Thread Painting

Yesterday, I felt like working on a piece using free motion stitching. 
I had an old piece of fabric I got from an antique store, I think it might have been a curtain. 

I wanted to add some more texture, so I used lace and another blue fiber.

Do you recognize the blue fiber I layered over the top of the whole piece and used for the little flowers? 

The blue fiber is from those goofy looking surgery hats.
I took this photo of a co-worker at my job.  
I don't usually wear this type of cap, because I like to make my own caps from different, fun fabrics. 

When I change out of my scrubs at work, I will sometimes throw my socks into one of these caps to take home, so when I did laundry this weekend I started to throw the caps away, and took notice of the papery type fabric and thought it might be fun to sew on! 
Here's a close up so you can see the thin, blue layer, then the small pieces I used to make the flowers. 

Beginners work, but it was fun to be creative with something you were just going to throw out, and I think those goofy looking surgical caps look so much better like this than on my head, don't you?  

Hope everyone has a great week, it's back to work for me tomorrow!



Catherine said…
That is a very pretty blue ~ surgical cap... not so much. :)

Hope you had a happy Monday Becca!
xo Catherine
lilylovekin said…
Our surgical caps are white, I've never thought to use them in a craft project. Is that what you do ? So do I.
Pamela said…
Becca you are so creative!
I noticed you have a heart in there and I love hearts.
Have a good day at work tomorrow!
Pamela xo
Numinosity said…
Now just get out the betadine and start inking and blotting with it!

xoxo Kim
Numinosity said…
I meant to say this piece is quite lovely too.
Anonymous said…
You are so creative. I love that blue mixed in there. I've not tried that technique before but have seen it. Do you just drop the feed dogs and go for it? Love a little tutorial...
Margaret said…
Superb texture you've created with your recycling! love the colours too, fab!
andrea creates said…
I think it's so cool to make discoveries like this!
So original and pretty-beauty in something you would normally overlook :)
Have a lovely day :)
Anonymous said…
WOW thats gorgeous and very different
have a beautiful and bright day
hugs June
Stina said…
Very different and nice.:-)
Lisa Gordon said…
This is truly a work of art Becca!
Just gorgeous. I love all of the beautiful textures, and you have photographed it so beautifully!
Olga said…
Becca, you are experimenting with some very creative and fruitful effects.
Very beautiful result.
Unknown said…
This looks like it was alot of fun to make.. So many different textures to look at. Well Done!

Hugs, Linda
The colors and textures are very pretty, Becca! I've never heard of this kind of technique before and think it's really interesting~ I would never have guessed what you were using, but can see where you'd get great texture from that fabric!
Alina said…
Just awesome!! Love it! XO
Judy S. said…
I'd say you made a huge improvement on said surgical cap! Do you do crazy quilting; I bet you'd love it.
ELK said…
so creative .. relish the color and stitches so random!!
Lorraine said…
what a great way to recycle. It must have been lovely working on this after a stressful day working at the hospital
this is stunning! brilliant shades of blue! have a wonderful weekend!
What a creative idea that turned out so beautiful!
Lynn said…
WOW, this is beautiful Becca, I love what you have done, and great idea to use the surgical caps, why not if it works well :)
I just love all the texture on this piece, I really need to get a free motion needle for my machine.
Becky Shander said…
In a word, WOW! And a double-wow for being so clever with repurposing.

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