Blossoms in Spring

The flowering plum tree in my garden.

Enjoying a quiet, restful Sunday. :-)

Have a beautiful week. 



lilylovekin said…
How lovely you captured your plum blossoms, I was taking photos of my fruit trees but it was raining. Have a good week at work.
Susan said…
Beautiful! I love fruit blossoms, they are such a welcome sign of spring.
Stunning pictures. I wait to see them in my garden. Have a wonderful week.
Pamela said…
Beautiful Becca!!! This tree takes me back to my childhood home! We have four of these framing the house and in the spring all you see is pink!!! So pretty!
Happy Sunday!

Pamela xo
So pretty!
Mine is blooming too. :)
Karen Mae said…
Beautiful blossoms - something to look forward too here in Ontario! Thanks for sharing.
<3 K
Judy S. said…
Plum blossoms already? Wow, we just have teeny tiny buds. Now if it would just warm up.....
It's so pretty! No plums blooming here yet, I'll have to start looking to see how close they are. I did notice that my cherry tree looks pretty close to blooming though.
Gosh Becca your blossom photos are amazing - love them all, the detail is fantastic. What camera are you using?
Love the header too!

Sarah x
Justine said…
so beautifully captured, we don't have anything in our garden yet
Unknown said…
Ou you happy happy women, you get to enjoy these beauty all ready, we still have SO winter. The shot are great and give hope for spring...maybe after two months.
Catherine said…
Look at your beautiful blossoms! Oh you lucky lucky girl!

Happy Monday Becca!
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
Your blooms look beautiful.. Great shots.. Hope you have a great day my friend.

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful & I'm so jealous... I want Spring to be sprung around here, too!
Such gorgeous blooms!!! =)
Becca's Dirt said…
Beautiful flower and photography.
Rosie Grey said…
This is so beautiful, Becca! We are far from that so I absolutely enjoy looking at your photos, waiting in anticipation :-)
Lisa Gordon said…
These are gorgeous Becca!
A beautiful reminder of what s to come (soon, I hope)!!!
Olga said…
Great photographs! They are full expression of Spring!
Donna said…
Your photography is Gorgeous!
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ELK said…
i am so happy to see the blooms and even a and purple together is one of my favorite combos!!
christina said…
i SO love these... i would love to feel the weather on my skin, that has helped these bloom.
Halle said…
Amazing photos! I'm getting very jealous of the flower photos popping up! We still have a couple feet of snow on the ground! Although it's melting..... Yea Spring!
Anonymous said…
oldgreymare said…
I've just been wandering all over and enjoying all your photography! So lovely! It was a very nice start to my day. I am playing about a two month catch up around here and I am so glad I was able to spend the morning hanging right here on your blog.

Have a great week - 70's on Thursday WOOT!


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