My Latest Obsession


I've seen some really great faces out there, and let me tell you it's really stirred up my desire to learn this art.

I have looked at so many sites and there are a lot of great videos and classes to take, but I can't decide which one I want to take next.
Do you have a favorite? 

It took me forever to do this sketch, (I need to buy another eraser) but I really like how it turned out.  However, learning about paints and shading is another thing, and I was afraid to add paint here thinking I would "mess it up." 

I don't always like to add lashes, but after seeing some videos on YouTube I thought I'd give it a try.

This second face I tried to just keep simple so I could practice with blending skin tones with acrylics.

I think I learned a few things during this painting process, so I'm eager to try again. 

I still think I will add some collage to the background or hair, what do you think?  

The great thing about a sketch book/art journal is it's a great place for me to practice.

If any of you have a favorite online class that helped you with faces, please let me know.  I'd like to learn more about this art! 

Hope your week is going well, 
I've been enjoying the rainy days we've been having here. 

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lilylovekin said…
It is nice to have an obsession, I love how it fills ones mind. Your faces are great and I like how they look with paint. Enjoy the rain and painting.
Pamela said…
Becca she is beautiful!!! You are so good at this!
I had Sam take a sketching class back home and he loved it. It was all pencil art and then i had him in an oil class.
I have to do this...i love to doodle and it looks so relaxing!
Love love the peanuts!
Pamela xo
I think you are doing great! I'm am TERRIBLE with faces. I've been thinking of learning more myself. But there seems to be an overabundance of found objects out there that I have to put into art first. LOL. Anyway, that's cool.
Daydream Living said…
She looks really nice Becca!
She is beautiful!! I love seeing your drawings. They are wonderful!
Netty said…
Beautiful drawings with such terrific eyes. Annette x
Unknown said…
They look amazing my friend. I can see why you wouldn't want to add color.. I would be the same way.. Your work desk look so clean.. I can't even find a clean spot on mine...

Hugs, Linda
Unknown said…

Both of the above offer fabulous courses. I've had fun practicing both styles. They aren't free, but I think they're worth every penny. Couldn't draw a face to look normal for the life of me, and have finally been getting better with their instructions.

Really tho, you've done an amazing job, dont think you really need a course, lol.
Dorthe said…
Becca, they are lovely, and I think you are very good- love the eyelashes, and the painted number two, with shadows, and highlights are wonderful.
I looked at my picture the other day and really just realized there is no face per se...but I like it that way. She can be anyone that way!..
Catherine said…
This face looks terrific Becca! You are one talented woman!
xo Catherine
Lorraine said…
I honestly dont think you need to do classes Becca as you have a lovely style and this face is superb. I would perhaps add some darker highlights to the hair around the face neck area to create shadows. The thing with following a class is that you lose your style. I have signed up for a few but one of them was literally like watching paint dry as it showed every stroke of the brush and was incredibly boring. I followed the willowing free course and that was ok
Judy S. said…
Looks like you have a lot of natural talent, Becca! Love your desert shots. We seldom have lightning!
Tracy said…
Your faces are coming along so beautifully, Becca! The eyes are very expressive. And I have to say, I agree with Lorrine, here--you're doing so well on your own...You could be doing your own class! ;o) Keep going! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Lisa Graham said…
Love your art work and the name of your blog has to be among my favorites! Check out if you don't already know her and another interesting artist who loves to do faces, though not the usual kind of face, is
christina said…
these are so lovely. you should link them up on the mortal muse blog. ; )
hello my friend.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are wonderful Becca, and I am so in awe since I cannot even draw a stick figure!
Justine said…
I love these, the eyes have so much expression, you have captured them brilliantly
Kirstin said…
How cool is this! You totally have those eyes!
Thank you for linking up with us at mortal muses.
Marji said…
It's so fun to have someone that is learning faces too! I'm working on building my color palette now. Its so much trickier in encaustic to get the colors. I stumbled on the book "Color mixing recipes for portraits". I'm finding it to be a good starting place. You are doing so awesome! Can't wait to see more
HeARTworks said…
Hi Becca, For somebody who is just starting drawing faces, these are verrry good! Just keep practicing, that's what I do. I also try not to compare what I do with what others come up with, or I'll be so timid. My sisters are great when it comes to drawing faces, so I just do my own thing! Look at my sister's Peggy's work and you'll see- Willowing has a free video on drawing faces. I like how she does her noses with that cute white tip. Like your blog! Patsy from
peggy aplSEEDS said…
your faces are so sweet. if you're afraid to "mess up" a sketch with paint, how about using a copier to make a copy on heavy paper and practicing on the copy?

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