Kilroy Was Here...

Today, I was peeking over my fence, (not unlike Kilroy), 

to get a better look at my neighbor's beautiful hydrangeas.

Yes, I have my own, small hydrangea bush.

But, still, I have been admiring these beauties from my window.

I've watched these change colors several times over the past few months.

Just like leaves on a tree, these "moody blooms" change color at different times. 

Each at their own stage of life.

Adding to the beauty of the season.

How can one not be tempted to go out and peek at this flower every day to see the change?

It's "one last show" before winter sets in.

Unless,  you decide to pick them and dry them, so you can enjoy them all winter!

I have a few from my own hydrangea plant that I've let dry and they are so lovely. 

I wonder if my neighbor will be drying any of these? 

Or, if she will share? :-) 

Happy Friday everyone! 

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home

and hopefully some time for blog hopping. :-) 



TexWisGirl said…
right now, your neighbor is busy reporting a peeping tom with a camera leaning over her fence. :)

Anonymous said…
I planted our first hydrangea bush this summer and if we are still here next year I will plant another. I am soooo in love with these flowers and don't care what color they are. Every single one is lovely.
Catherine said…
Happy weekend to you too! I hope it's a relaxing one!
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
Have a great weekend. I love the pictures, hydrangeas are one of my favorites.
Justine said…
these are so beautiful, such wonderful soft colours
mmm Erik Satie fits these blooms perfectly.
Wonderful captures.
Mine did not bloom this year:(
have fun relaxing....I am cleaning my studio....oh joy....
Anonymous said…
Pretty, prettier, prettiest, gosh these are gorgeous. Ours will be stripped from the storm next week. xox
Judy S. said…
Lovely photos, Becca! Our bushes keep their flowers all winter (faded to a tan color) until spring when they get cut off.... I just ordered some hydrangea-colored yarn that should be about the same color as your n'bors bushes. We'll see!
Crafting Queen said…
Really beautiful photos!
These photos are so beautiful. Hydrangeas are wonderful plants, love the variations in colours from season to season and as the flowers age. Maybe you neighbour would be thrilled to have you cut and keep some for drying.
Unknown said…
well, there's no harm in asking! you could suggest that you share the dried bounty with her after they dry - she might consider it all to be too much of a hassle :)
Gillian Olson said…
They are such beautiful blooms.
RURAL said…
They are so beautiful, and more so with the rain drops on them.

I have plans, apparently I can maybe cross my fingers grow some up here.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Unknown said…
These look so pretty. I do hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Hydrangeas are the chameleons of the flower world. So beautiful! I do hope you know your neighbor otherwise she is gonna think you are one strange cookie. Ha! Best wishes to you for a great new week. Tammy
Tracy said…
This ode to Hydrangeas was somethings special, Becca! And with Satie sparkling & twinkling in the background music here... all the more magical! I hope our hydrangea we planted in August survives the winter, I am eager to see it grow and bloom more next year. :o) Happy new week, my friend ((HUGS))
Amelia De Mello said…
I love your photos Rebecca. You are such an inspiration!

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