Happy Mistakes/Textures

Well, as you can see this Photoshop stuff is starting to possess my brain.
It's very addicting especially with photos that might not be so great otherwise, you can create a whole different mood. 
I have so many photos that didn't quite turn out the way I would like, so I'm trying to use those to practice with.  It's really funny too, how you start to "see" textures...everywhere! 
I was sitting outside the other day and started to see things that I could be use.  I started taking photos of walls, the ground, rusted pots...crazy huh? 
 I'll try not to go too crazy on you guys with my altered photos, I'm just excited I'm starting to pick some of this stuff up and can't wait to learn more! 

I shot this the same day.  I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I kind of like the outcome and decided to leave it just the way it is. 

Well, I need to pull myself away from this computer and get started sewing!  
Remember that quilted book cover that I was going to make for my friend's Bible?  
Well, today is her birthday...can you say procrastinate?

I'll chat with you guys soon, hope your week is going well. 



I know exactly what you mean. I posted some pics today of an old plate I bought just for the texture I could get from it for PS. You are welcome to use my pics as texture images if you can use them. I don't mind at all. Hope you have a great day!
What amazing photos! I love it when you get a little of the impressionist look with the lighting and focus! Beautiful! I would have 8 by 10s all over my house, if I was you! heehee! ♥
Lisa Gordon said…
I know just what you mean. I've been playing with textures for awhile now off and on, but just started seriously playing. So many combinations, so little time!
These are gorgeous. I especially like the second one.
Once you start working with textures you cannot stop. And you are right, a not so nice picture makes a great subject to play with. Great shots you have posted.
Netty said…
Its gorgeous, wish I could create something like that..... x
Justine said…
these are so lovely! I particularly love the second one as I love the delicate points of the leaves, it looks like you are having such a good time with them! they are beautiful!
Catherine said…
I like it! Very fun. There's so many techniques to play with a person can get caught up in the fun and away slips the day. :)

Good luck on your sewing project!
xo Catherine

I LOVE it! You made it into a watercolor painting! Maybe I should check out Photoshop; I have been using Picassa.

Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said…
Very cool photos. I love the way they turned out..
Ashley Sisk said…
Your first shot looks like a painting - love it. And the second shot is perfection. Nice work.
I LOVE the second one! I think that is why I don't get started....first of all I would need a totally new wonderful camera (I still use the almost original digital..lol) and second of all where would I find the time? But glad you are enjoying it and learning new things...
Lisa said…
reslly nice photoshop effects.. I agree it is addicting!
you have a lovely and sweet blog Becca!
thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!
Sylvia said…
I'm following a course Paint Shop Pro (something like Photoshop) and yes, it's very addicting.
I like the way you've edited this photo !
And your cats are so cute !
Best wishes,
Bec, these are just lovely! If you ever want large format prints of anything, let me know!
You should also check into putting your pics up on istockphoto.com. It's a stock photography site where you can upload photos, have them evaluated, and if they like them, you get to post them for sale. You're a pro, girl!
Katy Noelle said…
Hi, Becca! I love your blog! Also, what beautiful photography!

Ehem, I've been warned about how addicting textures and photo shop can be - I can see why! HOW FUN! (I fall apart in scrapbooking stores; so, I'm resisting - afraid that I'll fall down a very long rabbit hole - when I really need to be learning how to focus my silly camera! phew!)

It's funny that you stopped by - I had seen your little moon and was just going to hop on over but got distracted. I'm glad that you didn't!

Have fun with your baby grand and classical music, when the mood strikes!! =] I am NO "Lucy Honeychurch", myself!

I am going to add you into my list of blogs on my photo journal - if you don't mind.

Love, Katy Noelle
Anonymous said…
Love your happy mistakes! They are sometimes truly the best photos we take.

Marilyn said…
Nice work. Good to see you have been bitten by the Photoshop bug. It is addicting!

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