The Spirit of Paying it Forward

Hi friends! 

First I'd like to say thank you to everyone for their kind messages and words of encouragement on my last post regarding my latest Photoshop endeavor. 

It is truly wonderful to feel like you have a place in this world where you can share art and words with others.

Today, I'm joining my blog friend, Erin of 
Pay it Forward 2011

Here's how it works...

The first five people who comment on this blog post will 
receive a handmade gift from me.

In return, you must FIRST write a blog post 
explaining Pay it Forward 2011.  Then...send out a 
handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment 
on your post.  Take your don't need to send them
all out today or tomorrow.

I think this is such a sweet way to connect with friends or meet 
new ones, by sharing things we create with our hearts.

"It's not the size of the gift that matters, but the 
of Paying it Forward."

Happy Weekend! 



Just leaving a comment to let you know how much I love your photos. Have a wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
Great shots!
Sunny greetings.
Justine said…
these shots are beautiful, the light and the captures are exquisite, what a great idea - pay it forward, I remember seeing the film and crying!
I would like to do this becca...
Unknown said…
Hey Bec,
What a great idea girly. Love your photos. Those look like the same flowers you got for me.. They are so pretty.. I could get a good shot of them.. I will chat with you soon!!

Hugs, Linda
gorgeous photos!!! thanks for playing along, becca! oh and your last post...well, i am lovin those collages!! i want to learn to do that too! so many things to learn, so little time. i am going to check out that course right now.
happy weekend,
Lisa Gordon said…
What beautiful photographs Becca!
Pamela said…
Happy Friday Becca!
I bet you're glad the weekend is here...hope you survived your week at work!
Love your photos as always!!

Sam hated the spiders too Becca but loved the snakes...yuk!! It was a fun day for us!!
Pamela xo
Catherine said…
All that beautiful white ~ so much prettier then our snow!!!

Happy Weekend Becca!
xo Catherine
lilylovekin said…
Love the black and white photos, my favorite, enjoy your week-end.
I had to go back and see your great collages, I love them. I love that smiling moon with the bird on the phone water.
Your photography is always so pretty, you have a really good eye!

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