Simple Pleasures

Starting the New Year off  

Market Spice tea from Seattle and new hand cozies knitted by my best friend Linda,

good luck comfort food, and memories of my Mom, today was also her birthday,

teaching myself to crochet...slowly, and with

 a little help from my sweet Shatzie, and

living in the moment, without letting go of my dream.



Sarah Knight said…
Looks like a lovely & peaceful day :)
Nice shots!
andrea creates said…
cool, you've started crocheting! i'm gonna get around to posting about some of my favorite books soon...
the hand cozies look so cozy :)
take care~
Justine said…
I absolutely love these shots, wow that is a gorgeous cat and it looks so lovely amongst your wools, what lovely lovely photographs.
Anonymous said…
OOh, nice hand cozies!

Anonymous said…
Beautiful the muted colors. Sweet Shatzie is loving that yarn!
Kelli said…
I love your assistant... cats are so helpful.
(Especially when there is string involved!)
Happy New Year!
Unknown said…
Looks like a perfect day! and your blackeyed peas look yummy! So glad you liked you gloves. I think in no time you will be making your own..

Hugs, Linda
lilylovekin said…
Simple pleasures are the best. Enjoy the memories of your mother, I'm sure they are very sharp with the anniversary of her birthday. Best wishes for the new year.
Linda Vincent said…
I also recently taught myself to crochet..its very relaxing.
Peachy is fascinated by the moving wool and becomes very annoying!

Your photos of Shatzie are soft :-)
christina said…
i adore these photos. and when i sat down to our black eyes peas, we thought of your mom.
happy new year, my friend.
Catherine said…
Looks like an excellent way to start of the New Year Becca! :)
xo Catherine
Lisa Gordon said…
Truly, truly beautiful Becca.
Such and sweet post..and cute kitty! I'm wishing you the best year ahead! I always love visiting your blog to see your amazing photos! ♥♥♥
Pamela said…
Hi Becca!

I just love the photos of Shatzie especially the shot of the paw! Beautiful photos!
I also like those fingerless mittens your girlfriend made. Is that tea like a Chai?
Hope your remembering your mom with smiles and not too sad. It is always so hard when their birthday comes around.
Keep the dream alive Becca!!
Pamela :)
Rosie Grey said…
Oh wow, what wonderful photos! And those photos of Shatzie - she's really a beauty! I think I'd spend most of my time taking pictures of her...!
I love these pictures Becca. I cannot crochet, not very talented with needles, only sewing ones.
Carole said…
wonderful... have a very happy new year & here's to seeing more of your wonderful photographs :)
Carole said…
wonderful... have a very happy new year & here's to seeing more of your wonderful photographs :)
Lynn Stevens said…
How adorable!!!! Your little helper is just precious!
Caterina Giglio said…
snow? did you really get snow??? lol
Anonymous said…
That's just the best kind of lovin' help! What a beautiful helper!
beautiful photos Becca...I'm wondering if the photo is of Ham and Beans? My hubby is southern and likes to make them also...your kitty is gorgeous! :) Happy New Year!
Designbygutschi said…
Cats and wool - are always funny.

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