Friday Finds

I see you Lucy! 

Lucy thinks it's Friday Hide-n-Seek.

No Lucy,  I'm trying to get some pictures of my Friday Find to share! 

This week I just had to show you this beautiful, old spool cabinet I 

found at an antique shop just down the street from me.

I've always wanted a spool cabinet,  and I was so excited to find one 

in such nice condition!  

  The only thing is that the J. and P. Coats 

is on the back, so you can't 

see that from where I have it right now. 

I understand that this cabinet is from the early 1900's 

and the drawer knobs are not original, however, 

I think it was really well done.  Besides, this is not something I bought 

for it's value.  I just love vintage sewing notions because it reminds me of 

my mom who sewed all the time.  

Isn't the detail lovely on the side? 

So, I'm using it to hold my embroidery thread, 

and beading materials.

I think this doily looks perfect on top. 

No, I didn't crochet this one, 

but, I had some size 30 thread and thought I'd give the smaller 

thread a try.  I've been using the popular size 10 thread that you've seen 

in my past posts. 

So, I hope you've enjoyed my Friday Find this week and 

now I'd better go see if I can "find" my Lucy! 

Have a great weekend! 


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Unknown said…
fabulous find .. I am suitably jealous! love the details!!!

wonderful site you have!
Anonymous said…
Love that first shot, Becca. So funny. And that is a beautiful find. I'm sure you'll enjoy it for years...
TexWisGirl said…
lucy made me laugh! great antique cabinet find!
Unknown said…
Lucy is so cute! Awesome photo :)
I would have scooped that cabinet in a heartbeat - it's gorgeous!
Deb said…
Adorable photos of Lucy. Love the cabinet. It's beautiful. Deb
GardenOfDaisies said…
Peek-A-Boo, Lucy! What a marvelous cabinet! It is so perfect for storing your art supplies.
Jill said…
That is a great piece! My mom has a similar one from a store that my folks owned many many years ago. I have one that needs work but it's not nearly as pretty as this one.
Lucy is a curious cat! What a beautiful such good shape too!
Sylvia said…
What a beautiful cabinet, great find !
And Lucy is so so cute, lovely capture !
Have a nice weekend,
Anonymous said…
Oh gosh... that Lucy is a crack up.

Cindy Madden said…
Oh, my, but you posted such wonderful stories and pictures, and it was quite entertaining!! I just love that spool cabinet.
Leovi said…
Wonderful photos, great framing!
Anonymous said…
Love that cabinet, what a find Becca. Love your peekaboo more! xox
Catherine said…
Little Lucy peaking over that wonderful cabinet looks so sweet! That is a beautiful piece Becca! A great find indeed!
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
beautiful! I've never seen one of those ... now it's on my list too :)

lovely handwork - it seems like such a peaceful pastime
Silvina Soave said…
Me encanta el gato, una captura muy espontánea!!
Abrazos y feliz fin de semana.
What a treasure, Becca! I bet you are really enjoying it!!
Kate said…
Hahahaha, I love that first photo of Lucy!! And that cabinet is AMAZING! What a fabulous find!!
Your size 30 project looks beautiful so far! I just started a doily in size 20... I'm working my way up to trying the 30!
Have a fantastic weekend!
Kate :}
Lisa Graham said…
OH MY GOSH! Miss Lucy cracks me up!!!!

Enjoy your spooley cabinet thingy. It's so detailed and pretty!
Tammy said…
Ha-ha! That Lucy is a cutie. Jingles hid herself for a whole day and night after the curtains in the living room came crashing down because the rod was pulled from the wall. The only thing I can figure is that the weight of a glass globe candle chandelier managed to pull it down, but it had been hanging up there for quite some time so don't know why on Thursday, my last day of school, it decided to crash! I had a mess to clean up and Jingles freaked. She really is such a scaredy cat.

Your little cabinet is a great find. I wish I was so organized. My supplies are a mess and all over the place. I will use this time, before we travel to the States July 23rd, to purge and toss and organize.

Have a great weekend. Tammy
Crafting Queen said…
Great photos and Lucy is a wonderful subject. Great finds.
CATHY said…
oh yes a real treasure! Lucy is too - adorable!
Sarah Huizenga said…
That is a treasured find. I love all the detailing and the company emblem.
Tracy said…
LOVE the peek of Lucy... and LOVE that spool cabinet too...*swoon*... Such pretty details on the cabinet. I love old wood. Your crochet threads and things fit this cabinet perfect. It's like this we meant to be for you. :o) So glad you shared, Becca. Happy Weekend ((HUGS)
Martha Lever said…
Oh wow, Becca! What a wonderful find! I know you are so excited to find it. It truly is lovely. Thanks for your comment. Tell Lucy Bucky says hi!
Nancy Goldman said…
Your cabinet find is wonderful. I agree that it's a shame that the logo is on the back.

Your picture of Lucy is adorable.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful cabinet. Such a great find. And your photos of Lucy have me smiling. Too Cute..

Doesn't a stash of thread and beads make a pretty display! I love the colors, shapes and textures! Kitty is very sweet, too and such a good helper! Hugs!
Jillayne said…
What a gorgeous find Becca! Your spool cabinet is amazing... what a beautiful way to store your threads.
I also have a real affinity for old sewing notions - I love that connection to people in the past doing the same things as I do... continuity...
Lorraine said…
I love old cabinets like this as they have so much the crochet and the cat too
Lisa Gordon said…
Wow! This is in wonderful condition, and what a find it is!
I love, love, love that photo of Lucy.
Happy Sunday to you, Becca!
andrea creates said…
how fun that cabinet is! a great way to store your supplies :)
Anonymous said…
That cabinet is gorgeous . . . but Lucy's hiding is AWESOME! I love how she's just peeking over the edge there--like maybe she's thinking she can see you, but you can't see her . . . do cats know we can see their ears when they do this? :)
Anonymous said…
That cabinet is gorgeous . . . but Lucy's hiding is AWESOME! I love how she's just peeking over the edge there--like maybe she's thinking she can see you, but you can't see her . . . do cats know we can see their ears when they do this? :)

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