Another view through my lens

Just dropping in to say hello.  
I thought I'd share a few photos with you today since I don't have anything "crafty" yet to share. 
These are photos I took during our last visit to Seattle.
This blackbird was perched on the edge of a rooftop deck while we were watching the sunset.  

From the bar at a little French restaurant near our hotel. 

Just walking around Seattle and saw this sign in an alley downtown.
I'm really happy for a couple of days off, it was one crazy week!  
I think this weekend calls for a little R&R.
So, what are your plans for the weekend?


Mary Ann said…
beautiful photos! how i wish this year will not go by without me capturing a shot of a bird, they always fly before i shoot them with my camera! hope you are enjoying your weekend. verbena cottage
Unknown said…
I'm glad you are having a good time. Great photo's.
Enjoy your Sunday!
Gorgeous photos, Becca! I hope you enjoy your time off~ rainy weekend here...
Pamela said…
Great photos Becca! Love the photo of the building.
I am going to try and get some photos of rain chains for a post. They are everywhere here...all the new homes have them. When i first moved here i kept saying to my husband what the heck are those things hanging down? Back in my home province they wouldn't last as our climate is to harsh.

Have a restful weekend
Pamela xo
Anonymous said…
I just found your site and I have to say I did at the right post. I have always wanted to go to Seattle...those are such lovely photos. I will re-visit for sure. Weekend?...why sewing I suppose and maybe some wine :)....til next time, Have a Great Day, Susie
Carole said…
oh your photos are fabulous ! you capture the moment perfectly..I love the bird :)
Unknown said…
Hey Bec, Love your pictures, I think I have seen the one with the bird on the roof top before, I love that picture!
Lynn Stevens said…
Hi Becca, You photography is so GREAT, Stampington is doing a call for "On call photographers" ,they say you don't have to do it professionaly. You should really think about applying!
Catherine said…
Fantastic photos Becca! It's always so nice to get away for the weekend isn't it?

xo Catherine
Lovey said…
Becca these photos are awesome! BTW...if you still have the email you sent me...please resend somehow ended up in Spam and was deleted before I could get it...boohoo...Lovey
Alina said…
These photos are absolutely fantastic! Glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy the weekend XO
Pamela said…
Hi Becca

I just sent you an award! Come on over!
Pamela xo

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