Autumn's Glory

Fall color, it's everywhere! 

Whether it's just outside my door, driving on the freeways or simply 

walking around the neighborhoods,

I take note of it all, wherever I am.   I'm grateful for all of

Autumn's Glory!

On this day however, I visited the Japanese Garden here in Seattle. 

It was a rainy morning but promised sun in the afternoon which was 

exactly what I was looking for with my camera. 

A peaceful, zen like garden.

Sprinkling rain in the sunlight sparkles on the water.

This blue heron was still for so long, at first I thought it was a 

statue.  Turns out, he was just keeping an eye on me. 

As the sun came out, the colors looked even more saturated in the light.

Reflections in the water.

Lace Leaf Maple

I've been enjoying visiting some blogs and seeing your photos and activities 

this time of year.

I've crocheted a cowl scarf for a friend, a simple long scarf for myself, mason jar and 

candle cozies and still working on an afghan!  

What sorts of artsy craftsy goodness have you been up to? 



TexWisGirl said…
SUCH a gorgeous place!! your 3rd photo would make a fantastic picture puzzle! wow! love these. thank you, becca.
Eilidh said…
What a lovely peaceful looking garden - I love the red leaves. I've recently rediscovered my love for knitting and I'm determined to learn crochet! Look forward to seeing your new projects :-) x
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, these photographs are gorgeous!
What a beautiful autumn you are having.
The weather has been so mild here, and so we are enjoying an extended season. Really happy about that, as the winters here are VERY long. :-)
Kate said…
Wow Becca! Beautiful!! I had to look through them a couple of times because they are so pretty!
I've been working on some wedding gift... I need to craft faster!
Happy crafting!
Kate :}
Holly Loves Art said…
Wow... I'm getting the chills. Your photos depict something I've never experienced. So beautiful and so FALL! Living in California and mostly in Los Angeles in my adult life... well we just don't get to enjoy the seasons like you do. Thank for sharing these stunning pictures.
Catherine said…
So much color and beauty around you Becca! I wish we had something so pretty close to us. Wonderful.
Have a happy week my friend!
xo Catherine
Nancy said…
Becca, It's so nice to meet you and I am having so much fun browsing your beautiful blog...You are a very talented lady.

These shots you shared with us today are just awesome; a photographer's paradise....
Unknown said…
Looks like a beautiful Place to visit. You captured it perfectly my friend.

Janine said…
Such beautiful photos!! Autumn is such a lovely gift, isn't it? Thank you for sharing it with us. As for what I'm creating, I just finished a painting to encourage a woman battling cancer. I wrote about it on my blog.
Our photos said…
I Love these photos, Becca!
Greetings, RW & SK
Pamela said…
Beautiful photos Becca! Very very lovely! I wish i could take such good ones as you.
I am finally back in blogland but don't know if it's a good thing or not! More to do now lol !!
Georgianna said…
Fabulous, Becca! I know that garden well and you really caught all the beauty at just the right time. This seems to be a particularly good year for autumn color here – possibly because of our dry summer?

Hope you get to the pumpkin farm!

SO beautiful there, Becca...your photos are stunning! I know you must be loving every minute of fall there!
Judy S. said…
Great photos, Becca! We just got back from the Midwest, and the trees here are just as nice if not nicer than what we saw there. It must have been our unusually sunny August!
Anonymous said…
I love that garden, we spent an afternoon there, but I don't remember the colors as spectacular as you have captured them. Wow. xox
andrea creates said…
gorgeous leaves-i love when they turn red like that.finally seems to be happening here where we are too...

i've been knitting and crocheting hats ;)

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