Hello friends, 

I'm here today to show you some fun photographs I took of my 

neighbor teaching her friend how to make pasta ravioli.

I've had Anna Maria's homemade ravioli before, and it's fabulous! 

So, I was very excited to have the opportunity to see the process 

first hand and share it with you! 

She makes it look so easy and wanted me to give it a try, but I decided 

to stick to just being the photographer for now. :-) 

It didn't take long before Anna's friend had it down.


Spaghetti too!


Are you getting hungry yet? 

Thanks Anna Maria for giving me the opportunity to share 

this homemade goodness on my blog today!



Anonymous said…
Are those ravioli? I LOVE ravioli or pretty much any pasta for that matter. Never tried to make it from scratch but it looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!!
RURAL said…
She does make it look easy...great shots. Now it's almost dinner time, and I am starving.

Guess ravioli is on the menu for another day.

Clare said…
Wow - she makes it look easy - which I'm sure it isn't. It just looks so healthy as well. Mmmm -
andrea creates said…
oh how fun! looks delicious! :)
Rosie Grey said…
Oh, that looks so delicious, Becca! Yum!!! I've never made pasta myself, but it seems to be fun! At least from behind the camera ;-)
I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!
Judy S. said…
Another kind of art! Love the aprons, too. Hope you got to taste some samples.
Tracy said…
BIG YUM... and such fun! This was inspiring to see. We used to have a pasta machine, but we unloaded it when we moved some time ago as we didn't use it nearly enough, and kitchen storage is at a premium where we are now. Suddenly I want to have a go making pasta again...LOL! Nothing so good as homemade, handmade pasta...mmm.... Happy Week, Becca ((HUGS))
Catherine said…
Such talent! I bet that tasted extra yummy.
Wising you a wonderful week Becca!
xo Catherine
Lisa Gordon said…
This is wonderful, Becca, and how lucky you were to be able to photograph it.

I have actually made ravioli quite a few times, and it i s definitely a labor of love, but there is nothing quite like it!

Thank you for sharing this here. I truly enjoyed it.
Lisa Graham said…
Wow the pasta looked like such perfection! The ravioli especially looked amazing. It looks like there was some sort of tray she used. I didn't know anything like that existed. Great photos Becca!
Unknown said…
Boy does that look yummy.. How fun to get to make some pasta with your friend. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

There is nothing better in this world! I love homemade pasta!
That looks like a lot of fun! Did you get to share some of it?
Tammy said…
Yum! Homemade pasta! People who know what they are doing sure make it look easy. I'd probably have a mess. :) Best wishes, Tammy

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