I'm playing Scavenger Hunt Sunday again!

Hi everyone! 
Well, it's Sunday, and I had so much fun last week that I wanted to play 
Scavenger Hunt Sunday again! 
The 5 items in this weeks challenge are : 

1. Red
2. Homespace
3. Fence
4. Rock
5. Sharp

Here's what I came up with 

It's the weekend, and a little indulgence never hurt, then I noticed my olive. 

Ok, this is the one from my archive and maybe doesn't count, because my hubby took this, but when I think of "homespace" this is it.
A nap in my comfy chair, wearing my favorite robe with my kitty curled up in my lap.
That to me,  is "home." 

This is not far from my home.  With the struggling economy here in Las Vegas, this is land that was planned for houses and has now been put on hold, sadly. 

Well, the hard part about this was "which" rock to take a picture of!  Living in the desert, rocks are everywhere!  Trying to make it look interesting was the difficult part. 

I guess the musician side of me came out when I read the word "sharp" this is what I thought of. 

So, thanks again for visiting during my photo scavenger hunt. 
I probably won't be playing every Sunday, but since I love learning about photography so much, this challenge really gets me to "think" about what I'm photographing, and how I want it to look. 

Head over to Ashley's Blog
if you'd like to see the other entries, or would like to play along!

Tomorrow I'll be doing some crafting, and planting some new container flowers.
I hope you are enjoying the long weekend too!



Amanda said…
I love the music shot! Fantastic.
Zoe said…
I love your interpretation of sharp! Very clever.
Kat Ibáñez said…
Hi Becca! The second photo is so adorable and cute, having a nap with a cat next to you is always so relaxing!! Hearing them purring is the best way to fall asleep and having sweet dreams!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!
Lynn Stevens said…
cool photos. Love your "cat nap"
R Montalban said…
Great picture of your olive in the drink and a good thought for Red.
Ralph said…
Tremendous Becca I so love that picture of the rock the search for the right one was so worth the time. Amazing
Casey Martinez said…
I like your interpretation of sharp and your olive pic is awesome. Love the different perspectives on these words each week. Makes this so much fun! Great job!
Christine said…
That martini picture is GREAT!
Anonymous said…
Oh I really love the fence shot!
that scavenger hunt looks like fun. and i love your creative choices. just wondering...does your nap in your fave chair come after the martini? ha ha. happy sunday,
Ashley Sisk said…
I'm glad you joined in - I love your home space...so comfy and your fence shot is wonderful...even though the circumstances are not. I hope you have a great week!
Lisa Gordon said…
All of these are great, but especially love Red and Sharp!
Kristy said…
I love how you interpreted Sharp. Great pictures.
I love the rock photo...the desert color tones are so beautiful! And the photo your husband took of you and the cat, when you were sick, is really sweet... Hope you have a great weekend!
Reading Allowed said…
I love your martini shot, and your sharp shot is so clever! Great work!
Anonymous said…
These are all great. Love your rock shot. Very creative for sharp. Love your homespace shot. Looks comfy!
lilylovekin said…
What great photos, and you were so creative with the interpretation I love it.
Jill said…
I love your idea for sharp! I think that's my favorite theme, so many different ideas from everyone!
ElissaM said…
I LOVE your interpretations! The sharp one is awesome and as a piano player I am surprised i didn't think of that too! Great photos!
Tara said…
I love the red shots, great photos!
Alita said…
Sharp is fun & creative! Actually the more I think about it... Sharp is my favorite, but I liked your fence quite a bit, too.
Great shots! I really love your fence & your interpretation of sharp!
Anonymous said…
Using the music symbol for sharp didn't even enter my mind. Pointy or intelligent but not this. Very creative of you and great photo as well. My hubby thinks so too : )
christina said…
these photos are just brilliant!
happy weekend to you!
: )
Unknown said…
GREAT take on sharp! Excellent! I love your red photo. And your homespace looks just exactly as comfy as it should...
Unknown said…
fantastic interpretation of the themes.

Love your olive
Justine said…
I love your scavenger hunt items, they are brilliant. I tried to do scavenger hunt but I couldn't get my photos to go in the order I wanted and it was very frustrating so I gave up, how do you do it?
Anonymous said…
I love the pictures. love your blog and just had to say thank you for a lovely browse. I have added to follow you
hugs June xxx
Pamela said…
Hi Becca!

Great artistic photos and your hubby has a great eye as well!
Love the musical photo.
I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post but I just loved that photo of the rose! It is beautiful...a perfect photo to frame!

Hope your economy picks up...my neighbour just bought a vacation home where you are! She said Las Vegas is just beautiful. My husband keeps saying it is the one place he is dying to visit.
Have a great lazy day ...labour day weekend!
Pamela xo
Siobhan said…
Love the olive shot!!!
Nancy E said…
All great photos -- nice work -- olive shot is awesome! :)
Unknown said…
Love all your Photos.. The olive shot is great. Why to think out of the box my friend...
Bree said…
Love all your pictures, but especially your sharp interpretation!

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