Fun with sewing and fun with Fetzer

Just thought I'd show you my finished book cover.  My co-worker saw another cover I made for a paper back book and ask if I could make one for her Bible.  
Her Birthday was yesterday.  I'm a little late, but I hope she likes it. fits my Bible too.  Maybe she won't like it. :-) 

I showed you some close ups of another project I was working on a few posts back. 
This is the little pillow/pincushion I made. 
I've been inspired by some lovely things made by my friend Diane Knott, and her daughter, Holly.
You can check out their Etsy shop, HERE
Finally, I thought I'd show you some shots of my boy, Fetzer.  Sometimes he just loves to act goofy and play! 

Well, now you can see what Fetzer has been up to. 
I've been having fun playing more tennis!
What are you doing for fun? 

It's almost the weekend! 



Lisa Gordon said…
Becca - The book cover is so beautiful. I love the colors. I made book covers for each of my kids' baby books, so I know the work involved. I had such a hard time getting them to fit the photo books, but finally did it!!

Love the kitty :-)
lol...I'm SURE your friend WILL like turned out great! the colors..
Love your book covers...and that little pillow is adorable! I need to learn to print on fabric so that I can make some! ♥
lilylovekin said…
I don't think you will get to keep that book cover, I'm sure she will like it. I love the little pincushion you made. And kitty playing makes me smile.
andrea creates said…
That's a great Bible cover! I'm sure she'll love it! And nice pin cushion :)
Cute kitty!
For fun?-Haven't done much lately come to think of it. Must figure something out soon :)
Katy Noelle said…
Ummmm, I've been cleaning the house for fun - no...... wait.....blogging, yeah, yeah - I've been blogging for fun!

Hey, I like this bible cover - I really do! I love your style and your textures - that pillow. When I say "love", you know, when I saw them, I though, "ooooooo! I want one!" btw, wait till you see my bible - it could have used a cover but, back in the day, there were only big poofy quilted ones with lace and eyelet - cute enough but not for me, I guess.

I'm twaddling on - sorry!

Love, Katy
Catherine said…
Your book cover is beautiful Becca! And how cute is Fetzer ~ very cute! I love his sweet white belly and white mittens ~ oh so adorable!

Have a terrific weekend friend!
xo Catherine
Brenda Pruitt said…
I love a playful cat! I just adore that pillow/pin cushion. So cute! Yes, Diane and her daughter are extremely talented. Your friend will love her fabric cover.
Unknown said…
It looks wonderful, I love the color of fabric you used...

Hope you kick some but at tennis tomorrow. Hugs, Linda
Pamela said…
Hi Becca!

I am so impressed with your sewing abilities. That book cover is lovely!
The pillow is beautiful!!! I love the old retro looking material you used. It reminds me of those old Sailor valentine pillows. Love it!
Your cat is darling and you managed to get incredible shots of him!! Cats are the BEST!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Pamela xo
Cora said…
Ooo love your cute and adorable! The cover turned out beautiful...good job!! Love the pincushion too!
Justine said…
I love your book cover, you are so clever. Your cat is just so gorgeous, I love the picture with the mouse peeking out
Jillayne said…
Beautiful cover Becca! Your sewing/quilting is lovely and the fabric is very nice! And Fetzer is a cutie too - is he named after the wine??? Diane is inspiring me these days as well. I love all the pincushions and yours with the bright colours is really snappy - love it! You have inspired me to go rooting for some bright colours and brighten things up around here as we are having such a dreary Fall; rain, rain and more rain - ugh!!
Lynn Stevens said…
The pin cushion and book cover are just beautiful. my bet is she'll Love it!
I love your sewing projects (that Bible cover is gorgeous) and your sweet kitty! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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