A World With Octobers

Beautiful Words...

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

L.M. Montgomery

I've been working on another collage on canvas with

teabags and leaves.

You might remember this one below, that I did a couple of years ago 

before we moved to Seattle.

This collage has special meaning to me.  

I remember picking up this larger than my hand, maple leaf 

while visiting Seattle on business and trying frantically to 

get it back home to Las Vegas without it getting

squished on the plane...because, "we might not get the job and

 get to move to Washington, and I won't get to experience 

this kind of autumn again for a really long time." 

Yea...silly huh, but that's what I was thinking.

Anyway...I digress...

When you're a kid from the desert, you get excited about 

stuff like this. 

So, here we are almost 2 years later, and I'm living in 

a world where there are "Octobers," and leaves...

lots of leaves! 


This time, I wanted an aqua background.  I used tea bags to take away 

some of the brightness of the paint. 

I'm excited to see where this one goes. 

Also wanted to show you a cute little crocheted border I added to 

a kitchen towel.

I found this nice tutorial HERE

Now I'm obsessed with adding crocheted borders to everything!  :-)

View from my desk.

So grateful to be living now, in a world where there are




TexWisGirl said…
you are in leaf heaven, now! :)
RURAL said…
Becca...funny how our dreams come true isn't it?

And I think that there will be enough leaves to keep you in collages for a long time.

I'm so glad everything worked out so well for you, Becca...you seem so happy and creative! Love all of your wonderful creations!
Catherine said…
October is indeed a wonderful month - especially for beautiful leaves! Love your creativeness my friend!
xo Catherine
I am glad you are able to enjoy October. these are fabulous collages. The blue background makes the leaves pop. Have wonderful day.
andrea creates said…
such a pretty collage!this is the perfect time of year for leaves ;)

love the crochet edging too~i will have to check out that link!
Sherri B. said…
Lovely art work, and lovely view!
Anonymous said…
Great shots Becca. Love your collage and you have lots of leaves to play with in your new home. Check out Cal Patch, she is a crochet whiz and does lots of crochet borders on everything. I saw her again in Texas and she had her own crochet embellished bathing suit. xox
Caterina Giglio said…
just beautiful, Becca, gorgeous collage work!
Janine said…
That's beautiful, Becca! I love Autumn too. Now I'm thinking of adding crochet borders to things too!
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beautiful collage this is, Becca, and what a wonderful memory of a very, very special maple leaf.
Our photos said…
Greetings, RW & SK
Lorraine said…
fantastic leaves and photos..I love autumn
I love peeking out your window to catch a glimpse of your view! Love the turquoise you've added...it gives it a nice contrasting color! And now I'm off to see if I'm capable of the crochet edging! It's beautiful! Sweet hugs!
GardenOfDaisies said…
Lovely leaf collage. I like the way your leafy sheers at the window mirror the leaves outside. October is indeed a beautiful month!
Tammy said…
Your collages are so very beautiful! I can't believe October is over! Happy November! Tammy
Unknown said…
Well I have to agree. October is the best month there is. Looks like you're having fun with leaves. I totally get it. :) Loving the crocheting border. Looks so pretty..

We will be headed a bit closer to you in the morning.. Can't wait.

Tracy said…
LOVE, love, love the autumn glow here, Becca! *SWOON* And love what you're doing with leaves! (Funnily enough, I'm in a tea-bag art mood again too! Great minds... ;o) It is so good to visit here with you. I've been a away a bit, health matters no so good for a while. But things are looking up! I hope to be around more when I can--I'm online a little less still these days. I posted for the first time in weeks--it felt good, sweet! HAPPY LEAF DAYS my friend! :O) ((HUGS))
Judy S. said…
Looks like you're having fun with all those leaves! Sure are a lot to rake, aren't there? That's a cute towel. A border really spiffs it up!
Rosie Grey said…
So beautiful, Becca! I love your collages! And all the beautiful autumn impressions! As much as I love the warm (or rather hot) temperatures of summer (although we never really get them here) I wouldn't want to miss those beautiful autumn colours!
October ... my favorite month of the year. You have a wonderful view there from your desk. Inspirational.
Jillayne said…
It's one of my favourite times of the year too - I came from a place where Fall was brutally short, and really just a summer passing to winter in very short order... I did like it though. Now we also live in a place where Fall is definitely a season of it's own and I have discovered I love it best.
I love your collage you are working on and think the aqua background is just right - the colour of the leaves against the blue of the sky is such a striking pairing...love to see where you go with this one.

Kate said…
The colors in your collage are great, and your crocheted border is beautiful!! I've been wanting to try that! Thanks for sharing the tutorial link!!
Kate :}
Justine said…
oh wow, what an autumn. we are in spring here in sydney
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
After living in Tennessee for a few Octobers, I'd as soon be back in the desert Octobers. LOL Seems November and December and January always follow those leafy days. =) Your art work is beautiful, though! I think you have a couple of comments you might want to delete. =)
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Unknown said…
How did you do the leaf so it was retained?

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