Halloween Fun!

Just wanted to share some Halloween fun! 

I feel like I'm more into the spirit of Halloween this year...

I think it has something to do with the cooler, air and autumn color!

Russell carved these pumpkins and I roasted the pumpkin seeds.

I STILL can't get used to the sight of these things around here. 


Don't you just LOVE white pumpkins? 

We just watched "The Shining" again last night for an old fashioned movie scare. 

I am making "Autumn Cider" today and we are looking forward to 

seeing all of the Trick or Treaters, goblins and ghouls tonight! 

Happy Halloween!!

Here's a fun little Disney Classic Short Film.

(I don't think I embedded this correctly...you'll have to hit pause on my Halloween music on my side bar so it doesn't play over the video...sorry.)



You DO look in the spirit of the Halloween, Becca! Love your pumpkins and your cute photo! It's so pretty there!
Justine said…
great pictures, hope you had fun
Anonymous said…
Great post and YES>.. I LOVE white pumpkins!

krishna said…
A very very happy Halloween to you.
Is that you peeking out of the cut out? Very cute! And yes, I love white pumpkins! I NEED some! Happy halloween!
Unknown said…
I hope that you enjoyed your Halloween night. We had a good time here even though it was cold and misting.
Susan said…
Cute! Love the Halloween decorations and the last shot is too sweet. :-)
Unknown said…
Love the white pumpkins. Hope you had a happy Halloween my friend.

Anonymous said…
Farmer Becca, great Fall display photos.....xox
Lorraine said…
amazing photos of the pumpkins and my sons and I particularly liked watching the skeleton dance video..thanks..Hope you are well and the storms havent reached you
Lisa Graham said…
Halloween fun Patina Moon style!
Tracy said…
WONDERFUL Halloween moments, Becca... and LOVELY to see you! Halloween is not that big a deal here, so I miss it sometimes. It's just not the same. So I've been loving seeing everyone's celebrations in blogland. :o) ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
Wow, beautiful pictures!!! the halloween spirit is here and I love the elegance in it.

Have a great day!
Judy S. said…
That Russ is quite the pumpkin-carver! Hope you had a nice Halloween; we didn't have a single trick or treater for the first time in 35 years. Spiders seem to show up here in August, a sure sign of fall. Scarily big, you're right!
Catherine said…
Pretty Halloween colors! Now we can concentrate on Christmas. ;)
Happy November Becca!
xo Catherine
Great images. Those carved pumpkins are fantastic. Aren't you a cutie!!! Best wishes, Tammy
Katy Noelle said…
Oh, how I love the post of the farmer's market. We used to go - when we had two vehicles and Tom worked just out the back gate and across the street. I miss them! Luckily, there are some farmstands that I get to, occasionally! All closed down, now, alas!

I'm totally with you on the hydrangeas!!! (but, I've said that before. ;))

Your halloween post is one long fun chuckle!

I'm sorry that I don't get here more regularly - but I miss very few posts when I do finally come!

and, thank you for the lovely visit, too! =] (I notice that I've got a big smile on my face, now.... and, now.... I'm going to go check out that guitarist. Anything to get me off the Christmas music jag I've been on. =/ It's so comforting and cozy but too early! I've been thinking that I need some mellow guitar to fill in the gap but not sure where to find it... =] Thanks!)


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