Hearts and Flowers

I'm on a crochet kick again, and since the only thing I know how to crochet is a flower, you'll probably be seeing a lot of them! 

Looking at the flower I wondered how difficult it would be to make a heart...after all, it looks like part of the flower right? 

After a bit of searching on YouTube, I discovered that yes,  it is basically the same stitches to create a heart. 

I took this photo on my "hearts and flowers" succulent plant.
The plant usually has beautiful pink flowers, but this one is not at it's best right now, so I'm only showing you a part of it with my own hearts and flowers. 

Of course, it's the hemp yarn that makes my heart go pitter patter.

Whatever type of hemp yarn or thread I can get my hands on is what I like to crochet with. 

I found these beads at JoAnn's yesterday.  
I bought them on sale and hope to make a "wrap bracelet" with them.
 Have you seen those bracelets?  I LOVE them! 

So, hopefully I'll be able to add macramé  to my minimal crochet skills! 

 Don't you just love a new, creative year? 

What do you hope to learn how to make this year? 



Sherri B. said…
So lovely! This makes me want to crochet some hearts and flowers myself.
Caterina Giglio said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caterina Giglio said…
just wonderful, makes me want to crochet again! yes happy new year!
Angela said…
I crochet, but I've never crocheted a flower or a heart. I guess I better try it!
Unknown said…
Your hearts and flowers look so pretty!!

Hugs, Linda
Unknown said…
I love the natural and beachy colors Becca - lovely work! and great photos as always :)
Love your heart and flower. I've got my thread and hook out, now just to review the process. I need some small hearts for an ATC swap.
You always offer a fun stop. Lovely creativity and fun energy.
GardenOfDaisies said…
Becca your flowers and hearts are so sweet. I have been finding all sorts of things on pinterest that I want to learn to make... everything from appetizers to felt crafts. It's gonna be a busy year!
Clare said…
What a stunning idea - it put beads in the middle of your flowers, they look amazing. Happy New year to you and happy creating.
Dorthe said…
They are so beautiful, dear Becca, I love that yarn,too- and the pearls oh they are gorgeous in their colours.I`m alwayes so bussy making dolls for my real shop, so not much time for learning ,and playing .
I do believe you can do just about anything you set your mind too. Love your flowers and hearts. Gorgeous images. Happy Thursday. Tammy
andrea creates said…
these look great!
if you're still looking for a crochet heart tutorial, my blog friend at cornflowerbluestudio had one up on her blog the other day in photos :)
have a super new year becca :)
Diane said…
Oooh--you make me want to pick up my crochet hook again!
Judy S. said…
Very nice, Becca! Pretty beads and hoya plant as well. Doesn't it have interesting flowers? I'm participating in TAST this year which should provide lots of new stitches to learn.
Anonymous said…
I'll take your hearts and flowers any day, anyway! These are so pretty. xox Corrine
Lisa Graham said…
Nice Becca, very nice! I have been crocheting hats lately and I need to learn to make a flower to put on the hats...You tube it is. : )

I think for this year I want to get more acquainted with the oil paints my friend gave me. Oil looks so nice but it takes forever to dry.

I've always loved how you dibble and dabble in different creative avenues.

Happy packing...soon, right?

well I wish I´d live in Las Vegas so I could come over and learn to make these crocheted flowers and heart things...they are gorgeous!! Happy New Year to you and yours....love your fotos of the beads and things...what shots!
lilylovekin said…
Loved your creative post. How do you find to do it. I know you must be getting ready for the move. Best wishes with what ever you spend your time doing!!!
Gillian Olson said…
Very cute, I am not feeling especially creative at the moment myself.
Catherine said…
You are such a crafty girl! I used to make macramé plant hangers....does that age me? Ha!

I would like to learn how to paint one day.

xo Catherine
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, I just love the hearts, and the colors of the beads are wonderful!
Pamela said…
I must learn how to do this or at least knit!!! This is the year Becca!!
I love these flowers!
Have you started packing?? Oh the fun begins for you!
Pamela xo
Tracy said…
Sweet hearts, Becca! It has me inspired to pick up a hook again too. This year I want to add more fiber to my paintings and play more with mixed media, and very excited about that. Love the possibilities a new year holds! :o) Are you starting to get ready for your move yet?! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
FLO said…
Happy new year Becca! I am also in the crochet now and I like it!!!
Unknown said…
Wow ! What a wonderful contemporary element you have injected into these, so very clever!!!
ELK said…
i feel blessed to have one of your very special creations ...you make amazing flowers with lots of heart!!
Jillayne said…
I do love a new creative year - it holds such promise!
I want to learn to solder - not sure how I will do that as there is nowhere to take a class - I think I will have to resort to online classes... but that's what I really want to learn!
starseasons said…
Hi Becca,
Wow, When most people say they can only knit or crochet one thing it's a scarf. So flowers and hearts are really a wonderful surprise.
Anonymous said…
Becca, these are wonderful!!!! And the photos spectacular. I love the hemp yarn. I'll have to look for some the next time I go to the yarn shop that sells all the "good stuff". It's 3 hours from here so I'm "stuck" with Michael's and Joann's in the meantime. lol I'm
hankering for some silks, cashmere, etc!

Hugs, Diane
Rosie Grey said…
How lovely, Becca! Your skills are so amazing! Can't wait to see what you'll be showing us with these beads!
I love the look of the beads with the hemp yarn...very organic looking! Macrame! I used to love it when I was young...belts, purses, even rugs...memories!

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