanted something different than the bright, poofy look.

I did use a wool yarn here, which I like the color very much...I always called this color an "oatmeal" kind of color.  They are the more poofy type,  but I still think I can work with them on projects. 

I still wouldn't say I KNOW how to crochet, but learning to make these little flowers have certainly encouraged me to keep an open mind and persevere!

So, what did you discover or do this weekend? 


(if you are interested, let me know & I will send you the link to the YouTube video that helped me!) 


andrea creates said…
these look so pretty!
i know what you mean...sometimes a certain video or book's instructions will just 'click' and i'll get how to do something~ like crocheting-determination and perseverance-looks like it paid off :)
hello gorgeous said…
i LOVE that you have learnt this, I also LOVE the colours/yarn you have used... sometimes the more "original" crochet colours look a bit gawdy or loud...you are def up my street!

{crochet is something I think I would like to do too but just can't get my head around the "technical" phrasing.... if you have the link, I would love you to share it}


hello gorgeous xxx
Catherine said…
These are cute little flowers Becca! I can picture them on a little girl's hat.

Hubby and I went to the theatre and watched "The Help" on Saturday and ate yummy popcorn.

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!
xo Catherine
GardenOfDaisies said…
Gorgeous Becca!! You'll have to let me know which youtube tutorial helped you, because I still haven't figured out the circle at the beginning. I know the chain, the single, doubles and triples, but can't get get the silly circle made so I can start it. And I can' make heads or tails out of the symbols in the books either!
RURAL said…
I really love those, they look so cute. Wonder if they could be put together to make a throw, would that not be the cutest thing?

Just pulled out every stitch from a lap throw that I have spent all summer crocheting, so I can understand your frustrations. And if you would be so kind as to send me the link I would love it.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
I love these, Becca, especially your yarn choices- makes them extra-special! I bought yarn and hooks, too- I haven't crocheted for 30 years, hope I can pick it up again!
Unknown said…
These look amazing.. I bet it wasn't as hard as you thought. Well done my friend..

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
Beautiful and cute work!
Clare said…
Oh shoot - just when I thought I had all my crochet projects worked out - this one comes along and now I have to try this out first.
Diane said…
This REALLY brings back memories to me. When I was younger I crocheted as much as I make art now(and that's alot). Once you learn (and you have) you can crochet anything!! I love these flowers--I need to find my crochet hooks :)

and that's another thing--crocheting is like riding a bike---you never forget....
PatsyAnne said…

PLEASE send me the youtube video - I did learn to do these two stitches when I was young - to make an afgan, I believe they were called granny squares. I made, what seemed to me to be, gadzillions of them in different colors, but school and then college then baby and then whatever came after that - being of an "advanced age" I have conveniently forgotten most of it (LOL)...
I await your link,


lilylovekin said…
I see you work with a little metal hook, that is what I use for my necklaces, isn't it difficult to use at times? We went camping this week-end for an end of summer get away, it was great.
Becky Shander said…
Terrific, and good for you...the flowers turned out lovely. I can sense your sweet satisfaction in this post.
Becca, they are gorgeous! And I really like the natural colors and feel. What a great skill to learn. I've recently gotten into playing with natural dyes and it's truly exciting (you can read more on my blog). What are you gonna make with all the little flowers?
(this is Joan from God's Little People popping over from my creative blog)
They look fantastic, you did a great job. Can't wait to see what you do with the flowers.
Love the flowers! I learned to crochet as a full-fledged adult and even though I don't crochet much, I find it so relaxing whenever I do.
Jillayne said…
This weekend I worked a wallhanging I want to teach this Fall - and I actually drew the reindeer - all by myself!
I love your flowers and I agree with you, they look fabulous done in hemp.
keep trying new things Becca - you are my inspiration!
Judy S. said…
Nicel done, Becca. Looks like you've got flowers all figured out! We discovered Flaming Geyser State Park this weekend...very interesting!
I think it turned out beautifully! I never learned how to crochet either, but it looks like a fun soothing project. Maybe I'll get up the nerve to try too! Patti
Justine said…
these are great, wish I could do these, you make it look so easy!
I love these flowers! I've made a few roses and they were fun. I taught myself how to crochet and knit from a book. It has a monkey on the front cover...I kid you not! The monkey is knitting..or crocheting! It's hard to tell! heeheehee! My skills are limited though! ♥
Lisa Gordon said…
These are beautiful Becca! I love the neutral color, and how delicate each one is.
wendy said…
Love the cute little flowers and would love to have the video. Thanks
Becca, I would love it if you would send me a link for these flower instructions. They look like something even I could learn~lol. I love the effect you get using hemp. Thanks so much!
Dorthe said…
Hi Becca, and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
Your little flowers, are adorable, and I so love the natural look they gets in those yarns you used.The hemp ones looks so special ,and beautiful.
Tracy said…
Oh, these are sooo LOVELY, Becca! I love the almost ephemeral butterfly-wing like quality of these flowers...*swoon*... I crochet at little, but would like to become better at it. My ripple throw is a UFO at the moment... LOL...I'm more of a knitter I suppose. This weekend now we are cleaning up after the "leftover" or hurricane Irene blew through here this week. Hopefully some play time later in my studio though. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
is it hard?
I never learned to crochet either :(
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh are these pretty, how did I miss this post? Is there anything you cannot do my friend????? xox Corrine
Unknown said…
lovely, I'd love a link to the video. I've been doing a bit of crocheting lately (http://pinterest.com/pin/187345438/ and http://pinterest.com/pin/214061337/ )and these flowers look beautiful. I like that you have chosen a natural colour, they are wonderful. my address is tracey.potter.artist@hotmail.com xx
Unknown said…
Thanks for the link to the video, it's so simple to follow. xx

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