The Grunge Movement

I'm playing with textures again, in Photoshop Elements.
This is a texture I got from 
The texture is called Celine.
I really enjoy all the "grunge" looks that textures can give. 

I took this photo last year right at the turn on to my Aunt & Uncle's property in Oregon.
This is actually a really bright, blue day with yellow flowers in the field.  I enjoy the photo that way too, but I wanted a more vintage look this time.  
By editing the photograph to this, it invoked memories of visiting there when I was a child. 

I'm just beginning to delve into this Photoshop stuff, so I still have a lot to learn, but at least I'm enjoying it along the way. 

I think photo editing is an individual taste, just like painting.
(If I could paint on canvas, I wouldn't be sitting here on this computer...oh how I would love to be able to paint!  What a beautiful art form of expression!)
Just like art, some prefer the Impressionist era over the Surrealist movement.  In art I've always been fascinated with the Surrealist painters.   I enjoy the "element of surprise" and the "unexpected juxtapositions." Ok, now I'm probably getting a bit off track.
I just think that with photo editing there are endless possibilities!  As with any art form, and it can be a very individual way of expression.  

Since I'm not a painter, I'm loving all of the different, artistic filters one can experiment with. 

I hope you'll share any thoughts, comments, or helpful photo editing tips you might have. 
There are so many inspiring blogs and web sites out there, you can get lost in this stuff forever! 

Hope your week is off to a great start! 



Netty said…
Some wow photos here Becca. Brilliant. Annette x
Unknown said…
Very cool Bec.. I have to say I think the pier is my fav.. but they all look great..
I think all of these would beautiful enlarged on stretched canvas...for your own little art gallery...
Becca, these are so beautiful! You are making me want to check out Photoshop Elements, that is for sure. I'll check into it when I get back with some Kansas pics, I guess.

I know what you mean about not being able to paint. This gives us who can't to use our own photos.

The top pic with the "You Needed Me Lyrics" is so wonderful. That is one of my favorite old songs.

Can you tell me where in Oregon that was taken?


Hi Becca,

Wow....and I thought that I had PhotoShop figured out....I guess I don't. I love what you have been able to do - especially with the white cosmos flower :-)
Justine said…
I love what you have done to all these shots. I wish I could paint too, sometimes photographs look like they should be paintings especially when you use textures. I have lightroom and presets, I get worried that I will become a texture queen! I use presets occasionally. I love what you are doing.
Marilyn said…
I'm such an admirer of your photography and the Photoshop merely enhances it. It in itself is an art form. Like you I'm only beginning with it and the possibilities are endless. I'm addicted and I predict you will be too. The bicycle is my fave!
Catherine said…
It looks like you are having a lot of fun playing in photoshop ~ there are so many things you can play with isn't there? You have had some great results here. I especially like the bicycle with the bird house ~ excellent!

Have a terrific day Becca!
xo Catherine
Caterina Giglio said…
these are so cool, very interesting textures!
Unknown said…
I;m loving what you are doing!! have a artsy day!! :)
lilylovekin said…
The examples of what you can do with photoshop elements was wonderful. I'm trying to convince my husband to get it and I showed him your post-he was impressed. Lovely photos! Thanks. Lorrie
Lisa Gordon said…
Wonderful work Becca.
I especially like the first one.
One of my favorite songs.
Thank you for sharing.
Barb said…
Oh my Becca, your digital creations are fantastic. Especially like the top photo and the white flower.
Thanks for sharing.
Ashley Sisk said…
I'm loving all the's great how texture can take a beautiful photograph and turn it into art!
Pamela said…
Becca these photos are just so incredible and amazing!
I love the photo of the dock with the boats it looks like a painting.
You have a real gift!!
These left me speechless...
Pamela xo
These are all so beautiful, Becca! Looks like you are really enjoying playing!
Cora said…
I am in love with photo editing...I could sit and do it all day! It brings out the artist in me through my photos. Grunge and vintage are my favorites!!
Have fun!
Anonymous said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE PATINA MOON!! Thank you for your daily inspiration and AMAZING photos!!!!
Anonymous said…
I added you to my blogroll on my new blog! Hope that is ok!!
Sarah Knight said…
Just peter around in photoshop & try everything there is to offer, and then have fun spending time inventing your own — I do that all the time
: )

Lovely photos!
Jillayne said…
You paint with the camera Becca - sounds cliche but it's true. I love these pictures and what you have done with them. I can't help at all - I am so challenged behind teh lens it isn't funny. Next year I intend to take a photography course and try to find out how the heck it all works!
Pat said…
Amazing !!
Love what you did.
Now I'll have to give it a try :)
Wow is right! You are doing some amazing things in Photoshop. I especailly love the white cosmo!

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