Down the Lane

So this is June already.

It feels wonderful to be walking in the month of June,  in the bright, 

warm sunlight and not feeling "hot."

Just down the lane (or alley actually) from us is this colorful display 

of flowers along a white fence.

After putting away our recycling bins, I walked down the lane to 

check out this beautiful scene.

Busy bees everywhere! 

Warm sun brightened the already vibrant colors of these flowers. 

Such a simple pleasure to pass by this way each day.

 Hope you're having a nice weekend.  

I had an old friend in town that I haven't seen for years.

It was a nice we'd just picked up from where we'd left off. 




The orange is such a bright pretty summertime color! It's nice to spend time with old friends...we can just be ourselves!
Susan said…
Beautiful! Such a lovely place to walk, and such gorgeous poppies!
TexWisGirl said…
love those poppies!
Those poppies are stunning! x
What a lovely place to live and I see sunshine too ;) beautiful pictures, I love poppies!
Anonymous said…
Lovely lane you live on, how nice! I would so enjoy that walk very day. xox
Unknown said…
Such a warm feeling reading your short friend story :)
linda said…
Becca your photography is absolutely gorgeous. You make the pictures come alive! Beautiful flowers.
Thank you for sharing; it is a blessing to me.
RURAL said…
Oh, I want a fence like that full of such beauty.

Tracy said…
A taste of summer... oh, this was refreshing, Becca! So great to catch up with you here now we're back from some travel & seeing my family. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
andrea creates said…
such a pretty walk!
Lisa Gordon said…
So much wonderful color you have captured, Becca!
I LOVE those poppies.

Happy Monday to you!
Kate said…
Such lovely photos!! Those flowers are gorgeous!
Kate :}
Unknown said…
Such a beautiful place to take a stroll. I just love all the pretty flowers.

We got back yesterday and when we pulled in it was 104. I wanted to turn around and go right back.. It was in the mid 60's at Morro Bay.. I know your not missing this heat. Soon I will be long gone from it as well. I can't wait..

When I think of the colors of summer, this is what I think of! Exquisite shots!!!!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage
Caterina Giglio said…
I have to admit the poppies look beautiful, but I never liked them in the garden, they die back and look so ugly... but they do have their moments!
Lisa Graham said…
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I saw some poppies in a neighbors flower bed and I was thinking how it would be nice to have those in our yard.
Rosie Grey said…
Aaaw, thanks so much for the wonderful colours and flowers, Becca! I really needed that! It's been raining for weeks and there are floodings instead of flowers here...
Have a wonderful week filled with sunshine and flowers!
Stunning photos, is really beautiful there!
Sigh! Such beautiful images! So crisp and fresh and green and clean. We had a dust storm roll in. Yuck! Another weekend has arrived. Time just keeps flying by. Hugs, Tammy
Judy S. said…
Let me know if you want any poppy starts! They sure look great with the lupine, don't they?
Anonymous said…
WOOW! what a wonderful place.. Great capture

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