Playing with Watercolors

So, here we are at the beginning of a new week already.

Where does the time go?  

Last week I spent a relaxing time at home with Russell 

during his spring break from work.  

I did a little painting with watercolors.

Pretty basic stuff I'm doing...I'm still trying to figure it all out. 

I love the way the colors work on the paper using the 

wet on wet technique.  

I'm also feeling inspired having things around me that I love. 

This is some pottery my father-in-law made, 

that I use to hold some of my watercolor brushes, 

 graphite pencils and Micron pens. 

Of course, I still can't put down the crochet hook either. 

I've made a few simple dishcloths.

I love using these in the kitchen.

100% cotton yarn is nice to work with. 

There's been a lot of just kicking back, reading and relaxing 

around here too.

 Now it's time to get back into the "groove" and 

get some laundry and house cleaning done! 

What have you been up to? 



TexWisGirl said…
love the cozy kitty! beautiful watercolors! i've not attempted them in many years. colored pencils are so much easier to put down and walk away from - no muss; no fuss! :)
Rosie Grey said…
I love how you arranged everything - and beautiful paintings, too!
We had our first "spring-like" day yesterday, with sunshine, yay! I was out enjoying the sun as much as possible! :-)
Have a wonderful week, Becca!
Sherri B. said…
Lovely photos...and a warm, inviting environment for some great creativity!
Unknown said…
Looks like you had a very relaxing week. I love your painting. Looks pretty..

Judy S. said…
That's one happy kitty! Glad you had a nice week; mine was pretty crazy. I thought of you today at Joann's. The crochet thread is on sale along with lots of other stuff!
I love the look of watercolors and even have a few that I have hardly touched because I am afraid...You have inspired me to give it a whirl.
Crafting Queen said…
Your watercolour paintings look really lovely. Beautiful photos, love the light and your ginger cat. :)
Tracy said…
Painting, crochet and cat-napping... perfect weekend play partners! :o) LOVELY scenes from your weekend, Becca. Fun to see your creative process and tools--LOVE those pottery bowls. I've always enjoyed playing with watercolor, but often feel like a novice. At the moment I'm playing with watercolor paints over gesso on canvas--very pretty, soft effects! Happy Days ((HUGS))
Lisa Gordon said…
You little kitty looks so cozy, Becca!

I just love your paintings, and I am so glad you had a relaxing week.
Anonymous said…
I need a week like the cat! Love your sweet little blue stem flowers. xox
Clare said…
I love the zen feel of your work space, with the soft earthy tones. It feels peace, it feels still, it feels creative. This week and last for me were not zen zones - busy, busy and far too loud.
Kate said…
It's all so lovely! Very pretty watercolors and that pottery is beautiful!
Kate :}
Catherine said…
Our weather has been spoiling our plans here lately. But I did make it down to my craft room this weekend. Your drawings and paintings are so pretty Becca.
I hope you are having a most wonderful week ~ even if it's doing house chores. :)
xo Catherine
Amelia De Mello said…
Love your pictures, the colors you capture, the feelings you convey!
Gillian Olson said…
Love the relaxed cat!
Your watercolours are great, it is a lot of fun to experiment with them. Enjoy your week.
RURAL said…
Becca, all of your shots are lovely, but it's the photo of the cat all curled up that makes me heart sing the most.

That looks like Jingles snoozing! :) I miss Spring Break! How wonderful and relaxing and productive it was. Then it was back to school and the whole week was a blur. Love that pottery and all the things you surround yourself with for inspiration. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Tammy
Lisa Graham said…
Your watercolor flowers are gorgeous and I love the photo of your sweet kitty sleeping and looking very happy and cozy. Ah the good life. :)
I came over to see if you had posted something you've crocheted lately. I actually did a little crochet and posted it! Don't laugh! hahaha!

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