Morning Fog

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking 
over harbor and city
on silent haunches 
and then moves on.

~Carl Sandburg~


It's not something I've seen much of, growing up in the desert.

So, I've been mesmerized by it's beauty over the last couple of days.

Early this morning I grabbed my scarf, fingerless gloves and camera 

and headed down to the waterfront park near our house to try 

and capture this feeling.

Lake Washington.

A beautiful place to sit on a bench on the dock and see the Seattle skyline.

But, not this morning.

Only the soft sounds of the water lapping at the shore and far off voices from 

a fishing boat lost in the fog.

It's calm, it's cool,  and so peaceful.

"This" to me,  is what Autumn is supposed to be.

It's what I used to daydream about and see in the glossy pages of 

Coastal Living magazines.

 I can feel a lump in my throat when I 

think about how lucky I am to live here now.

Silly I know.

Still...there's something very special about this season that moves me.

Especially now...

"Being" here..."Living" here.

I can just open my door... and walk.

...not to be taken for granted.

 Because..."this" is now home,

and for that...I am truly grateful.



TexWisGirl said…
not silly at all. soul-filling. beautiful fall color. your first photo is absolutely lovely.
Dianne said…
It's so beautiful up there... If I could live anywhere... it would be in the Pacific NW... Maybe someday...
Susan said…
Beautiful! I especially love the dock with the chairs and the glimpse of a boat. Such lovely fall weather!
Anonymous said…
We seem to get a lot of our fog in August and it feels wonderful as it hides the tops of our mountains and makes the entire world feel soft.

Love your photos today. :-)
Beautiful!!! I am missing a "real" fall this year. I enjoyed it so much living in the midwest last year. There are a lot of trees in Houston, but not the right kind. Oh well...bloom where you're planted. I am so happy for you as you soak up the wonderful NW Fall!! :)
Catherine said…
Fog is pretty. But not when you are driving in it. :(
Nice captures! Love all your colors!
xo Catherine
RURAL said…
I totally understand what you are saying, even as part of my heart is yearning for what you have now.

I miss fog...hope that we get some here one day.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
andrea creates said…
it's so beautiful-your photos are great- it must be very peaceful there! :)
Gillian Olson said…
What beauty you have shared. Love the expression that the fog comes in on little cat feet, so true. My favorite picture is the one of the chairs on the dock in the distance. Thanks, really enjoyed my visit.
Lisa Gordon said…
You sound so happy there, Becca,and I am so happy for you!

All of these photographs are wonderful, but I am absolutely in love with the second one here. such a beautiful composition.
Anonymous said…
Your photos make me want to bundle up, grab a cup of hot coffee and sit on the dock and just watch the fog change. xox
Tammy said…
Beautiful, Becca! You truly are so fortunate to be able to just open your door or look out your window and be greeted by such beauty. Have a wonderful day! Tammy
Tracy said…
These images are DREAMY, Becca! You photos are really showing how present you are with your new surroundings and your love/appreciation of them...we can feel it with you! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Justine said…
wow those fog shots are absolutely fantastic, they really are!
Judy S. said…
Great fog photos, Becca. You're so lucky to be able to walk down to the lake! We are glad to be home; it was a great visit but the Midwest is getting CHILLY!
Beautiful images. And so nice to know you are enjoying autumn in your new home. I love autumn. But it is finished where I live, and we are on to the many days of winter.
Unknown said…
Hummm.. I think I have seen fog before. Not really sure. Hee Hee. So happy for you my friend. Your photos are lovely. You're living the dream.


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