The Power of Music

What is it about a song that makes us remember the past?  

You've heard the saying "music is the universal language" right?

I've spent some time  today listening to different "styles" of music and I was taken "back in time" to some wonderful feelings and special memories.
I'm not saying that music is a cure all, but have you ever had a bad day and then heard a song that boosted your spirits?

I like some hawaiian music, it  brings back memories of my wedding on the beach.  A Chopin piece inspires me to sit down and play my piano.  Some jazz artists and songs make me want to sing.  I'm a big fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang, so listening to Vince Guaraldi music makes me happy!    
If I'm ever in LA,  I love to drive down Sunset Blvd,  at sunset,  while listening to Steely Dan.
Sometimes when I'm in my craft room sewing or collaging I just want to "hear" the ocean or rain.

I'm writing this post because a few of you have sent me nice comments about my "blog music." Some of you might not  like music, while reading blogs,  because you find it distracting, but luckily, we have a mute button on our computers if that is the case. 

Music is a BIG part of my life, so  I love to share it with others.
I think music fits in there with "inspiration" and "creativity" and isn't that why most of us love to blog? 

What are some styles of music that inspires you? What songs remind you of a special memory?
If you've had a stressful day, maybe you can take a few minutes to sit and listen to some music and hopefully the power of music will relax your soul.

Take care...until the weekend...


I love music too. If a blog has music and I don't want to listen to it at the time, I just turn the volume down. No problem. I generally love listening to the music!!! Love & blessings from NC!
I like happy music- New Orleans jazz, Celtic Irish...lifts my mood
Pamela said…
I could not agree more Becca! I love music it just takes me away!
And i love good music and you have it.
Your piano is beautiful...did i mention my 10yr old son is in piano lessons? He's very musical thank goodness! He loves to sing too.
I think music is so important.
The photos of Hawaii are amazing and your photo of yourself is beautiful!
Love visiting your blog.
Pamela xo
GardenOfDaisies said…
Music and smell are the most powerful resources our brain uses for memory. It really is amazing isn't it?
Lisa said…
I am typically one of those folks who complain about blogs that automatically play music. Only because I'm usually playing music myself and then you have the whole blog mix thing. BUT, your blog is the exception. I love your playlist. I love jazz and nature sounds and drumming circles and good old crooning. You've got it all, plus I can crank up my speakers, go do housework and your playlist just goes on and on. hehehe Love it.
Brenda Pruitt said…
I have my mute button on. A few years ago I would have kept the music on. But in menopause, you will one day see, my dear, you are too erratic for surprises. These days I listen to rain on a noise machine 24/7. I hope to one day be part of the music of blogs again!
Becca ~
I love all kinds of music depending on my mood ~ Sometimes I like somebodies blog music so much I will just turn it on in the background while I work ~
Yours is really pretty ~
Unknown said…
Very cool Pictures once again.. I also love all kinds of music, but as you know There is nothing better than a Heart breaking, honky tonk'n twang of that great country song!!! Hehe.. I love listening to jazz when I am crafting.. but when I'm cleaning I love to put on the sound track from City of Angels or the Sound track for Sweet home Alabama (you have to love that one, It has Dolly Parton sing on it. Isn't she one of you favorites.) O.K. I'll stop being a smart A**.

Have a great one! This has been a fun little visit.

Your BFF,
Mary Ann said…
music is the universal language indeed! have a great day! verbena cottage
When I hear songs from the seventies it brings back high school memories.
I love listening to music when I am creating. You will usually see me with my iPod when outdoors working however when I am in the garden I let nature "sing". I enjoy a variety of music from Yanni to Michael Jackson. Soft background music when stitching, soft rock when house cleaning. I really don't care for much of the country music. It all sounds the same to me for some reason.
By the way, I go to a local beach in IN near the Dunes of Lake Michigan. I live 30 mins from Michigan but find my glass in Indiana near home.
The forget-me-not may grow in a pot, they have shallow roots and are perennial.
Alina said…
I love string quartets, they simply vanish my stress. Have a great weekend! (beautiful photos) xx
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, I think music just might be a cure all.????? I wonder. Anyway I think we might be experiencing the same windy weekend.
I'm so glad you posted this! You might be the very person to help me find some Island music! We heard a band playing at Hudson Beach a couple of weeks ago and it put me in the mood for Carribean type music. Do you know what musicians or CDs I could look for to get some upbeat Island music? I have thought about posting this question. Thanks and get well soon! ♥

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