Soft Kitty

(all textures on this post are by Kim Klassen)

"Soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur.
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
purr, purr, purr." 

THIS video
makes me laugh. 

Sending you a little smile. :-)



Jessaca said…
My favorite is the one of your kitty's paws. Too Cute!!!
Have a good one
Anonymous said…
Everything was wonderful!
Greetings and kisses.
Anonymous said…
Everything was wonderful!
Greetings and kisses.
andrea creates said…
i love the paws too-too cute!!
Pamela said…
I love pink kitty paws!!! So beautiful these photos!!
Oh how I want an orange and white kitty again!!!
I have to send you a photo of my beloved Cree!
Pamela :)
Unknown said…
Those kitty paws are so cute! Love the dreamy effect these photo's have..

Hugs, Linda
Catherine said…
Very happy indeed ~ sweet sweet sweet!
xo Catherine
lol...we say the same thing to our Molliedog...then she falls asleep...
love your kitty! beautiful paws and gorgeous photos!
Justine said…
so soft and lovely, makes you just want to cuddle your cat, love these shots especially those beautiful paw shots.
What sweet pictures. My daughter and I were just talking about whenever we get another cat it will be orange. I love the little paws :)

The code for the fling didn't work on mine so I copied the picture and then uploaded it as a picture onto my sidebar and then put the link to the fling blog on the picture. I think that code was only working for typepad. If you are on facebook there is a page too. I hope you come up for it, I'd love to meet you in person!
Susan said…
What wonderfully soft photos, I love the textures. I have to agree that the paw shots are my favorite.
Rosie Grey said…
Soft kitty is really the most perfect title. Those photos are so fantastic! I really want to reach into the screen and touch those soft paws. Thanks for the smile via the video! :-)
Have a wonderful Friday/weekend!
ELK said…
my cat is the same coloring... you did a lovely job on the happy to visit today..happy weekend
Anonymous said…
OMG, those are the most GORGEOUS kitty photos I have ever seen! I have an orange Maine Coon cat that looks very similar! WOW, this is a beautiful blog, I'll be back!
Great pictures of kitty. Have a wonderful weekend.
Kelly Warren said…
what sweet pictures! and i have to agree, the paws are my favorite too! my kitties would never sit still long enough for me to photograph them like this.
Lynn said…
Beautiful, would make a lovely mosaic :)
Lisa Gordon said…
These are amazing Becca!!
Loving those sweet little paws!
Halle said…
As soon as I saw the title I knew what you were referring to..
Your kitty photos are so sweet.
So soft and lovely...such sweet little paws...
Stunning images... those sweet little feet make me purr. You make me want to play with textures :-)

christina said…
kitty is adorable. give a tummy rub, from auntie, christina. ; )

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