Wednesday's Farmers Market

Every Wednesday now,  it's become part of my regular routine to 

walk down to the 

Farmers Market.

This time of year you can find a market everyday of the week.

Fresh fruit and veggies.

We've even been trying vegetables we've never even heard of before and 

enjoying them in our salads. 

Always beautiful flowers...

...and music!

The market vendors, like this one at a floral stand, working hard at bunching beautiful bouquets,

making them hard to pass up!   

I love the natural textures...

burlap, wooden boxes and crates.

...Homemade jams and pies...

...and of course this time of year...lavender.

Bunches and bunches of lavender!

Some vegetables in a variety of colors I never even knew existed.

There's just "something special" about walking home with your canvas bag of goodies from a local 

farmers market in one hand, and a great big bunch 

of flowers in the other!

Enjoy the rest of your week! 

Oh, and I'm STILL crocheting! :-)



TexWisGirl said…
looks like a great habit to get into. i'd never be able to make it past the homemade pies...
Dianne said…
I would love to have a market like that around here... Beautiful photos!
What a great farmer's market...and you photos are gorgeous, Becca!
RURAL said…
Becca, you never fail to inspire me with your eye for color and detail.

I love your shots of the farmers market, almost feel like I was there with you.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Holly Loves Art said…
Such gorgeous pictures... magazine worthy for sure! I just get giddy when I see all those yummy veggies. All that beautiful color! Looks like a lovely farmer's market. Thanks for sharing all the pix!
Lisa Gordon said…
One of my favorite things about summer is the farmer's market. Ours are on Saturdays, and each is always so different. I sure have not seen bunches of lavender here though. Sure wish I did. :-)

These are wonderful photographs Becca!
Judy S. said…
And way closer than Pike Place, eh? Even though we can't walk there, we need to check this out! What're the hours? Loved the sachets you made recently!
What gorgeous photos! You are soooo lucky! I visited my local farmers market for the first time this weekend hoping to find fresh basil and make some pesto. I was not impressed! It reminded me of the Las Vegas farmers market, full of people selling soap and jam with barely a vegetable or fruit in site.
Yummy, scrumptious pictures.
Tracy said…
Oh, WOW... I'd be walking there every week too! Outstanding variety of veggies, flowers and all sorts of goodies. We don't have a farmer's market here, and sure wish we did as I miss such things. Happy Days sampling the produce and the crochet cotton. :o) ((HUGS))
Gillian Olson said…
Looks like a great market, what a beautiful selection you have shared. Enjoy the rest of your week. :)
Unknown said…
WOW!! Just look at all the gorgeous colors. And all the yummy veggies..
Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day..

Anonymous said…
Isn't the array of goodness fantastic. Those beets were gorgeous and I don't even like beets! I can smell that Washington state lavender from here! xox
Catherine said…
What a fantastic looking Farmer's Market! I love going to ours every Saturday. Small city ~ only 1 day a week. Haha!

Oh the smells - oh the colors!!!

Happy weekend Becca!
xo Catherine
Justine said…
I absolutely love your market shots, I feel I could be there with you! they are so vibrant and interesting. We went to one of those whole foods store when we were in california, it was like entering another world!
That is definitely a great start to a very wonderful day! Everything is so vibrant and colorful and looks like pretty good prices, too. Just lovely! I remember several years ago when we went to a Farmer's Market in downtown Wooster, OH (very small town), there was a little boy and girl that said they could draw portraits. I don't remember how much we paid them. Maybe .50 cents each. I wanted them to draw my boys. Cutest thing ever -- they drew stick figures. Ha! Absolutely adorable. Best wishes to you for a fabulous Friday. ammy
Rosie Grey said…
I LOVE Farmers' Markets and I LOVE your shots - so gorgeous, as if I would walk around with you!
Anonymous said…
Yummy photos--so much great color! I always feel just a tiny bit guilty when I go to farmers' markets because I know I'm really not there for the food...I'm there for the eye candy ;)
Such beautiful, delicious photos! We have a good one over here in Seattle, too (Wednesdays) I can totally relate!
Marji said…
The markets are great around here. Ours is on Sunday. I just loaded up with so much I could hardly carry it all to the car. Love your photos. Captured the market beautifully.
ELK said…
how lucky you are to have all that beauty on your doorstep..and I am so happy you shared your visual delights!!
stone hood said…
Becca, you have a great eye for color and detail. I love farmar's market but more then that I love your nice shots!

- Herman Swan
christina said…
"never trust a skinny cook". lol i kind of love that. wink.

it's beautiful here.
Katy Noelle said…
Here I am, reading through and catching up and, suddenly, I remembered something... looking at these photos of the farmer's market, I remembered the berries in the Pacific Northwest! The best anywhere I know!!!! DO enjoy them for me, please! (Maine berries are pretty good, too, but the best I've ever had are from the PNW! =])

Also, I've been enjoying the photos of the hydrangeas. I love those blues and purples! When I left CA, though, I left the blue hydrangeas behind. They just wouldn't grow here in New England. Happily, though, they've come out with the 'endless summer' variety and they DO make it.... mostly..... It's slow going but growing all the same! YAY!

and so many peaceful, natural, soothing images, Becca. I needed it, right at the moment, so much! and, oh, how the swallows made me chuckle and smile. Too cute!

Off I go to read some more. =]


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