Playing Indoors

This weekend, the weather has been very windy and overcast.  It feels so much cooler than the 70 degree temperatures we were experiencing last week.
I think Mother Nature is laughing at me, because last week I put away all my winter clothes and hung up my spring and summer clothes.  I think I rushed things a bit, because now I'm cold!  

I've been taking Susan Tuttle's Photomanipulation class online.
Since it wasn't a good weekend to play outside, I spent some time on the computer, in my sweat pants and sweatshirt drinking hot tea and working on my Photoshop skills.

I've seen so many beautiful and inspiring digital collages that I've always wanted to learn more about it.

Here are a couple, (yes only a couple, they took me forever! LOL ) of my attempts at digital collage.

Princess Butterfly

(image credits The Graphics Fairy, Shadowhouse Creations, & Kim Klassen Textures)

Nevada Bird on a Wire

(image credits, moon, one of my favorites from -The Graphics Fairy bird and background photos belong to me) 

Thanks for dropping by.  I always enjoy reading your comments and chatting with you.

I'm linking up to Lisa Gordon's

Head over there to see some more creative photos. 

Now, I am off to make another cup of tea and get ready for dinner, tonight we're making chili! :-)



Anonymous said…
Love the way you put the images all together!

Ashley Sisk said…
Gorgeous work - I love the second shot.
RURAL said…
I am loving what I see. You are very talented.

Can't wait to go back in the archives and read more..

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Netty said…
They are both beautiful Becca, so clever. Annette x
Karen Mae said…
That's pretty nifty! I love the bird on a wire - it took me a second to see the man in the moon. Both pics made me smile.
Pamela said…
These are amazing Becca!!
You are a true artist!!

I wish you could be in my yard in the morning...I cannot believe the singing of birds and there is an eagle family living across the road in the open field. Every morning I see the mom in the tree and the dad was swooping down at something! It is so nice to feel spring!!
There is also a rabbit in my yard that is enormous!! I have also noticed around the island black rabbits!!
Hope your weekend was great and enjoy that chili yum!
Pamela xo
Judy S. said…
Looks like you're having fun, Becca. I think you might enjoy this blog: Did you see last night's moon?
Justine said…
love what you have done here, looks like it's a great course. I like your new header forgot to say!
andrea creates said…
these look great! i don't have any idea how to do digital collage ~maybe someday? ;)
I always love seeing your gorgeous photos here - the digital work is awesome!
Catherine said…
Wow ~ you're doing some terrific work here Becca! And I day spend in comfy clothing and at the computer is always a fun way to spend a cool day!

Hope you enjoyed your chilli ~ yum!
xo Catherine
Diane said…
Beautiful!! I have photoshop and still don't know what I'm doing.
Unknown said…
Oh My Goodness... I am loving both of these. They look fabulous my friend.

Hugs, Linda
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca - These are just fantastic, and I'll bet they surely DID take a bit of time to do!! They are surely beautiful, but I also love the fact that you can see just how much work went into each of them.

Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange this week!

Have a wonderful rest of the day, and try to enjoy your "coolish" weather. We got 3 inches of snow this morning. I would love coolish!! :-)

They are both wonderful...the last one is my fav! I don't have photoshop but I've always wanted it! I love to work on photos! Hugs! ♥
Unknown said…
I like both, these are so fun to do and once you have started it is difficult to stop..right:)
Anonymous said…
These photos look great!
Pat said…
I like the whimsical nature of both composites. Nice work!
lilylovekin said…
Wonderful work on your digital collages, I love the colors of the first one. Keep it up.
Unknown said…
I love the bird on a wire photo .... It has a beautiful golden cast to it .... And the moon face is perfect.

Looks like you had a fun day :)
Unknown said…
Ewwwwww! Pretty! I love both of them. I have tried to do a couple of online tutorials for PS... :( I just really struggle with it. These are so beautiful! Good job!

Gemma Wiseman said…
Magical, dreamscape images! Very romantic!
hootnonny said…
Wonderfully creative and artistic!
Rosie Grey said…
How beautiful, Becca! I haven't come around playing with my photos, though I did follow all the lessons so far :-) Your pictures really make me want to try those techniques more intensly!
Unknown said…
I really enjoy your creative mix of textures!
Caterina Giglio said…
i know right? one day of warm weather and I was already for more!! oh well!! your work looks great!! xx's
Anonymous said…
Very creative & I never knew telephone poles could look so cool! =)
Lisa said…
Looks like you are well on your way to becoming a PhotoShop master. Nicely done. PhotoShop has such a high learning curve, but it's sooooooo addicting.
These are SO wonderful, Becca! I love them! The Nevada Bird on a Wire is pure whimsy... So fun you are taking this class! I'd like to take one like this soon, too!
Georgianna said…
Great job, Becca! I especially like the first one.

Sitting at the computer in sweats – yes, that's how most of my days are spent.:) – g
Lorraine said…
just love this moon collage very your photos..have a great weekend Becca

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