Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi bloggers!  I'm playing along again with Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and the items this week are as follows: 

1. My Town
2. Something Vintage
3. Tilt-Shift Photography
4. Dress Up
5. Chocolate 

Here are my interpretations for the 5, hope you enjoy! 

1. My Town

For those of you that haven't already figured out by reading my blog, "my town" is Las Vegas, but I'm hoping that someday...soon,  "my town" will be Seattle!

2. Something Vintage
This was difficult to choose,  because I LOVE Vintage!  Some of my favorite vintage things are sewing notions like these vintage bobbins and perfect Mason Ball jars. 

3. Tilt-Shift Photography
Ashley, this was fun!  I had never heard of "tilt shift photography", but after watching a tutorial on how to do this in Photoshop, this is what I came up with. 
I took this photo while at a Seahawks football game last year.  I edited this in Photoshop CS3 to give it this "model" apperance/tilt-shift photography.  Thanks Ashley, this was fun to learn! 

4. Dress Up

I know that this category was probably supposed to be for Halloween Costumes, but I wasn't anywhere where I could photograph someone in a costume and since I didn't have children of my own, this was all I could come up with.  Both photos were taken with my camera, and I thought the first one kind of went with the "my town" too.  I am the second one from the right.  This was a part time, weekend gig I used to have at Caesars Palace.  The second photo was from a shoot that we did for a local theatre group production of Oklahoma!  I played the role of Gertie Cummings. So when I think of "dress up" I think of the shows/theatre I've been in. 

5. Chocolate
For me, chocolate isn't just for Halloween, but everyday of the year!  This is the lid from a vintage can of powdered Ghirardelli Chocolate mix. 

Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to hop on over to Ashley's blog to see all of the other Scavenger Hunt enteries! 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  See you in a couple of days!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Just felt like playing with a little Black and White today.  

Has anyone ever reminded you to do this?

Sometimes when playing tennis, I think I get so involved in my shots, I actually find that I'm holding my breath.   I've even been told by a coach "don't forget to breathe through your shots!"  
Amazingly enough, when I remind myself to do this while playing, I really play so much better! 
Lately, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed, & worried. 
It helps to remind myself to just breathe!
I know you must experience those times in your life too, so what do you find helps you when you get stressed out? 

See you on the weekend! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Texture talk and sunset

I hope everyone has had a nice & restful weekend.  My weekend was pretty nice.  Since my last post about the rain I expected it to get back to bright and sunny blue skies, but that hasn't exactly been the case, which I think is great!  We have had cooler, and more overcast weather the past few days, and it was almost like living in my favorite city...Seattle...well, almost. :-)
Yesterday I got out and played a little tennis.  (I really need the exercise!) 
Today, I watched my Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals!  Go Hawks! 
Ok, enough about that, I also wanted to practice a bit with my Photoshop Elements 9, so I thought I'd show you a couple of my results. 

All of the textures I've used here today are by Kim Klassen.
I decided to go a little heavy on the texture with this photo, because when I took this photo of my "fake" sunflowers, I was disappointed that well...they looked so fake!  I almost deleted them, then I decided why not try to mess with it in PSE?  So, it's not like I'm trying to make them look "real" or anything, but I think the texture helped take away from some of the raw edges of the pedals, what do you think? 

I am also participating in Kim's Skinny-mini e-course, and it's been wonderful and full of PS information!  You can find out more about it on her site on my side bar. 

So now,  before I go I wanted to throw this into the mix.  While I was upstairs working in PSE I noticed the sky changing colors and it was so beautiful I had to run downstairs and snap a few photos to share with you! 
Here's a couple straight out of the editing!

I love how the light reflects on the windows of the homes across the street.
(notice my funky little Charlie Brown tree on the left. :-)

I love when the sky gets like this.  It is pretty rare though, because usually it's a clear sky, so not as much drama.  
I'm going to sign off for now, hubby is making a couple of steaks on the grill and it smells yummy!  
Wishing you a great start to the week! 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Sleeping Weather

Hello everyone, just dropping in for a quick "Hi" and to let you know it's been raining here! 
It actually rained most of last night and all day today.  That's so unusual for our area.
We've had quite a lightening and thunderstorm.  I just love watching the lightening and listening to the thunder, but last night it was so loud it woke me up from a dead sleep and scared me to death! LOL! 
Other than that, I think this is the perfect "sleeping weather." 

Not the best photos, I just ran out this afternoon and tried to get a couple of shots, but it was getting dark and I was too tired to set up my tripod. 

Ha!  I know this is silly, but I'm not used to seeing inclement weather around here.  It's usually all blue sky...

...and very, very dry. 

I ran out to see if my rain chain was filling up, but I don't really think I have it up right for it to work properly, it's mostly for looks. 

So, there you have it!  A little rain in the desert.  For once I was able to turn off my little "sound machine-rain" for the real thing!  
Well, it's off to bed, another early start tomorrow, but I think I'll sleep well tonight! 

Nighty Night! 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Sunday!

This week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday I didn't have as much time to take all new photos, so I had to resort to my photo archives for a couple.  Oops!  I hope you enjoy them anyway. 
This weeks items are as follows: 

1. Side Lighting
2. Jack-o-Lantern
3. Faces formed in Nature
4. Sunset
5. Warm 

Here are my photo interpretations 

Side Lighting 
This was my favorite, and most challenging of the five.  
I thought about this, but didn't come up with anything until Saturday afternoon.  I opened the kitchen shade to do some dishes and saw how things were lighting up, so I grabbed this vase and started moving it around and changing lenses to see what worked best.  I was pretty happy with my results and learned a thing or two while I was at it! 

I had the hardest time trying to photograph my ceramic jack-o-lantern!  I took it outside and put it on the grass (fake grass) and threw some leaves around it, but it just wasn't what I wanted, so I opened it up in Photoshop and started playing with textures and this is what I came up with. 

Faces formed in nature
As soon as I saw this item I knew I wanted to photograph a pansy!  I plant these every fall for color throughout the cold season.  I just love their little faces! 
Here are a couple other photos from my garden. 

Maui, June 2006, the day after my wedding on the beach.  We sat with our cocktails snapping photo after photo until it was too dark and we were too tipsy! 

Ok, actually I DID take this shot yesterday.  It was in the afternoon, sunny, and about 85 degrees out, but I just had to get the fireplace in the background.   I was sweating it out with the hot tea, and the fireplace on!  Funny what one will do to get a good shot! LOL

Finally, it doesn't seem to matter what the temperature is outside, the kitties always seem to want to snuggle and be "warm" where ever they can find a spot! 

Remember, you can see other entries in the Sunday Photo Scavenger Hunt by clicking on the button below. 

I'll be back soon!
Thanks for dropping by!


A photo and a quote for the day

Thank you to everyone that visits and leaves lovely comments on my blog,  I look forward to reading each and every one!
Hope you are enjoying your day! 


Friday, October 15, 2010

Macro Friday and a day with the Kitties

I had the day off today, so I thought I'd join in with Macro Friday!
My dear, sweet, Shatzie wanted to help. 
This first photo is my entry photo.  Head on over to
to see some other fun macro entries!

This is Fetzer, Shatzie's brother...

As you can see, he wanted to play along too, but I wasn't able to get the focus on his eyes, because of that bright, white nose he has!

This is just an iPhone shot, but I thought you might want to see how Shatzie always wants to curl up with me when I do a little blog hopping.

...and here's Fetzer again

...he knows he's not supposed to be on the table in the kitchen,  (I hate that) but I think he figured out a way to get away with it here.  I am a "softie" I guess.

Finally, Shatzie again when I'm on the iMac in the office she loves to curl up in my lap and put her head on my hand while I'm trying to type. She's here right now purring away, can you hear her? :-)

So, this is what I'll be doing a lot of this weekend.  I need to get by to visit all of you, and you can bet from the photos I posted, so will Shatzie and Fetzer.

Have a great day, I see some dark, rainy looking clouds in the sky and that gets my hopes up for a little rain.   Keeping my fingers crossed!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strolling in the park

Ok, I will "try" to do this post without any sarcasm. 
I really did try to walk around this park and take some interesting photos, but it wasn't the best  time of day for photography, and it was hot out there! 

I don't know what type of desert plant this is, and they were kind of crunchy, so I thought they were dead, but looked kind of interesting anyway.  I think they would look nice in an Autumn floral arrangement.  I should have picked some, after all there wasn't a sole there today at this lovely park. 

I understand we do have a water shortage here, but the plain dirt and occasional desert plant just doesn't look "park like" to me.  I  think this might look better if it would have been closer to sunset, maybe I'll try that sometime. 

Here's the part where I "strolled."

...and "strolled" some more...

In case you were wondering what the black fence is, it's a Dog Park.  Do you have those where you live?  Now, I have seen a couple of Dog Parks here that have grass, or at least the last time I was there, they had grass. 

At least there's shade, but I thought that dogs liked to run around on grass, not dirt. 

I guess the city does try to make the area nice. 

They put these cool little designs in some of the sidewalks. 

This is a view looking west from the park.  My house is up there somewhere, and we get to enjoy some pretty nice sunsets. 

I saved the best one for last.  I really do like this photo.  This might not be my idea of a park, and I didn't see any hydrangeas anywhere, (sorry, there's the sarcasm) but instead of making fun of this park every time we drive by I thought I'd at least take a "stroll" and look for some photo opts. 
When they say "the grass isn't always greener on the other side, " I say...
sometimes it is! 

Tomorrow is Friday! 
I think this is going to be one interesting weekend for me. 

See you soon!