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Happy Friday!  

Today, I just threw together a post to share with you some 

of the things I've been working on. 

These are linen thread hearts I made following this pattern 

Both hearts are crocheted with 100% linen thread.  The spool of linen

is called "lace weight" and the tan heart is made from 

 "sport weight linen"  which is 

a little larger thread.

Of course, you don't have to use thread to crochet these cute little hearts. 

I'm sure any type of yarn will work.  You know me...I'm just into the 

thread stuff right now. :-) 

So, other than that, did you know I have an Etsy shop?  

Well, more like a page with a banner and nothing for sale. 

I started it a while ago thinking I would like to put some of

my handmade items in there.

Then,  I got overwhelmed with the logistics and the fear that

no one would even be interested, so 

it's been on the back burner for a while now.  

The reason I even mentioned that is because I found this wonderful

tutorial for making a photo light box.

Living in the PNW can be tricky when it comes to photography and light.

The light box is also a nice way to photograph something you might

want to put into your Etsy shop.

The first 3 photos on this post I took using my new light box.

If you'd like to make one for yourself, you can find the tutorial I followed


Finally, here is the latest doily I made!

I'm using size 10 thread and the completed piece measures 10 inches across.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  I just enjoy making them. :-)

I wonder if anyone would be interested in them

if I put some in my Etsy shop when I make one?

  Or, I kind of thought about making a linen pillow and decorating it with

this piece.  What do you think?

We have an early blooming Rhododendron in our yard.

Isn't it wonderful to see flowers this time of year? 

Thanks for letting me share all of this with you!

I've been having fun learning new things about my camera

and trying to become more familiar with the post editing process in

Lightroom 4.

 It can all be a little overwhelming for me at times, so I hope you'll

hang in there with me as I learn!

Wishing you a fun and happy weekend!



TexWisGirl said…
sweet little hearts. i've been thinking about making a light box for over a year now - thinking it might make taking photos of my drawings easier - maybe cutting some of the glare on the frames. oh well. still haven't done it. :)
jinxxxygirl said…
Since my photography skills are nil Becca ...i will be hanging in there with ya. LOL! I had a friend at work a few years ago that make snowflakes from thread kinda like how you do the doilies then she stiffened them with starch and she sold them and they sold well they really were delicate and lovely......
All the reasons you gave for not opening your Etsy store could all be my own reasons.... What if ...they don't sell....What if no one likes them....what if's will kill ya....lol But really i (we) just need to ask ourselves what is the worse that could happen....they don't sell......and really will you (I) die from that?? No....life will go on..... I'm beginning to think the worst thing that could happen is not trying at all......Hugs! deb
TexWisGirl said…
wow, that light box looks even easier than the ones i've seen made from poster board.
Unknown said…
funny how fear/self-consciousness does that to us sometimes where we don't even try (i think you should just try?)

stunning photo of the rhododendron btw!
Unknown said…
I just love those crochet heart. I think it must be the 100% linen tread that you use. I definitely think you should open a etsy shop my friend. I think it would do well.

Your photos look great..

Big Hugs~
Kate said…
Love your doily, and love that last flower shot! Beautiful!! I have Lightroom too, but haven't put it on my computer yet because I have some cleaning up to do on it! I hope to start playing with it soon!

Hope you're having a great weekend!
Kate :}
Judy S. said…
Thanks for the link to the heart pattern! Have you thought about adding a bit of lavender and making them into sachets? Can't believe what a difference being closer to the water makes. We have stuff sprouting but no blooms in our n'borhood except witch hazel. Nice photos and a gorgeous doily!
I love the look of the linen thread...really nice looking texture! You'd have fun with etsy...no pressure to sell on there....you list things for 4 months for 20 cents!
Catherine said…
I like the little hearts in your doily Becca! If you don't try the Etsy idea, you will never know - right? And I love the colors of your linen thread. So cute!
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday my friend!
xo Catherine
kathy b said…
WHat gorgeous linen hearts.
Lovely photography on your blog!!!!
Rosie Grey said…
The hearts and doilies are so beautiful, Becca! And the Rhododendron is just wonderful! We are far from seeing anything like this as we are still covered in snow...
I haven't tried LR so far but have read so much about it that I decided to download the trial version and take Kim Klassen's LR course to see if it's something I could handle... ;-)
Have a wonderful weekend!
RURAL said…
If you make them, they will sell...

Lovely Becca.

Caterina Giglio said…
best tut so far far using a light box, and what a difference, thanks for sharing this Becca!
I love pretty throw pillows with a crochet doily on the front. I think that would be nice and something that would sell. I have an Etsy store too that I've never listed anything in. I feel a bit intimidated! I hope you'll let us know when you list something! Sweet hugs!
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, I just love those little hearts. So nicely done.
It sounds like your light box was a success. You will find so many uses for it.

Happy day to you!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Your work and ideas are lovely... follow your dream and share your thoughts, it's the only way to go. I wish you every success. Tricia G

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