A New Project

One of the things I've been trying to do lately is come up 

with ideas for the doilies I make. 

This of course is not a doily, but a little crocheted motif I made 

with linen thread and then 

I hand stitched it onto a piece of linen fabric.

 I think hand-stitching is so relaxing, I don't know why I don't do 

it more often.

I made 3 little pin cushions/lavender sachets with the linen 

thread I already have in my stash. 

You can use any kind of crochet thread...  

you know I'm just crazy about the linen stuff, right? :-)

It was fun digging into my linen scrap pile 

to find pieces of fabric to work with. 

Finding the remnants of linen at the fabric store is the way to go 

for little projects like this.

So, that's one way I can use crochet pieces, 

but here's another "long-term" project 

I'm working on.  

This is a pineapple doily I crocheted a while back. 

I saw somewhere on Pinterest a window covering 

made of sewn together doilies!

OK, here's the thing...

I could probably get enough doilies from the antique store 

for under $20.00 to make a window panel, 

but I want to crochet my own!  

(It could be a while before I complete this WIP) :-)

Other than that, I'm working on 2 different afghans, 

a scarf, a table runner, and 

2 different doilies.

Hum...maybe I need to complete these WIP's before I start another. 

How about you?  Are you good at finishing one project before 

starting something else? 



TexWisGirl said…
i like your little pin cushion/sachets. and that window covering is going to be beautiful - and special - because you made it all.
I love these, Becca...charming! I know that window cover will be fabulous! And no, I am not good at getting projects done...I always have lots going on at the same time! Think I am scatterbrained...
Tracy said…
LOVE, love, love the "mini" doilies on linen, Becca! Beautiful pairing, and lovely as pincushions. Your idea for a crochet window-treatment is wonderful--can't wait to see that. No pressure, though. ;o) I try not to have more the 3 different big projects on that go. By that I mean, one at a time of yarn, painting/mixed media, sewing/quilting, etc. Too many UFOs and I feel overwhelmed...LOL! I gave up craft multitasking some time ago, and it works for me. Be present with one thing at a time. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
These doilies on little cushions look wonderful! You should fill some with lavender from your garden. I have lots of doilies made by my great-grandmother. sometimes I sit and stare at them:) ohhh and after reading your project list I had to drink another cuppa coffee.
Everydaythings said…
those doilies are just fantastic and youve just given me an idea of what to do with the jute twine doily I made yesterday! thanks for sharing!!
Catherine said…
I always have to chose projects that can be completed within a few hours at the most. Otherwise they get left behind. Haha!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
As I said on facebook, these bitsy lavender bundles are the cutest ever. A window panel would be marvelous....You will get there oh crafty one. xox
andrea creates said…
these are so pretty~
love the sachets and the curtain idea!
i am not so good at finishing a WIP before starting on something else.i was just looking around my studio yesterday commenting on the bags of projects i have,
Lisa Gordon said…
My goodness, you are busy, Becca!
Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Everything you make is really so beautiful.
I'll bet the window covering would be gorgeous!
Happy day to you!
I love the doily stitched to the same color linen...what a pretty effect! You make such delicate pretties! I posted a vintage doily project! Sweet hugs!
Unknown said…
Your crochet motifs looks so pretty on those little pillow you made. Such a great idea.

Kate said…
LOVE all of these! Your fabric is beautiful, and makes me want to run out to get some linen! And I can't wait to see the window covering progress, it's going to be amazing!
I too have a hard time finishing a project before starting another...
Kate :}
Annette said…
No, in fact I'm terrible at finishing WIP's. I don't even want to list how many WIP's I have going on. It's embarassing. One day I'll be better.

Love what you doing with these crocheted doilies! <3 Doilies
Tammy said…
Love,love,love your little sachets. The colors you choose are always so pretty. Great way to use those little motifs. Best wishes, Tammy
JennyTheArtist said…
I really, really love your little pincushions!

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