A Creative Break from Life

Doesn't it drive you crazy when you're so busy with life that you don't have time to get your
 creative mojo

I finally took the time to sit down and crochet a few hearts.
After all, tis the season! 

I love how I'm so busy counting or talking in my head while I crochet to keep track of where I am that the stress of whatever else was going on diminishes. 

These are just a few little fun mixed media pieces I created using my crocheted hearts. 

The above hearts are made with perle cotton embroidery thread while these below are a bamboo blend of yarn.
The color is called "Ocean Spray"
Doesn't the name alone just take you away?  

Lucy likes the soft bamboo yarn too.

This is another small piece, like a tag size,  where I just cut out felt flowers and created a design with embroidery stitches.

Now that I've fed my creative spirit I feel so much better!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead, and don't forget to take a break from life and do what you love to do!   



Gorgeous...I love your needlework and crocheting....wonderful work. I actually had time to do what I love to do today...made some cards for a change...happy Sunday to you.
TexWisGirl said…
those are really sweet. :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely, Becca! You have such a creative eye no matter what you do,
These are so awesome. I love the leaves, the needlework...all of it!
Becca, those are all so pretty! I'm inspired! I picked up a crochet hook and yarn this week and started practicing! Its been over 30 years!
Very cute! You are really creative.
Lisa Graham said…
Hello my Seattle (soon to be) friend! I LOVE your crocheted creations...and your little stitched felt flowers remind me that I once knew how to made knots...back in my very short cross stitch days...I worked the night shift at the hospital and it seems like the WHOLE unit would cross stitch to help us pass the time until management came along an ruined our fun. : )

I am so happy we connected on FB! Yay! Maybe some day I will visit Seattle on vacation and get to actually meet you. I think this year summer vaca is Portland! Yay! Art. Trees. Ocean.

Hope your packing is going well. Give Lucy a hug.
sandra said…
I love your crochet hearts, very sweet. I have to be so quiet when I crochet, its so nice to not worry about life when you are stitching away :))
Pamela said…
Becca I love love your creations!!!!
They are sooo beautiful!!!
I am creatively frustrated right now having alot of my things to decorate with packed away. Even my paint set is packed...

Lucy is adorable!! I miss having a kitty!!
Pamela xo
Unknown said…
All your stitching looks so preety I love you felt flowers.

Hugs, Linda
Dianne said…
such pretty little bits of stitching! love the hearts and flowers...
I love your hearts.Your colors are so vivid. I just posted the ones I made from different threads, each looks so different. I needed a change of pace.
Always love what you share with us.
Was a good weekend to be inside, with howling winds and 8 inches of snow and below zero temps. Forecast Ice.
Enjoy your week.
Justine said…
these are so lovely, perfect for valentine's day!
dana said…
Love your pattern for the hearts!! Is this your own creation? If so, would you share!? If not, where did you find it?
LOVE your blog and music! Like to come over here and tootle around!
Very pretty Becca! This reminds me of one day I sat and watched for two hours a show on how to make yo yo's...lol..and I don't sew or create a stitch!..They just fascinated me for some reason...
Catherine said…
Those are such sweet little hearts Becca! I can't believe all that intricate work that you do with your crafting. My eyes get tired just thinking about it!! Haha! Beautiful!

Wishing you a wonderful week as well friend!
xo Catherine
Tracy said…
There are supremely pretty, Becca... love these fiber & mixed media sweeties you've been working on. Fiber is a nice way to dip into something when there's not a lot of time, isn't there? The days have been so busy lately here too...creative work is sneaked in whenever possible, wherever possible...LOL! Happy Week ((HUGS))
Lesley Edmonds said…
Wonderful stitchery - a delight for the eyes!
Unknown said…
I love these little hearts and the mixed media way that you use them. The felt and embroidery piece is lovely too. I really need to practice my embroidery skills soon. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Pretty, Pretty, you sure do have some fantastic mojo for not having any time.....xox Corrine
Rosie Grey said…
How beautiful, Becca! I always love to see what you are creating and crafting!
Diane said…
I love how you mixed these hearts with the mixed media--perfect!!
ELK said…
Becca ..how i love the simplicity yet detailed feel to your creations ...your photos of them are perfect!!
These mixed media pieces are so beautiful! Lucy enjoyed your crafting too!
Gillian Olson said…
Love these mixed media pieces, and I agree wholeheartedly that it is really important to feed your creative side regularly.
You are so creative. For someone who doesn't know how to crochet, you are doing a great job and then taking it even a step further and creating such wonderful, beautiful pieces. Lovely! Best wishes to you, Tammy
lilylovekin said…
The little yellow flowers with the embroidery is SO cute. You amaze me.
I love the yellow flowers. I might try that. I would love to do the hearts as well, did you have a pattern to do them. They are so pretty.
christina said…
all such pretty pieces. hello to kitty!!
hoping you are well, my friend.
i have a quick question-sending you an email.
Unknown said…
Gorgeous pieces you have here. It's amazing all the creative work you can do. wow!!
Becca! It's been a while, I hope you're well. I love your projects (and oh my goodness it is WAY too long since I've had the chance to be in my studio!!). I especially love the felted flower and your embroidery - the colors are just gorgeous. On another note I totally envy you getting to meet some of your blogger friends (I'd love to meet Catherine). Looking forward to popping by more ferquently, my start to the new year wasn't so very good so I've got some catching up to do.
Judy S. said…
Hearts and flowers are perfect for the season! I especially like the felt flowers and your pretty stitching. That looks like very good felt...thicker than most, or maybe it's just your photography.

So sorry to hear about your auntie. Passages are difficult...thinking of you! Hugs, too.
GardenOfDaisies said…
Your hearts are beautiful.
So sorry to hear about your aunt. I remember you talking about how much you loved spending time with her there on the gilkey bridge property.
I love the crocheted hearts and the pretty felt flowers, too! You are so talented! ♥
Feeding our creative spirits does wonders for our souls.

Your work is lovely.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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