Photo Montage

This weekend I spent some more time practicing in Photoshop. 
I don't think I'm as happy with these as I was my two previous photo montages in this post,
but I thought I'd share them anyway.  After all, it's about sharing the experience, 
and improving right? 

Hydrangea Girl
(background texture, Kim Klassen, hydrangea photos are mine, and the image of the girl, The Graphics Fairy)

Playing in the Sunshine
(photo of the little girl is my Mother, sunface, flowers, & music are mine, background texture, Shadowhouse Creations)

Thanks so much for dropping by! 

Have a great week. 



Pamela said…
Becca You're on a posting roll!!
These two photos are fantastic!!!
Very very them!!
Lisa Gordon said…
I just love these Becca!
Love the wonderful vintage feel.
Catherine said…
I simply love photoshop ~ the possibilities are endless aren't they? A person really does have to sit down and play with it.

Looks like you are creating so many beautiful photos ~ good for you Becca!

xo Catherine
These are lovely creations, Becca...I love the idea of using family photos in artwork~ fun!
They're beautiful Becca. I just got photoshop but haven't even dared to play around. I ended up getting a Nikon D90. I absolutely love it but am terrified of it at the same time. Thanks for asking.
Unknown said…
I think they look wonderful. Well done my sweet friend..

Hugs, Linda
I love them, so soft and dreamy. Take care and have a great day. hugs, Jen.
Simon said… pretty these montages. I too am in the process of learning PS. I like it, but have to step away when I get frustrated. I'm sure this is a lot of work and I like how you're combining the different elements.
Rosie Grey said…
This is really amazing, Becca! Montages are the hardest part of Susan's class and your results are really fantastic! I hope to get round to try it on my own photos, too! Have a wonderful week!
Becky Shander said…
Love the touches of lavender color. And the pin keeps from your previous post are sweet and beautiful.
lilylovekin said…
I don't know anything about photoshop but I'm sure it requires much patience-these are lovely and I like how you have used an image of your mother, it makes them very personal.
Karen Mae said…
Both of your photos turned out terrific! You keep right on playing with photoshop! I signed up for the skinny mini at Kim Klassen Cafe and learned how much I have to learn!
christina said…
oh sweetie, these are wonderful!!

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