Inspired by the Sea

Well, as you can see, I am STILL hooked on crochet for the moment. 

I have been practicing and practicing, getting frustrated and pulling out stitches, and starting over.  
But,  when I'm able to complete something I'm happy with,  it feels so good! 

I tend to gravitate toward the hemp and linen yarns so when I found a pattern for a little sea star, I thought the hemp would be perfect! 

The sand dollars are made with linen yarn and embellished with the lazy daisies in hemp thread.

I've been so happy to finally be living near the ocean,  that this little crochet motif from the sea was fun to try. 

There's just something so calming for me about making these.

I think they will make the perfect little embellishments for gifts or to use on a collage.
What do you think? 

Now that I have the pattern down it doesn't take me too long to make a few. 

Finally, I wanted to show you my progress with "thread crochet."  
I have a book of these little motifs and I just try to pick out the ones that I think are my speed and give it a go!
Sometimes,  they come out kind of curly.  I guess they're still pretty, but I'd like them to be flat. 
It seems I might have used a hook that was too large for the thread,  so I'm going to try again with a smaller hook.

A big thank you to my blog friend, Carmelina for answering my email the other day and for the words of encouragement.  If you don't know Carmelina or have never visited her blog you will love seeing some of the lovely thread crochet and other art she creates.   I am always so inspired when I visit there. 

The weather we've been having makes it so hard to be indoors and on the computer, so I am going to get back outside and enjoy.


We just bought a couple of bicycles to ride around the neighbor hood and down by the water.
I haven't been on a bike in so long that I'm a little unsteady!  I guess just riding it more will help me get  used to it. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend too! 



I LOVE the sea stars!! They are so delicate and pretty!
TexWisGirl said…
really like the stars and the sand dollars. and congrats on bikes! woo hoo! biking in the summer (without baking to the concrete in vegas!)
Judy S. said…
Where'd you find those cute crochet patterns? I just heard today that Serial Knitters is having a sale next week on their linen yarn! Nice that you got bikes. Both the Sammamish trail and the Burke Gilman are great rides....and mostly flat. You'd like 'em I think. Looks to me like you're really getting proficient with that hook! Probably all your little thread motifs need is a bit of blocking and some spray starch? How's your garden doing?
Unknown said…
Such pretty crocheting my friend. I love those starfish.. Have fun on your bikes, So much more fun to ride them there in that beautiful city.

Hey Becca. I've been making starfish too but yours are so much more beautiful than mine. The way you have photographed them is gorgeous. I've not seen the sand dollar before -- very pretty. With the lazy daisy accent they are perfect. Might have to give those a go. You did great on the motif. Usually it is a tight tension that makes them curl. I don't work with thread -- usually just a thin cotton, so anything I make comes out bigger than it should. I'm okay with that. I'm just happy to be creating. Carmelina is fabulous at everything she does. I would be the same as you when it comes to riding a bike. I used to ride around the neighborhood like crazy when I was 12-13 -- that might be the last time I actually rode a bike, that I can remember. :) Have a beautiful day. Tammy
Dianne said…
I adore your starfish and sand dollars! The little flower motifs are so lovely! Yes they would all be so pretty as part of a collage... Isn't Carmelina the sweetest? I just love her! You (and she) make me want to try crochet again... but my hands hurt so bad with the tiny work, it makes it difficult. Keep up your beautiful work!
Dottie said…
Ilove your little crocheted treasures. They would be great on a collage or gift -how about as embellishements on t-shirts or bags for summer. Fun,fun!
RURAL said…
Becca, those are so lovely, and your presentation is well just so gorgeous. It makes me want to run out and get crochet hooks, and yarn...and dip my feet in the ocean again.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Anonymous said…
These would be gorgeous on your Christmas tree this year! Think about it. :-))
Wonderful beachy crochet! Have fun biking around your new city!
Your crochet pieces look beautiful, and I agree would be sensational for many many creations! What lovely work! and enjoy the new bike... I love riding for fun (not competitive or fast, just for poking around)
Those are beautiful, Becca! Love the delicate starfish especially...lovely photos!
Justine said…
absolutely wonderful, it looks so difficult, I am so impressed.
Hi Becca, Would you be interested in selling two crocheted starfish? My friend is making a sea theme huge wall hanging and those would be great textural elements. If not, I understand. Thanks.
Catherine said…
So cute Becca! Have fun getting back into bike riding. You are much more brave than I! LOL!
xo Catherine
Lisa Graham said…
Becca, you make perfect stitches!

And you know the old saying "it's like riding a bike" will pick it right back up. How wonderful to take in your new area on bike.
Tracy said…
Your sea-themed crochet is GORGEOUS, Becca! I can see these made up into a pretty garland with some tiny seashells attached... Very inspiring to see. Your bicycling sounds GREAT fun! That's on my list for next summer--to try bicycling again, as I've not been on one since my teens! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Rosie Grey said…
This looks so beautiful, Becca! I'm absolutely impressed!
Anonymous said…
Your sea motif is gorgeous and the thread crochet, well, what can I say. When you got the talent, you got it. I am sure you will love riding the bike in your new world, so much to see where you are and what a great way to get around. xox
Peli said…
these are lovely!!! i came here from Tammys blog post :)
have a lovely day!
Jillayne said…
I'm completely inspired, once again!
It never ceases to amaze me how you always seem to come up with such beautiful little creations out of the simplest things. Your starfish and sand dollars are exquisite and the motifs, equally so.
Beautiful, beautiful work Becca!
meem12 said…
Please would you post the pattern to the sand dollar and starfish, they are totally awesome! I live on the Texas Gulf of Mexico Coast and would love to be able to make these. Thank You so very much for your help in this matter.

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