Another photo scavenger hunt!

Well, here I go again with yet another photo scavenger hunt! 
I tell you, these are very addicting! 
This week was a little "tricky" for me.
Here are the items:

1. Wish/Dream
2. Clean
3. Currency
4. Pair
5. Square

...and my interpretations 

It would be a dream come true for me to live in this fabulous city some day!
(If you're listening...I found this goofy song by Perry Como called Seattle...I've never heard it before, have you?)

I've had this old Purex bottle for a while now.  It sits in my laundry room,  and since I love photographing some of the vintage items I have anyway, it was the perfect time to do so. 

Wow, how interesting is a dollar bill?  Well, I never thought so until I took a macro of it.
I love the detail of the bill and went with a vintage sepia tone for color. 

So, what did you expect a girl from Vegas to choose for pair?  I think living in this city all my life has affected my brain. 

I just couldn't come up with anything more interesting than the glass block in my bathroom.  I tweaked the colors a bit to make it seem more interesting. 

Thank You to Ashley Sisk
for another fun Scavenger Hunt!

Also, I'd like to send out another BIG THANK YOU to all of my followers!
I love chatting with you and making new friends.
I enjoy reading blogs so much and could sit at the computer all day,  but then I see the laundry and get the picture
it won't go away on it's own, so I have to pull myself away from the computer and do my chores whether I like it or not!

Here's hoping you have all of your chores done for the weekend!

See you soon!



Kristy said…
Great photos! But I have to say that your cat photo is my favorite. I love it when they yawn.
Kristy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynn Stevens said…
oh yes I remember that song from many years ago! and have even been to Seattle several times!
Great photos, those blocks look beautiful!
Zoe said…
I love your photos, especially the square one. It's great to take a seemingly boring subject and turn it into art!
R Montalban said…
Good photos, like them.
Justine said…
wow! these are all great, you inspired me and I have joined this week. What a great selection of fab photos you have here and I can't pick a favourite.
Great photos! I adore your clean shot...gotta love Purex :)
Reading Allowed said…
I love the glass squares, whatever you did in the processing made them very interesting! Great job on the dollar bill too!
Catherine said…
Hmmm... if only our kitties had thumbs and then we could teach them to put in a load of laundry for us. :)

Happy Sunday Becca!
xo Catherine
Great selections of the photos...that looks like fun but like you I spend more than enough time on the computer already! can't get started on another project..waaa...
Anonymous said…
That old purex bottle is really neat, I had no idea it used to come in bottles!
Here's mine
SZM said…
love pair, square and clean is AWESOME!
Christine said…
Clean and square are amazing! Nice shots! And I know that song, even gthe words!!! I am showing my age. My parents used to listen to Perry Como when I was a kid!
Ashley Sisk said…
You've hit it out of the park this week and I love each and every one of your shots. You've gotten really creative - nice work. I Hope you have a great week!
Love your shots! Happy sunday! :)
Jessica said…
Wow i love your pictures this week! your cat is soooo cute! Have a good week!

Brenda Pruitt said…
I've just been saying I'd love to move there for the gardening.
Lisa Gordon said…
Wonderful shots Becca!!!
lilylovekin said…
Your shots are great I love to see how people interpret the subjects. You are always so creative. By the way I love those glass blocks in your bathroom.
Tara said…
Great shots! I love your clean and currency shots!
Jill said…
That purex bottle is SO AWESOME!!! The close up for currency is also amazing and I love the colors n the glass block!
Michelle said…
I love the Purex bottle! How cool! Great pics =)
Oh wow! Awesome shots! The vintage bottle is awesome, and I love your "pair" idea! :-) And that macro money photo was unreal - so cool! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too! :-)
Drew Medina said…
I love the Bottle shot(clean)! Beautiful.
Anonymous said…
These are all great! I especially love your clean and currency shots! And the yawning cat is hilarious!
Unknown said…
old purex... is my favorite.. and the things on the side box... the pillows.. did you make those.... Nice interpretations..
I have not seen you in the scavenger hunt.. and if you have been and I missed you.. glad to see you
Simon said…
Oh I'm soooo glad I joined the scavenger hunt-and now I can follow your beautiful blog. I'm at Wow. Is just "wow" ok?
Currency was my fav or the posted, but you made it awfully hard to choose. And no I never have heard the Seattle song.
Happy day to you.
Unknown said…
Hey girly, Your pictures are wonderful.. I hope your wish comes true for seattle my friend I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.. I love your macro shot of the dollar very cool.. well truthfully they are all cool...

Hugs, Linda
Unknown said…
great pics the glass block wall is gorgeous
Great shots!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

k XX
Hi Becca,

I love your photo choices!

The Seattle song was a theme song for an old t.v. show, if I remember right.

I think it was about a bunch of brothers and one was named Jeremy (there were a lot of little baby boys named Jeremy after that!). I might not be remembering everything right but you have inspired me to look it up.

I haven't been to Seattle for a long time. We keep meaning to go each year, because my husband has spent a lot of time there and will be a great tour guide.

Have a wonderful week!
These photos are terrific! Love your blog. I tried to participate in the hunt again this week, but like last week I only got 4 of the 5 pictures done and thought I'd better not post just part of a hunt! ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Becky Shander said…
Terrific photos...I especially love the close-up view of the dollar bill.
SarahinSC said…
My dream is to be in Seattle too. I lived there for three years and LOVED every minute of it!
Katy Noelle said…
Oh, Becca, what a brilliant set of photos - just absolutely beautiful! You have such a great style - pizazz - character - some kind of word like that. I'm so glad that someone else struggles between blogging and doing the laundry. Your cat got a hearty guffaw out of me!!

Love, Katy

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