Creams & Whites

Cream & white lacy,  fabric remnants...

...not something I can easily pass up.

I found these remnants at thrift stores, or at the fabric store for 50% off. 

I collect them to use in art projects. 

One of the things I'm drawn to is using the lacy fabrics with muslin, canvas, or burlap. 

You might remember the wire baskets I photographed in another post. 
I purchased these baskets for a song, and they were yellow! 
I distressed them to look like vintage locker baskets.  
I got the idea from my friend Lisa at 
She has the best ideas & tutorials for creating "the look" without spending a fortune.
Thank you Lisa, I'm so happy with how my baskets turned out! 

I love the look of all my creamy whites & burlap stored in these baskets. 
Burlap coffee sacks well, that's just a whole other story...don't get me's an addiction! 

Now I'm feeling inspired to create something with these beautiful fabrics & textures! 

How about you?  Is there a medium like fabric, or paper or anything else that inspires you to create? 
I'd like to hear your ideas! 



Ashley Sisk said…
So so beautiful - I love these little details.
lilylovekin said…
I really like the writing font on your blog. Also the whites are lovely, against the burlap great texture. Thanks for the link to a new blog.
Jillayne said…
I'm a sucker for texture - love tone on tones and neutrals and if you throw in a little texture, I'm on my way...
Your pictures are beautiful, as usual and I love your wire baskets - very clever to do this yourself. It's surprising how much old, rickety things can cost!
Pamela said…
I love your new banner Becca!

Great fabrics and I love the wire baskets. I love the burlap too. I have a chair I would love to have done in burlap with the writing all over the back!

Can't wait to see what you are going to create with all this beautiful white material!!

Pamela xo
Aw thanks! Your baskets look awesome! I keep fabric in some of my metal baskets too. I love how it looks. It's always so great when something can be pretty and practical at the same time!
Unknown said…
I love anything with creams and whites together. Like the contrast of the old wire basket with its tea-stained tags and the white towels inside...beautiful photo.
Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage
Marilyn said…
Becca, you had me the first photo. I'm such a lover of all shades of white. These are some really pretty photos - very inspirational.
Kat Ibáñez said…
Dear Becca,
Love your beautiful pictures, they are so delicate and romantic!!

There are so many things that inspire me to create, it could be a picture, a book, a dress or even a quote...But fabric samples are on my list of favorites too!! :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!!
andrea creates said…
very nice photos!
i get inspiration from lots of different things :)
Catherine said…
I look forward to your crafty results using all your pretty finds Becca!
xo Catherine
solamar7 said…
Oh My who would have thought lace was so magical close up like that! I can't wait to see what you create... nice blog:)
Unknown said…
Oh I just love all those yummy textures you got going here.. So pretty and delicate.. Your photos look awesome. Hope you are enjoying your week my sweet friend...

Hugs, Linda
Gorgeous photos and fabrics, Becca! The baskets turned out wonderfully...I can't believe they were yellow! Your header looks great!
beatrice De said…
You love material ! so do I. But, to carry on with my patchwork coat, you see on my blog * Les tricots.... *I miss 1 or 2 . Just to bad. No warm colors in samples material to give away. As it is again cold, it would be just as well if I could finish it befor next year Well, well, well.
Have you been recently on the blog ? I had done a post about venitians beads ' s trade monney. Usely, Americans love beads. You must have towsen in you country. I remenber havin bought some africans beads on the streets, to Africans. But they where new one. I like them to, I think they have a lot of charme.

I will make a post one day about african's made beads. Very clever, recycle glass.

Un petit bonjour de Lausanne en Suisse.
Please put comment even in english.
Rosie Grey said…
What great finds, Becca! I love your shots with all the details! I love all sorts of paper but unfortunately I'm all thumbs - photography is about my only way to be a little bit creative...
Justine said…
these are absolutely beautiful, sadly I can't think of anything creative right now!
Anonymous said…
It's all so beautiful. Right now I want to play with all your beautiful texture! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Anonymous said…
beautiful macros... very beautiful! =)
Lisa Gordon said…
Such gorgeous tones and so beautifully done!
Fantastic work on these!
ELK said…
lace and vintage [made] metal ... such a stunning and inspirational collection
christina said…
i think we have the same burlap addiction. i adore these baskets!!!
Katy Noelle said…
I don't know, Becca. This is my inspiration, right here. Very refreshing. The lighting, the details - it's so beautiful! Natural. soothing. sigh.

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