Garden Friends

Happy Friday everyone!  
I'm so glad you've dropped by for a visit!

I'd like to show you my new "garden friends." 

Aren't they cute?  They were given to me by my dear friend, Colene from work. 
She knows how much I like to spend time in my courtyard when the weather is nice. 

So today, with warm temperatures reaching almost 70 degrees, we headed outside for a photo shoot.  

Hum, I think she's done this before, she seems to have a bit of attitude don't you think? 

So, now as you can see,  the sun is starting to set, and it's getting a little chilly.

After all, it's not spring yet, but only a few more days my friends! 

In the meantime, enjoy the anticipation of springtime! 



Catherine said…
How cute are these!!! What a nice friend you have! And don't they look so happy sitting in the lovely sunshine of your garden. I love them!

Happy Weekend Becca!
xo Catherine

PS ~ no matter what the calendar says, I do not believe spring is coming to Saskatchewan until May.... or June... :(
Pamela said…
Oh these are fun Becca!!!
Love the colours of these girls!
I wish it was in the 70's here we'll have to wait till June for that!
Looks like you had a great day off!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Pamela xo
lilylovekin said…
What sweet and colorful garden ornaments, they brighten up the place when it is too early for the real thing. How nice to have a friend who understands your likes.
Unknown said…
Your new little friends are just as cute as can be.. I just love them.. I can just picture them out in your courtyard..

Hugs, Linda

BTW - Love the new font your using look wonderful!
Anonymous said…
beautiful garden decoration Becca, I love them!
Kisses and happy weekend.
andrea creates said…
how cute your garden friends are!
enjoy the sunshine :)
Diane said…
These are adorable!
Anonymous said…
Hi Becca. Thanks for this cheerful post! It was much needed.

Sending a hug your way,
Justine said…
these are so adorable, lovely lovely shots and I love your lavender shots too
Brenda Pruitt said…
Love the gorgeous photos! And your perky new friends!
2Shey said…
So pretty! I do like the Diva and her boyfriend quite a bit. :) Have a great weekend. xoxoxo
Those are really cute! I can just imagine them in a fairy garden! What a nice friend!
Alina said…
They really are super cute! Enjoy your weekend XO
Anonymous said…
Ohhh they're PERFECT & Colorful... I love them! =) Great great images! =)
solamar7 said…
They sure put a smile on my face this snowy morning in Ontario!!!
Susan said…
What cute garden friends! I love your narrative, and really like how you took the photos at such unique angles to help personify them.
Judy S. said…
Fun! What are they made of?
Lisa Gordon said…
These are so sweet!
Never seen anything quite like them Becca!
Jillayne said…
Becca, these are the cutest little friends ever! They are so adorable and happy - you have a great co-worker!!
We have had about ten inches of snow this week and I am so darn sick of it I can't stand it!
Thanks for sharing your little friends - they certainly brightened up my day!!
Lynn Stevens said…
how cute! Wish it was spring here.
more snow today, flakes as big as my fist, but its all melted, thank goodness!

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