Desert Storms

We've been having some stormy weather the past couple of days with lots of lightning and thunder. 

Most of the inclimate weather happened in the middle of the night, so I don't have photos.  But I thought this would be an excellent time to show you my "drive by shots" just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico this past summer. 

When you're on the road and bored, try getting some shots out your side window of the lightning while traveling 80mph!  LOL
I feel pretty lucky I even got this first shot.  I think it looks pretty interesting. 

The storms in the desert look so beautiful to me when the dark clouds build up like this. 

These last two shots I just took about 6am this morning from our upstairs window. 
The moon looked so beautiful going down in the west. 

It's mostly clear right now, but we're supposed to get some more rain this afternoon.   I'm hoping anyway, because we could sure use it here in the desert. 

I'm linking to Lisa Gordon's 
Creative Exchange today.  
I hope you'll head over there to check out some of the other creative entries.



Anonymous said…
Oh wow... the moon over the mountains. These are all great shots!
Unknown said…
That Moon was beautiful this morning.. We sat out in the front yard so we could look at it.. It looked almost orange to us!! We only got a few sprinkles yesterday.. But I saw on the news there was a down pour.. Crazy..

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful morning my friend..

Hugs, Linda
Catherine said…
You have some beautiful photos here Becca! Hoping you got your rain!
xo Catherine
Tara said…
The first capture is so neat!! What a fabulous capture!
Seeing Each Day said…
Such expansive views - particularly taken by your clever first and last photos.
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful. and the sounds effects were like heaven to this rain-thirsty texan!
Dorthe said…
Becca, such beautiful photoes, and your sound OH MY-a bit scaring to listen to-- also because we here today have a big storm, with so much rain-
Thankyou for this experience, dear.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic drive-by's. Love it when you can see the rain from a distance....xox Corrine
geanina said…
beautiful photos!:)
Anna said…
I've never tried any "drive by shooting", but you've inspired me:) Very nice and you are in country that has such wonderful vistas!
lilylovekin said…
What great shots. I saw the moon this morning but could not capture it on film, you did a great job. Thunder storms are so "summer" and we never get them here in northern california.
Connie Smiley said…
Wow, what a neat lightning shot!
Lisa Gordon said…
Amazing sky, and great lightning capture Becca. Lightning is something I have never been able to successfully capture, but you have done it beautifully here.

Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

Justine said…
these are absolutely fantastic shots, I love that first one. We keep getting the tail end of the hurricanes. That noise of the rain and thunder storm on your blog is now making me want to pee!
Pat said…
What a beautiful view you have from your upstairs window! The moon over the mountains - a terrific shot!
ShonEjai said…
The first picture is amazing! Great capture!
Laura lok said…
love those moon shots. though I have to say the rain falling in the backgroun had me running to the restroom. lol
Tracy said…
What skies, though... that moon over the mountain really tugs at the heartstrings...*sigh*... But glad you are safe, Becca. Here we've been getting whipped by the remnants of the hurricanes and stores from the US east cost...such wind & rain we've had the past 2-3 weeks all in all--spooky stuff...LOL... Happy Days ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
AWESOME shots, each one! WoW! I love the blur in the 1st one... sooo cool! And the moon in the last 2 is ENORMOUS!
Lisa said…
Fabulous shots...all of them! I love the first one and and amazed you captured it on the first try. Truly spectacular.
Georgianna said…
Stunning images, Becca! I'm so glad you were able to photograph the moon.

You're having storms and we've been having gorgeous weather – ironic isn't it?

Hope you'll be back soon.

xo – g
Wow, love these, all of them. It's not easy to catch good photos while travelling. your moon photos are lovely too, the country-side looks very rugged.
Lorraine said…
fantastic photos reminds me of when I was in Vegas travelling on the coach to the flight to the Grand Canyon
wow, what fabulous shots of the desert....I live in the Alps but I love the desert too....can´t find more opposites than that can you.
I am grovvvin on your jazz piano:)
is that you doing your daily practice??? THanks for coming by my blog...I just did a quick stroll through and you are so it so many interesting projects you show. I could comment on each one but you would get tired of all my uuuuhing and aahhhhing but I love your work!
mmmm now some nice outdoor birds chirping with bells,,,very nice. I think I will just chill here for awhile longer if you don´t mind.
I normally don´t like music on blogs and I must admit this is really the first time I have ever stayed and listened.
Unknown said…
I lived in northern New Mexico for six years when I was younger. I sometimes miss the desert views. Thanks for sharing.
ELK said… by photos ~ these are amazing!!
Yvonne said…
I have been enjoying many of your posts and this one really caught my eye. Storms can be beautiful can't they. Here in the flatland of south Tx. we see storms such as this, and the skies, moon, sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous. Your photos are wonderful in every one of your posts. Well, off to see more.

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