Inspired to Paint

I love watching the little birds flying around our yard, singing their songs.

One afternoon last week, (during our cloudy, cooler weather) I decided to take my supplies outside.
  I was thrilled I even managed to sketch this little guy, and apply some light watercolor and shading. I was pretty happy with the results.  Was it the wine?  Maybe the candle and atmosphere that inspired me to paint?

Well, I don't know exactly, because  the next time I got out my watercolor journal it wasn't the same.  There's no consistency with my drawing/painting yet.   My tennis game is the same way.  I guess it just means more practice!

This was a little leaf tree I sketched last summer, while listening to the rain and watching this little tree get hit with raindrops before the sun came out.   

I just now decided to add color.  
Still, pretty elementary,  but I enjoyed the experience.

Then, one late after noon when the autumn sunlight was perfect.  I noticed my little "Charlie Brown Tree" had started changing colors.  We don't see autumn colors like this much here, most everything is just green, then brown for winter.  But, my little tree inspired me.  I couldn't believe the colors I was seeing!  No one else on my street has a little tree like this, it's weird that it landed in my yard. 

I printed out my photo and got out my journal and paints and started to paint something that looked like my tree. 

OK, not bad.  I had fun mixing the colors to get all the greens, yellows oranges and reds that I saw here. 

I have the tube watercolors, but I'm enjoying this little cheap pallet set for some reason now.

Oh, here's another color of autumn.  My orange cats.  This is Fetzer.  I think he's inspired to take a nap.

What inspires you to get out your art supplies and play?  

This is going to be one busy weekend, so no time in my art room.  However,  I should be able to stop by for quick visits here and there to see what you are up to.
I'm joining up this week with

Enjoy your weekend!



Anonymous said…
As always... I adore your work, Becca!
Netty said…
Beautiful artwork Becca and loving your cute bird. Are you going to join in with us at Paint Party Friday this week. xx
TexWisGirl said…
i'm inspired (i.e. kicked in the butt) by my monthly drawing giveaways - i am very late this month but knew i needed to put something together so have finally worked on that the last couple of days... :)
Such a fun stop with my morning coffee. Your painting projects are all so pretty, soft and lovely.
Fall, sure is in the air, cool and crisp. Cats have it so good!! They always find the best place to curl up and rest. Enjoy the weekend.
carol l mckenna said…
Love your art ~ especially the little bird ~ I love cake watercolors ~thanks, hugs and namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF
Unknown said…
Such a cute little bird my friend. Your painting is coming along..

Hugs, Linda
Christine said…
just gorgeous sketches you've done this week!
Joni Nickrent said…
Great the birdie and all or your wonderful artful creations of nature! Fun Stuff! POP ART MINIS
peggy gatto said…
what a delight to see this morning!!!
Your paintings are lovely and fresh!!!
Lisa Graham said…
Hi Becca,
well, blogging sure does NOT inspire me to break out the art work, but house work sure does...ha ha : )

I love this blog post...your sweet little bird DID turn out wonderful. I love birds too, and back yard painting, and wine.

Enjoy your activity this weekend!

Heartwideopen said…
Becca, I always love coming here for inspiration! Absolutely LOVED the photo of your sketching and painting area above. I wish I could have been sitting across from you sipping wine, sketching , and adding color! HuGGs!
What lovely sketches/watercolors - I can see how you could get into an inspired mood in that atmosphere and setting!! The fall image is just lovely with all its colors - as is Fetzer :) I've been skethcing this week for the first time for many many year and I'm loving it. I can't wait to pull out my watercolors. My cats was one of my sweet inspirations!
Thanks for sharing your lovely images Becca.
Wishing you a lovely weekend
ruth said…
Your bird is adorable. Also, I love photos of art supplies and the little cheap palette sets are so much easier to use sometimes.
Laura lok said…
beautiful that bird is my favorite
Yvonne said…
Love all your little nature art. Nice to sit out and paint isn't it.
GlorV1 said…
Love all your watercolor/sketches/paintings. You have a skill for nature. Good job. Happy PPF!
The cute little Fetzer fits right in on the officially first day of autumn....what a sweety....and I love your bird and all your super fotos and fun going ons in your garden. Happy PPF to you and have a great the jazz piano:)
carlarey said…
Love your little bird, he's just wonderful! And your lavender blooms are great too. Who knows why some days the paint flows, and other days it doesn't?
Judy S. said…
Love that little bird, Becca. I think your CB tree is a summac. We tried so hard to get one to grow in our yard!
Catherine said…
Oh my stars girl you are talented! That little bird is cute cute cute! And look at those lovely paint colors ~ eye candy!

And of course, sweet Autumn colored kitty is always enjoyable!!

Happy Weekend Becca!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
I love the watercolors you have created and I think Fitzer looks beautiful in that blue chair,,
Kristin Dudish said…
This is a wonderful post - I have been painting on my screened in porch this week and it has been wonderful... The fall breeze definitely contributes to the magic!

I love seeing all of your beautiful paintings and the inspiration!

I am having a fantastic time looking around your blog - lots of creative goodness! (Your tea bag luminaries are amazing!)

Thanks for partying with us :)


p.s. Fetzer is a sweetie!
Annabelle said…
Nice to meet you Becca. I adore birdies and yours is a cutie pie. All your nature paintings are gorgeous and so is Fetzer. Lovely, lovely post.
Heather Foust said…
What a wonderful visit it was! What a lovely blog you have!
Jaime Haney said…
I think I'd be inspired just from your pretty tablescape :)

Is your little charlie brown tree a sumac? cute little bird painting.
Tracy said…
Loving and *swooning* over all your paintings, Becca! You have a gift of drawing & painting very expressively. Your little bird has such character--at once sweet, but a glint of sassy in the eye, I love it! Your soft lavender painting and the leaves...just so lovely. And I like your pallet box of watercolors. What kind are those? I use the cheaper tubes for now... dream of more up-market supplies one day. ;o) I think was matter is that we try, bring out what's inside--not matter what the medium, how pricey it is or not, nor how much time. Just do it, girl! This creative & chakra workshop I'm doing right now has been so liberating & freeing--I've not been visited by my inner-critic once. Not once... amazing. Enjoy your weekend ahead now. And your ginger kitty look sooo much like our ginger fur-angel too! :o) ((BIG HUGS))
Lisa Gordon said…
Each of these is just beautiful Becca!
Darla said…
You are so gifted!
Mary C. Nasser said…
Love your bird! Delightful!
Nature always inspired me to get out my paints and play, too!
Abela said…
Truly special their relationship with nature and art, I love that bird so cute. Saludos
lilylovekin said…
Becca, I loved this post first your paintings and then the photos of the water color pallet-so fun and bright. It was just cheerful and happy. You are always up to something. Enjoy your week-end. Lorrie
Your little bird is adorable and I truly enjoyed your post. It's nice to find a another artist that plays tennis too! I'm in a charity tournament this weekend. I signed on to follow. Happy Paint Party Friday!
Anonymous said…
I want to sit with that paintbox and just look at those lovely colors. Your blog always immerses me in your color sense and how alive you make it. xox Corrine
Geckostone said…
All these are beautiful, but I absolutely fell in love with the little bird, soooooo charming!!! PPF inspires me to paint, seeing all the wonderful entries! Deb
Really enjoyed looking through your work ~ the little bluebird is adorable! I also love your watercolor of the tree with autumn leaves... it was placed in your yard for a reason! I'll be checking back to see what else you're working on ~ I'm a new follower too :)
Steph said…
these artwork are simply beautiful, Becca!!!
happy week to you!!
HeARTworks said…
Hi Becca,
What a cute bird! I love drawing and painting birds, they are beautiful! And there are so many ways to do it too! Love all your pictures, especially the one of your table! How interesting to see artists at work and how they think!
Almost everything inspires me to go to my "studio" and make art! Sometimes I am reading a book and something in it, a word, a phrase, makes me think of something I want to draw! Patsy from
Pamela said…
I adore this little bird Becca!! So sweet!!
Funny how you are the only one with this tree...i was thinking as i read it maybe it's a sign from up above. I take everything as a sign!!!
Got my fingers and toes crossed for you!!
Pamela xo
Hybrid J said…
Your birdy is just lovely. I want to blow him/her a big kiss, hahaha! Enjoying your lovely watercolor work!
Melisa said…
I think they are all lovely sketches. The little bird is so pretty! We don't get much fall color here either, with most of the trees being pine, cypress and oak.
Gillian Olson said…
Lovely paintings, especially the little bird. Great way to spend a day.
Dion Dior said…
Gorgeous, luscious, and inspiring Becca. LOVE IT. xx
ELK said…
thiis post made me so happy see parts of your painting, your stunning photos of nature and sweet kitty~~ you are amazing!
GardenOfDaisies said…
Fetzer has the right idea! I need a nap this afternoon too! I LOVE your watercolor bluebird.
Julie said…
This is such a beautiful post, your watercolors are gorgeous and your cat is so sweet!
Anonymous said…
yes, I love this inspirational post...all the paint photos..and your sketches....awesome! I am so inspired to do another journal page.....

and yes, to answer your question...I always draw my object, person, what-have-you...and then fill in the background! it works for me!

thanks for stopping by.
ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

I have that same paint set.
Wonderful paintings, love the first little bird most, his eye looks so alive.You are very talented.
christina said…
i adore birds! oh honey, these are just lovely.
Daniele Valois said…
This is the cutest little bird I have ever seen in my entire life!!!
Torunn said…
How nice! Beautiful drawings and photos in your blog.
Your bird is charming..just the sweetest little bird! And I love the Fall leaves and all of the colors you used! I so want to get my journal out and draw something! I always feel so intimidated! ♥
Anonymous said…
Becca, your little birdie is sweet!
I love the look of your very, very nice and clean paint palette! Mine?
OOkie!!! LOL!

Hugs, Diane
Karen Isaacson said…
oh, how I love your sweet bird! I know just what you mean about consistency. It's always a bit of an accident when I like my drawings. practice, practice, practice.....sigh.
Ayala Art said…
What great photos you took of your art, lovely! And the journal looks great.

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