A parcel addressed to me from Yorkshire, England!

Just wanted to send a big hug & thank you out to Rebecca from www.buttonsandflowers.blogspot.com for having this beautiful giveaway... and choosing my name!
The parcel arrived yesterday..."Royal Mail" (I love that) from Yorkshire, England!  Rebecca had everything wrapped so lovely I didn't want to open it without first taking photos and sharing them with you!
Rebecca also has her own web site, www.rebeccamaryjanes.co.uk where you can purchase her hand embroidery items, needle felting, and other handiwork.
Here are a few of the goodies I received...

I was so excited to win my first giveaway around the same time that I was having my first giveaway!

Since this Sunday is Mother's Day, I wanted to wish all you blogging mothers out there,  a very happy day! 
I am only a "cat mom" and my Mother has passed, but in honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to share this photo of my Mom, even though you've probably already seen it on my sidebar.  This photograph always inspires me to create! 
I taught myself to sew on Mom's old sewing machine that I still have.  I now own a fancier one  that does more stitches, but I will never part with hers. 

Thank you always for your comments.  I enjoy reading each and every one!
Have a lovely weekend!


What an adorable photo of your mother and such nice projects you made with it! Looks like you received just great giveaway goodies, too!
Unknown said…
I'm so happy you got your Royal Package! It looks like some fun stuff! I hope your kittys give you a big kiss for mothers day!
I adore that picture of your Mom....

Hugs, Linda
trudi said…
Beautiful beautiful collage Becca! And such a fabulous photo of your Mom. I think you could do a fun series with her - or are you already doing that? woops.
Salvador Dali question - I like his sculptures and the 'shock value' of perspective...so I guess that is a yes. But, he was said to be such an awful man, I always hesitate. But then, PICASO wasn't that 'nice' either they say.
Unknown said…
I love this picture of your Mom. What a nice thing to do for Mothers day.
Congratulations on you big win. I just won a giveaway but have not received it yet. It sure makes you feel special.
Happy Mothers day to you!
Anonymous said…
Becca, that's sweet how you've taken your mother's photo and created so many different special things with it. A wonderful, loving tribute to her through your creative hands.

Brenda Pruitt said…
She must have been wonderful, as she created you! Pets moms are still moms!
Cheryl said…
Lucky duck!!!

Your kitties are adorable!
Martha Lever said…
What a precious picture of your mom. Love what you did with it!
Mary Ann said…
sweet! congrats for winning...i love that necklace too...the vintage photos are growing in me...have a great week, becca!
Pamela said…
Congratulations on such a beautiful giveaway. I really like felted pieces but I find them so costly. Lucky you!!
Have a great day!
Pamela xo
Marilyn said…
Very special. I like the pendant.
Kelly Warren said…
what fun mail! it's so nice to get something that's not a bill or junk mail, isn't it? :-) i love that photo of you mom and what you did with it. really like the pendant the most. thanks for the mother's day wishes. i hope you had a wonderful day with your fur babies. i lost my mom about 10 years ago, so mother's day is a bit bittersweet for me too.

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