French Lavender

My French Lavender plant, like me, has been thriving in the weather we've been having. 
Lots of sunshine, and temperatures in the 70's.
Today I decided to gather a few pieces to hang and dry.

I'm loving the lavender palette with blue tones right now. 

Almost every night after work I enjoy soaking my sore muscles away with 
lavender bath salts that I keep in a vintage Ball jar. 

My lavender plant enjoying the sunshine. 

Such delicate little flowers. 

Something I read today online is that even though most products like soap, bath salts and candles, advertise their scent as "french lavender" like the plant I have here, it's really the 
"english lavender variety" that is used most often for it's fragrance. 

Still, the beauty and fragrance of this plant is delightful! 
Just tie a bunch with hemp twine, and hang upside down to dry.

Wishing you a lovely weekend! 



Anonymous said…
Really pleases the eye with the blue milk glass too! Such a simple and beautiful flower.
andrea creates said…
Absolutely beautiful photos!
I love lavender~it's one of my favorite flowers.
Enjoy the snowed here last night!!
Anonymous said…
Excellent captures... I love love love lavender! =)
Catherine said…
Hey friend ~ send me some of that warm weather please!!! :)

I bet that lavender smells good!

Beautiful photos Becca ~ happy weekend!
xo Catherine
All of your lavender photos are gorgeous!! One of my favorite flowers for sure!
Anonymous said…
Amazing photography, I want to melt into that lavender hue. xox Corrine
I love this post...and I enjoy lavender scents in my bath every night! And I have a small bag of lavender on my nightstand next to my bed to enjoy while I sleep! AAAhhhh...sweet dreams! !
Pamela said…
Great post Becca!!
I love lavender so much.
I am going to send you some lavender from here "The Cowichan Valley" to enjoy!!
Love these photos...beautiful and I love the birds singing!!!
Marty Mason said…
Love your lavender. But, rats, our humidity down here just does mine in.
gail said…
I love lavender and can't wait for my plants to come up! As usual your photos are so inviting and I love the blue jar!
lilylovekin said…
Becca, your photos are lovely. My favorite fragrance is lavender, interesting little fact about the English vs French. Have a nice week-end.
Numinosity said…
Your photos of lavender are stupendous. I'm afraid that ours died in the Arizona deep freeze awhile back.
xoxo Kim
Oh, wow, Becca, your lavender photos are lovely. You've captured their beauty BEAUTIFULLY. Love all of them.
Karen Larko said…
Your photos are amazing! Lavender is my favorite thing these days. Love the songbirds too!
Anonymous said…
Oh Becca, those are such beautiful pictures. I love the lavender against the burlap...the delicate against the texture is lovely. Lucky me, I'm getting my new camera tomorrow ( a month early). I decided on the Nikon D90. I have no clue what I'm getting myself into but seeing your pictures gets me so excited to learn! Brace yourself for my many questions. Patty
ELK said…
becca . your series of lavender is just breathtaking, i think the hep twine is just the perfect accent , i can imagine the aroma from here! what do you do with them when the dry?
leslie said…
Hi Becca,
Your lavender photographs are just beautiful. I wish they were scratch and sniff.
Unknown said…
Hey there girly.. Just stopping by to look at your beautiful photos.. I can almost smell that wonderful lavender scent all the way over here at my house.. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather.

Hugs, Linda
christina said…
i so want some of these. they are so pretty. so very pretty.
Jillayne said…
Funny isn't it, how "French" is deemed better - I have always loved English lavender and have a burning desire to see a real English cottage garden, complete with a kitchen garden.
Anonymous said… always, beautiful photos!
Really lovely photos, Becca...I love lavender, too...wish I could grow it here! The bath salts sound so relaxing! Do you make it or buy?
Georgianna said…
I just love these photos, Becca! I can almost smell the fragrance! I truly cannot believe you have lavender growing already. Here's it's been nothing but miserable rain. Everything is soaking. Are you sure you want to live here? :)

But soon there will be an explosion of blooming so it will be worth it.

xo – g
Justine said…
these are so lovely, you have captured them beautifully, you should make postcards from these shots, they are fantastic. I failed with my lavender, our ground is too wet. I love your bell jar and those lavender salts.
Rosie Grey said…
So beautiful, Becca! I absolutely agree with Justine - you should make postcards from your shots! I haven't been lucky with lavender on my balcony so far, but I love them so much! Maybe I'll try again this summer!
Lisa Gordon said…
These are gorgeous Becca. The third one is truly perfection to me!

On another note...I SO envy the weather you are having!!!! Cannot wait to see temps in the 70's again. Gosh, I'd be happy with temps in the 40's right now!!

Have a wonderful day!

Alina said…
Incredible photos!!! I especially loved the third one, the way the rope shimmers, amazing. Thank you Becca for your kind words during my hour of need. Love and light to you XO
Anonymous said…
Great photos dear Becca!!!
Karen Mae said…
Your photos are so inspiring!
thanks for sharing ( I'm taking notes, lol! ) K
Katy Noelle said…
Just....GASP! My favorite!
Lynn Stevens said…
Such beautiful photos and such vibrant colors!
Unknown said…
Have you been up here for the lavender festival in Sequim and Port Angeles?
LR said…
i am barely getting into gardening myself. lavender is definitely something i need to plant. so lovely.
Unknown said…
Wow! Some seriously mad photo skills!
These pics are beautiful!!!!!!

What is the camera that you used for these pictures. Wonderful shots. I love lavender and the close ups are incredible. I have a new camera but it wont take shots like that.

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