Living Green

Living Green, what does that mean to you? Is your first thought,  protecting our environment, reducing waste, funny looking light bulbs? 
All important things pertaining to our earth, but today I was thinking of something different, a more personal meaning.  While doing laundry, cleaning, and checking my email, I got side tracked by some photographs I took during a visit to one of my most favorite places...  

You see, I grew up in the Nevada desert, of Las Vegas.  While I have a lot to be thankful for here, the older I get, the more "green" I want to see. 

It's not that the desert can't be beautiful, we have some amazing sunsets, and I'm always trying to appreciate the beauty here, at home, like this...

But, this is what I see on my drive to work...

So I guess it's more about the need for change.
The desert is where I grew up, but as I get older, the city gets bigger, the summer get hotter, and so a little more green  speaks to me!
Someday I hope we'll be "living green" somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

I love how these photos took me "away" today, so I wanted to share them with you.  Most of these photos were taken on my Aunt and Uncle's property in Oregon...a most relaxing place to visit.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy my journey to a favorite place.
This is what "living green" means to me.

Thank you for taking this trip with me.

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend!


What an amazing place your Aunt and Uncle have Becca! Gosh it really is green and lush isn't it.Hope yopu are having a wonderful Memorial weekend,

Sarah x
Judit Labòria said…
Wonderful pictures!!
Lisa said…
I love the pic of your house in the sunset with the painted moon. I have to admit, I would find it hard to live with no green around me. Your aunt and uncle's place is pretty amazing. It's almost taking a drink of water to look at the photos. :)
Lisa said…
*almost like.

Oh, and I recognize the birdhouse from the banner. :D
andrea creates said…
What beautiful photos!
Catherine said…
Wow ~ it looks like Oregon is an amazing place to visit! So much beautiful green! I do enjoy living in a small city with lots of green parks and beautiful old trees and with two National parks only a few hours away ~ but I sure wouldn't mind seeing the desert one day.

Lovely photos Becca!
xo Catherine
Martha Lever said…
Wow, Becca, your pictures are wonderful. How beautiful Oregon must be. I have never been there. Jacksonville, FL, is very green. You should visit sometimes!!!
Kelly Warren said…
great shots, becca! thanks for sharing. your aunt and uncle's place looks incredibly relaxing and peaceful. and yes, martha's right! jacksonville is very green! :-)
Pamela said…
I can't blame you one bit for wanting to move Becca. I've watched the show house hunters and they are in Las Vegas alot and i always say to my husband i know there is beauty there but i couldn't live in a desert. I need green too. The west coast is so green and vibrant. Plus there is more country and space.
I hope you get you dream to move here one day. You'll love it!
Oh and the Dean Martin music just so reminded me of my Italian family back home...lovely!
Pamela xo

Happy Memorial day my American friend!!
Unknown said…
Such a nice post.. You know I feel the same way,
I just have a feeling that your dream will come true.. Hopefully soon, so I will have an excuse to come visit..

Hugs, Linda
Beautiful photos, Becca! Your aunt and uncle's place DOES look incredibly restful!
Alina said…
Absolutely gorgeous, the setting and the photographs. Great work! Hope your wishes come true xx
Kelly said…
Beautiful pictures Bec. You are an artist! For you and for my own selfish reasons, I hope you achieve your dream of living in the Pacific Northwest soon. (Warning: Many here have been building arcs to prepare for the continued June rain. We're having the wettest spring ever. But the plants are loving it!)
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Just found your lovely blog, Becca. These images are so so lovely, what bright colors. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots and lots of sunshine. xx
Caterina Giglio said…
I couldn't agree more! great blog! I will have to come back to visit!!

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