Blossoms of Love

 Hello Friends! 

Last week, I took the advise of my friend, 

and made my way over to the Washington Park Arboretum  

to photograph all of the blooming trees before the spring 

wind and rain blew them all away. 

It turned out to be the perfect day except for the fact

 that I didn't get to share it with my sweetie because he had to work. 

I mean, who can stand under this tree with all of it's blossoms

and lovely sweet scent and not be in the mood for love? 

I've never been to Paris in the Springtime
(not in any season actually). 

Living here in Seattle, however, makes me feel like I've always imagined 

I would feel seeing Paris in the Spring.

Speaking of my "Sweetie," he saw an artist supply store near his work,  

and signed me up for their Artist Club Card. 

Oh Boy,   have I ever been having a fun time visiting this place! 

I've been breaking out the watercolor tubes of paint and getting my 

hands dirty! 

Wishing you a lovely week ahead, 



Judy S. said…
Did you make it to the Japanese Garden part? The cherry trees on the UW campus are always beautiful too, and on a clear day Rainier Vista is amazing.
Lisa Gordon said…
What a sweet guy!!! it sounds like you're having lots of fun getting your hands dirty! :-)

These photographs are really beautiful, Becca, and what a place to be with a camera. It reminds me of cherry blossom time in Washington DC.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, and i wish you a bright week ahead!
Silvina Soave said…
Preciosas fotografías! el parque que fotografiaste es una belleza!
TexWisGirl said…
my goodness, this is a special place at a special time of year! wowowowowo!
Tracy said…
*BIG SWOON*...the sight of these blossoms is lifting my spirits this gray morning here... DAZZLING! We are eager for real spring to arrive here... :o) Happy Week, Becca ((HUGS))
Catherine said…
That park is so beautiful Becca! What a joy it must be to be discovering new places in your new home. And how sweet is your hubby signing you up for the artist club. Wonderful!
Have a super week!
xo Catherine
So beautiful where you are! That's what rain will do for the environment. :) Have fun painting! Tammy
Unknown said…
Your photos are gorgeous. I do hope you have fun playing with your paints..

Terrie said…
These are stunning photos - and just in time before the rains started again. I love the arboretum - it's gorgeous every season, but especially spring and fall.

Daniel Smith is right on my way home from work and some days I have to really fight the steering wheel not to turn in! :)
The Arboretum and Daniel Smith--two of my favorite places :) Gorgeous photos, Becca!
What gorgeous photos, Becca! We are under snow again here! I bet you could do some serious damage in an art store! Have fun!
Caterina Giglio said…
oh thank you for gorgeous spring shots! the one of the park bench is just fabulous... we are still a long way off from spring... and I am so ready for blooming hydrangeas!
Gillian Olson said…
Gorgeous blossoms Becca, it is a wonderful time of year.
Lorraine said…
fantastic photos..cold and rainy here but some of my daffodils are now coming through
BEAUTIFUL photos! I love seeing your spring! Absolutely stunning!
RURAL said…
When I was in art school up here in BC, Daniel Smith was the mecca of all stores. There was nothing like it in BC, so once a year all the students would hire a bus and drive down to Seattle.

I still have vivid memories of visiting the conservatory, the cactus greenhouse, and seeing the Andrew Wyeth show as a local gallery....

But the plants are the ones that stayed in my mind the longest...I guess I am more of a gardener then a artist. lol.

Good for you to go to that beautiful park, amazing shots.

Rosie Grey said…
How lovely of your husband - definitely a keeper ;-)))
Your photos are so beautiful - and could look at those wonderful blooms forever, or sit on that bench..:

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