Acoustic Medley in the Garden

Dear blogging friends, hope everyone has had a nice weekend and was able to enjoy some beautiful weather where you live!
I was so happy that the wind finally subsided for the weekend so I could get outdoors and take some photographs.  Here are a few photographs in my courtyard. 

I've had these lights up in the courtyard forever, and occasionally a strand will go out, so when I purchase a new strand I just take the "balls" from the old strand and throw them into this old terra cotta pot and now I really like the look of the rusted decorations! 

Finally, I did some rearranging in my craft room today.  The hubby put up a new shelf for me and I spent some time styling some of my favorite things and photographs. 

So what did you do this weekend?  I need to spend the next few days getting caught up on all of your blogs and happenings!
As always...thank you so much for visiting!
See you soon,


I spent some time at the pool...but mostly I cleaned house this weekend. I have been sewing and letting things go! lol I love the colored balls and want to find something like that to add color to my lanai. I also love the unique lights for outdoors! Love your style! ♥
Unknown said…
Your old shelf looks great in it's new place! Can't wait to see it in person. And your right I love that bird house! I also have to add what a fabulous little card you have hanging from your clothes line, Love it..Hehe

Talk to you soon!
Hugs, Linda
Pamela said…
Hi Becca

I have never seen balls with lights like that before. They are great.
As always i love the music and have to turn up the volume when i visit you!!
Have a great day!
Pamela xo
Marilyn said…
Great idea for the "used" outdoor lights.
Becca~ your photos are always so lovely! I just love the colors on your patio~ they are so warm and vibrant...It just looks like the most wonderful place to relax!!
Mary Ann said…
hi becca, photos are just so gorgeous, wish i have your talents. thanks for your sweet comments, am really blessed to be surrounded by blogger friends like you! have a great week! verbena cottage
Brenda Pruitt said…
Oh Becca, I must try the lights in the terracotta pots! You know how much I love whimsy outdoors.
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, your room looks just beautiful
What beautiful images. What type of camera do you use? So bright and colorful

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