Garden Time

We're having such beautiful weather this weekend, it was 67 degrees F today, and it's supposed to reach the 70's by Monday!
  The days are still short, so I took some time this afternoon in the garden when the sun and light was just right.  
I also felt so much better today after having a wisdom tooth out yesterday that I just had to get outside and enjoy the warm sun.  ( my cheek still looks like the "Godfather's" though ) 
I know so many of you are still up to your ears in snow, so I thought you might like to see some sunny and warm photos. 
However,  I must tell you that I have really enjoyed seeing all of the snow photos out there in blogland! 

The following photographs were all taken from my courtyard this afternoon. 

 Fetzer got into this mix somehow, but I think he just wants to show you what else we've been up to this weekend. 
Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last few posts!  
I'm trying to get around to everyone this weekend to say hi.  
We just got a new BBQ grill, but I'm still sticking to "soft" type food tonight, so hubby is making a "special recipe" of mac n cheese.  Comfort food for the soul! 



Olga said…
Becca, thank you for being my follower. Your blogs are wonderful corner of the blogosphere. Your photos are breathtaking!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful macro photos dear Becca!!!
Numinosity said…
Gorgeous color and magnificent macro. Enjoy the nice weather, we're getting some of it too.

xoxo Kim
Judy S. said…
Send a little sunshine our way please! Lovely photos, and that Fetzer is definitely a keeper. Hope you're feeling all better now!
Beautiful, beautiful photos, Becca, as were the lovely photos of Seattle on your last post! I always enjoy seeing what you are up to! Hope you are feeling better soon XOXO!
Unknown said…
Such pretty photo's my friend.. So glad you got to spend some time out doors. A little sun is good for the spirt! Hugs, Linda
Lynn Stevens said…
Ohhhh flowers and sunshine and green leaves. The only thing green around here is ME seeing all the beauty in your garden....
I do hope your feeling bettter soon, Dentists are no fun!!!
Hugs Lynn
Sarah Knight said…
Beautiful photos! I am quite envious of your weather!
beatrice De said…
Purple, in my youger's time, was old person' color. But me, I always like it.
You can see, if you like, a beautifull knitting dress on my blog * les tricots, couture, bricolage de Béatrice De*.
Just clik on the right hand side, on of my *normal* blog.
You have to *dérouler* a little bit. Not so match !

A little hello from Lausanne, Switzerland.
Becky Shander said…
I miss the dazzling colors of warm weather. Thank you for sharing your spot of outdoor beauty.
andrea creates said…
hope you're feeling better! i've been told i should remove mine soon too...
thanks for the warm sunny photos-it sure is cold here. snow is melting but we'll probably get more soon :)
-can you tell i miss the west coast weather?!
take care~
Anonymous said…
Your flower photos and light hearted music really got me tapping my toes this morning on this cold winter's morning...THANK YOU!

Catherine said…
Thank you for the pretty sunny flowers ~ I needed that. And of course, Fetzer is always a crowd pleaser! :)

Hope you get to eat normal soon!
xo Catherine
lilylovekin said…
Enjoy your lovely weather. The macro photos are beautiful, they helped on this gray dull day that I'm experiencing here at home. Go Seahawks!!!!
Justine said…
beautiful macros with a wonderful feel of spring about them, I am so envious of your warm weather!
Oh what wonderful macros - especially of the little violas. You sure gave me a colour boost today with these - I can't wait until spring till I have these growing in my garden again.
Rosie Grey said…
What a beautiful set of photos! Such great macros and wonderful colours! I wonder how Fetzer got his name... ;-)
Lynda said…
What a lovely treat to see these beautiful photos! My favourite is that rusty fence detail!
Lisa Gordon said…
I would do almost anything for temperatures that warm right now. 30 degrees would actually be warm compared to what we are getting!!!
Lovely phots Becca, and I love your new design!!
Lorraine said…
love looking at all your photos..its been raining here all weekend but its good for the plants..I planted a blackberry and gooseberry bush yesterday and cant wait for spring time...sorry to hear about your tooth but it looks as if you are being taken care of by a good man
Pamela said…
I love the way you captured such vibrant colours on the flowers Becca! That purple is beautiful!
My neighbour is in Vegas right now so I'm glad to hear the weather is so great!
I have to say though my favourite photo is of Fetzer!!
Pamela xo
I sure hope you feel better! But getting the tooth out will make life much easier! Your photos bring us the colors of summer! It was gorgeous here the 6os...but the grass is brown in many areas and there aren't many flowers blooming at the park! Hugs! ♥
Those pictures sure are warm looking! I love the macros, especially of the Pansy! Hope you feel better soon, the mac and cheese sounds good!
Hen said…
Hi Becca,
Such beautiful photos, I am so envious of your weather! My fave photo has to be the beautiful furry Fetzer, of course.
By the way, the threads you can see in the photo with Vorey are "perle cotton". Yes, it is a bit like embroidery thread but doesn't separate into strands. It comes in different numbers denoting thickness. It's nice for hand quilting too.
Hen x
beatrice De said…
You have a good macro camera.

Crochet ! it is something not really never attract me very match. Never learn really. Just made a piece with string ( ficelle), to enlarge a hand made wewing piece done in a school.
Long, long, long ago. Long, long, long before numérique !
Crochet was'nt the subjet ?

Thank having came as a new follower to ma blog * les tricots, couture et bricolage de Béatrice De *.
oh how refreshing to see a garden with color and your macro work is fabulous!
Anonymous said…
Wow! I've been going through your lovely blog. You have the most amazing photos. LOVE! I need you to take pictures for my blog, haha!

I will happily follow along!

Take care,
beatrice De said…
You cat is on a coton cloud.

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