Greetings friends!
Today I share with you a "potpourri" of things.

First, let me thank Pamela from
She drew my name for her giveaway and I received a lovely parcel of goodies!
One of the gifts was this beautiful lavender potpourri.

Pamela's giveaway was for this sweet bracelet with an owl charm, I absolutely adore!  
She also included a beautiful card and some lovely ribbon for crafting. 
Thank you Pamela! 

I've also been doodling a bit so I thought I'd give you a peek into my art journal. 

After doodling and painting I  hear my needle and thread calling so I work on some embroidery pieces for a while.

 I think the colors of autumn are calling me.

I'm still having fun making little crocheted flowers and Shatzie always likes to participate.

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my last post.  I didn't expect such an interest in the video, so if you didn't get it from me already by email, here is the YouTube link that helped me understand the 5 pedal crocheted flower.

Last but not least,  I'd like to send a warm WELCOME out to my new followers I see, thank you!
It's always fun to meet new friends.

Hope everyone has a weekend filled with a
"potpourri" of things that you enjoy!



Anonymous said…
Quite the potpourri! Looks like it must smell divine. Fall stitching is gorgeous and your doodling a little more than doodling I think!
Happy Weekend. xox Corrine
TexWisGirl said…
i like the autumn needlepoint flowers. :)
GardenOfDaisies said…
Becca, your embroidered flowers are lovely!! Are you using a pattern or drawing your own?
Wow, what a lovely giveaway you won!!
Thanks for sharing your "doodles"... I am always amazed at the talent out here on the blogs!
All of my favorite things in this post...lavender, turquoise, embroidery AND your amazing art journal! I am going to really make an effort to work on adding art to my journal...SOON! You inspire me! ♥
Laura lok said…
love the peek into your journal wow awesome
Lorraine said…
you have been busy really like your stitching and the owl is lovely..have a good weekend
Holly Loves Art said…
What a FUN post Becca! Just love what you've shared here! The picture of kitty and the yarn is just absolutely precious and gorgeous! Your journal is lovely too!
Thanks for sharing.
Oh how I do love Autumn! Love your beautiful stitched flowers too!
xx, shell
Congrats on the winning draw! How exciting - does that really happen that one wins :-)) Your doodles are lovely, the stitches are gorgeous and Shatzie is just a darling! Cats are the greatest creative company. Thanks for your lovely images.
Unknown said…
Your day has a happy flow to it .... A little of this, a little of that .... And warm kitty paws in the midst of it all :)
You are quite the artist. I love how you bounce from one artform to the next artform. And as always, your photos are superior!
lilylovekin said…
I so enjoy looking at the photos you take. Have a great week-end.
Unknown said…
Looks like some wonderful candy you won. I love that bracelet.. And it looks like you have a fun week of creating.. Everything looks beautiful..

Hugs, Linda
Pamela said…
Becca this is a beautiful post!!
I love the way you photographed the lavender!!! It looks so beautiful.
Your art is just incredible!!!
How do you balance everything? I am so pathetic...I can't even do posts properly now that i am working !!
Pamela xo
Catherine said…
Oh you lucky lucky girl! Color me green with jealousy that you won that beautiful necklace with the owl ~ love it ~ good for you!

Looks like you have been up to some lovely craftiness as well. It's nice when kitty can help. ;)

Happy Weekend Becca!
xo Catherine
So pretty, Becca...the photo of the potpourri is gorgeous! Wish I could smell the computer lol!
ELK said…
i so enjoy your random photos and art ... lucky winner you were ..so cute!!
Lisa Graham said…
What a lovely post...your doodlings are so colorful and elegant.
Katy Noelle said…
Hello, Becca! (I'm here!!!=])

and, this post is extremely refreshing. I feel like I've 'come home' which sounds SO corny (sorry) but that's how I'm feeling, reading through your posts, now.

oh, and this inspiring photography....sigh!=]

Off I go to ramble through a bunch more of your posts and, then, go to sleep and, hopefully, dream about the colors in your beautiful potpourri.

Love, Katy Noelle xxo

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