Painting Leaves

Being inspired by all the colors of the 

season, I got out my watercolor paints 

to play.

Do you remember this post? 

Where I picked leaves and flowers and smashed them onto 

watercolor paper and fabric and some of the darker colors

printed right onto the paper.  So Fun! 

So, this time, I picked a few leaves and brought them in and painted them 

with watercolor paint and pressed them onto the paper. 

I think the Japanese Maple Leaf turned out the best print so far. 

I just kept repainting it with different colors.

An easy and fun way to make a greeting card or note.

This Japanese maple in our side yard has turned the most lovely 

golden yellow color. 

Directly across from it is another one but it's leaves are more reddish/orange, 

and it's where I got the leaf to make the print.

 I didn't take a photo of that tree, because sadly, it's starting to die and looks 

pretty scraggly. 

I think the weather here has been strange lately.  The evenings and mornings are 

VERY foggy which I think is pretty cool, 

then sun peeks out in the late afternoon for a few hours before it starts 

all over again. 

The strange part, is that we haven't had any rain in a while, and it's not in 

the forecast through the rest of October.

I hear November is the rainiest month anyway.  So, I'll continue to 

enjoy the colors of the leaves before the wind and rain blows 

them all away. 

I love this old school house on the corner of our street.

I took pictures of it in the spring too when this tree was

covered in pinkish white blossoms!  

I've been fighting with a cold for a while now that won't seem to 

go away, so there's been lots of hot tea, reading, crocheting, and napping going

on around here.  

So grateful I can just look out my door and walk around in my own yard 

and enjoy the beauty of this season!

Thanks for dropping by, 



TexWisGirl said…
sorry about the cold, but WOW you've got some bright colors to knock it out of you! :)

i like your leaf painting, too!
Catherine said…
What a fun project Becca! I love all the colors and shapes.

All our leaves are pretty much off the trees and laying on the ground all brown and crumpled. Snow predicted for the weekend. I hope it doesn't stay yet. I'm not ready.

Hope you get over your cold soon - allergies maybe? I get them during the rainy season. :(

Get well!
xo Catherine
Nancy said…
Becca, A cold is no fun and I am sorry that you are struggling with one right now....

I love your leaf painting and you're right it would make a beautiful card...

Anonymous said…
Sweet painted flora and even sweeter photos of your world. xox
Anonymous said…
Colds can be such a horrible drag. Hope yours runs it's course soon and you are feeling 100% in no time. xox
Caterina Giglio said…
feel better soon... and thanks for the gorgeosity! such a beauty break to stop by your place!!
Unknown said…
So sorry to hear that cold is still hanging on. But I am sure you will feel better soon. At least your still playing with your yarn and paints and having some fun. It has been foggy here as well in the mornings, but the afternoons have been beautiful. Love your photos...

Judy S. said…
Nice photos, Becca! Sorry your cold is still hanging on though. You're right, this has been a foggy month, but at least it's not so cold that we get black ice!
Pamela said…
Beautiful colors Becca! You do get alot of color there. The island didn't it was just green and more green. So happy to be back in Ontario where the colors are magnificent!!!
I forgot how colorful it was here.
Feel better soon!!!

Pamela xo
Tammy said…
Love this! We don't have such a wide variety of leaves to choose from but I want to make some leaf paintings, too. :) Best wishes, Tammy
Kate said…
Such a pretty leaf painting! And I love that last photo of the leaves in front of the school house!
Kate :}

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