Decorating for Autumn

Hi Friends! 

Have you started decorating for Autumn yet? 

This year, I just had to try using one of my crocheted doilies to decorate 

a pumpkin. 

I'm very happy with how this one turned out. 

I applied the doily simply using a glue stick around the edges because 

this pumpkin is real and won't last forever, so I should be able to salvage the 

crochet piece to use with something else later. 

Do you guys know this plant below? 

Chinese Lantern.

I never heard of these until I moved to Seattle, and now I look 

forward to them every fall.  

So much fun to decorate with! 

There's so many unusual pumpkins out there, and I 

loved these tiny orange ones.  Didn't take any time at all to 

crochet a decoration for this baby. 

I thought this was a very interesting one too and ties in the light 

pumpkins with the orange ones. 

Right now, I have some placed on our mantel.  The two little ones are not 

real but I wanted to give them as gifts. 

I still can't get enough of these moody blooms! 

A couple of weeks ago, we had some of our neighbors over for a BBQ and 

Stephanie brought me this lovely bouquet from her garden.  She placed them in 

a large Ball jar and tied a bow of crocheted lace around it.  Wonder how she 

knew I was crazy about crochet?  Hee hee. :-) 

I think those sweet friends will be the recipients of my little crocheted pumpkins! 

We have been blessed with some very lovely weather lately! 

Foggy, somewhat chilly mornings followed by afternoon sunshine. 

I spent some time yesterday cleaning and winterizing things on our deck and 

it feels so clean and nice to still be able to enjoy sitting out there. 

Hope you have a lovely week, 



TexWisGirl said…
your crocheted punkin toppers are adorable. :)
Caterina Giglio said…
Love that crochet pumpkin! And gorgeous photos as always! Xo
Betty said…
I have never thought of decorating pumpkins with lace doilies, but after seeing yours I think I may. I love the little topper ones.
I have always loved lace and doilies! Thanks for this awesome idea!!!!!
andrea creates said…
Love your pumpkins Becca : )
Judy S. said…
You are so clever, Becca! We had some delicious pumpkin soup in Germany and saw those Chinese lanterns used in store windows. They sure are pretty and a definite sign of fall. The fog was beautiful on Sunday morning on the way to church, with the buildings poking out and the sun breaking through, but we didn't have the camera along. Autumn is here!
I love the little doilies on top of the pumpkins. So sweet! Have a great day. Tammy
Anonymous said…
Your blog posts are always so inspiring and beautiful, Bekka! Thank you for sharing!
Lisa Gordon said…
Your autumn decorations are just beautiful, Becca, and I so love those little pumpkin "toppers." Simply perfect.
Kate said…
Wow, your autumn decorations look fabulous! Those doily pumpkins are just beautiful! So clever!
Hope you're having a lovely week!
Kate :}
Tracy said…
Oh, my goodness, I'm dancing in my seat seeing your CROCHET-decorated pumpkin!!! I just LOVE this! *BIG SWOON* Love the little lace-capped mini pumpkins too...*sigh*... The orange of Chinese Lanterns is so exciting--such fall gorgeousness. :o) Happy Autumn Days, Becca ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
love your crochet pumpkins
Unknown said…
Hi Bec.. So many pretty photos. I just love the dollie covered pumpkins. They are wonderful. I'm sure your friends would love to receive them.

Rosie Grey said…
What a beautiful fall decoration, Becca! I must admit I haven't started yet, but seeing yours makes me want to start decorating immediately.
I LOVE Chinese lanterns!!! Aren't they just gorgeous?
Lisa Graham said…
Everything you do is beautiful Becca. Love your crocheted pumpkin. I never decorate for fall because just as soon as I got it done I would have to take it down and put up the Christmas stuff. I am lucky to just get the Christmas stuff up. :)

Love seeing your wedding photo on the mantel.

Thank you for your kind words on my sewing painting.


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