Macro Friday

This yellow rose in my garden was already spent, but I decided to photograph it anyway.  
Just when you think the beauty of a flower is gone, 
take a second look. 

I'm linking over to Blogging from Bolivia
for Macro Friday.
If you have a chance, you should go check out all of the beautiful macro entries!

Hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day weekend!



Mommy2Four said…
Very nice....I like the feel to this one~!
Betty Jo said…
I love photographing flowers that aren't perfect any longer, and leaves that are nearly dead. They seem to have so much character at those stages. Your photo is awesome! Awesome blog too and I'll sign up as a follower.
Totally love this.. Every thing is a thing of beauty.. All are worth a second look!
A stunning photo, done in black and white shows the detail of the center of the rose. Have a great weekend.
This is stunning! So pretty.
lilylovekin said…
I agree with Betty Jo. I love that your photo is in black and white. I hope you have a great holiday week-end.
Nicole said…
Wow! I love your capture! Beautiful!
Lisa Gordon said…
This is just such a gorgeous shot!
Ashley Sisk said…
What a beautiful shot - I love it in black and white. Have a great weekend.
Justine said…
this is a beautiful capture and especially so in black and white, lovely
Caterina Giglio said…
what a gorgeous shot and I love your Golden hour below!
Gilding Lilies said…
What a beautiful shot. This is my first time to your blog, but I'll be back, it's lovely.
Anonymous said…
beautiful !
hugs June x
Unknown said…
Oh so pretty! Love it!
Laura said…
Gorgeous! Black & white worked really well for this shot... it looks so delicate and beautiful!

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