A Peek Inside My Sketchbook

This weekend I spent a little time in my studio relaxing, listening to music and playing in my 

It seems like I've spent more time with fiber arts lately so I wanted to get back into practicing 
some faces and shading. 

Getting symmetrical facial features is still quite a challenge for me.
I'm thinking I should just adapt to the style of Picasso and pretend it's supposed to be that way.

I want to add more to this face, and I'm thinking about scanning it, and adding different media like papers, paint, fabric.  Any ideas?  

My lotus flower sketch was inspired by the design on the inside of a Yogi tea box. 
I enjoyed the process of sketching the flower then using shading to add dimension. 

The color added here is with watercolor pencils.  Since it's just sketchbook paper I decided not to add water.

This photo, even though dark I thought captured the warmth and light in my room last night. 
Another reason I like it is because you can see how my Fetzer's white nose stands out even in low light. 
He is such a sweetheart...he's "mama's boy

I hope you've also enjoyed a relaxing weekend. 



Anonymous said…
So much warmth exuded in the last photo. I really like it!
Susan said…
What a lovely sketchbook! I like both of these sketches, and your adorable mama’s boy looks like quite the sweetheart!
Pamela said…
Beautiful Becca!
I also love this last photo and your art in the background is unbelievable!!!
I loved the video of Lucy!!! So sweet!!!
Pamela xo
Lisa Graham said…
I loved your story on my painting Becca...very imaginative! I liked your idea about the gel medium too. Maybe I will do that.

On your drawings...all the above...papers, paint...all of it. Have fun with it! I think your face drawing is really good.

Love your warm cozy kitty photo : )
Your drawings are so lovely, Becca...and I love Fetzer's little white nose...
Lesley Edmonds said…
Happy Monday Becca :)

The shading on your face is b beautifully subtle - she's lovely!

Love your lotus - the colours are glorious.

Fetzer's looking relaxed :)
Have a good week.
Catherine said…
I hope your new house has a beautiful lighted room where you can continue to do all your wonderful art work Becca! The light in the room does give you the feeling of warm and cozy. And with Fetzer snoozing on top of the couch ~ perfect!

Wishing you a wonderful week friend!
xo Catherine
Diane said…
Your sketching is wonderful!!--I find that it's so relaxing--almost like meditating.
P.S. Love your little boy
Tracy said…
Hello, sweet Fetzer... love your white nose. ;o) Very fun to have this peek inside your sketchbook, Becca. That lotus is GORGEOUS! And your face looks fabulous to me. I really like your ideas of using different media to bring more dimension to her... paper for the hair, some stamping mabye... I can't wait to see more! Happy Days creating! ((HUGS))
Your sketches are beautiful. Fetzer is as sweet as a kitty can be and yes...my weekend was wonderful. Glad yours was too!
Hi Becca, You are so talented, beautiful sketches. Hope you enjoy your week:)
I love the style of your sketches, really love the face! My oldest daughter has really been into drawing lately and has her sketch book with her all the time. I really wish I had that talent!
Torunn said…
Fine art Becca. Hope you also get a relaxing and peaceful week. Have a good time.
Unknown said…
I have been doing the opposite of you, and been working on sketching and painting instead of fiber arts. I know I will get back to it soon, I'm just on a kick for a while. I like your sketches. They look great to me. I have a lot of problems with faces so far, but I'm hoping to get better. Have a great week and enjoy your cute kitty.
Your sketches are lovely. And that Lucy sure is a good crochet helper. :) Have a great week. Tammy
Anonymous said…
Nice sketching as always, like your eyes!!! Cut kitty and puppy noses are always welcome. xox Corrine
Unknown said…
Your shading looks amazing.. So glad you got some time to relax this weekend.. Your kitty looks so cute!!

Hugs, Linda
Chatty Crone said…
I think drawing is hard to do - I can't even draw stick figures. This was pretty. sandie
Gillian Olson said…
The drawings are great, faces are very difficult and also aren't alway symmetrical. Love the little guy with the white nose.
peggy aplSEEDS said…
pretty! and you've got exactly the right idea of pretending they were meant to be that way. most faces aren't symmetrical anyway!
thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS
Lorraine said…
great sketches and love the lotus
Judy S. said…
Your lotus is very pretty and would also look great in crewel! Love those kitty photos!
Kelly Warren said…
Beautiful sketches, Becca. And I love that sweet photo of your kitty. Hope you are well!
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, these are magnificent!!
I absolutely LOVE the flower.
So beautiful.

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