A New Face

This week, I finally put down the crochet long enough to do some painting!

I really had a lot of fun creating this piece. 

 Although, I haven't decided if it's completed or not,  because  I still haven't named this piece yet.  

Usually something will "hit" me while I'm working on it. 

This is acrylic paint and graphite pencil on a 9X12 canvas.

First,  I sketched out my face and practiced shading.

(I really kind of rushed though this part because I wanted to get to the paint!) 

Working with graphite is so much easier for me than paint.  I feel like I have so much more control.

Sketches are fine, but I really wanted color!  

Hopefully over time and with practice I can become more comfortable with paint.

So, originally I created a background on an 8X10 canvas, but as you can see my 

girl is so much bigger so that's how she ended up on a larger canvas. 

My next plan is to try and create a smaller sketch for the smaller canvas. 

Finally, I added some of my crochet and tatting pieces.  

Even though I haven't mastered the thread crochet and tatting like I want to,  I love using my practice 

pieces for added texture and dimension to the collage. 

It's fun to be back with the "gang" at 

This is my first party since my big move to Washington! 

Do stop by to see what all the other party goers are creating...so much inspiration! 

The weather has been wonderful here and this weekend there is a lot  going on for 

The US Navy Blue Angles are here for the weekend and will be performing over 

Lake Washington.  We have a good view from our deck and have already enjoyed 

watching them practice, and WOW...are they ever loud when they fly over so low! 

So, we'll be doing some "grilling and chilling" and enjoying the show. 

What are your plans for the weekend?  



Unknown said…
Absolutely beautiful. I truly love the way you mix textures and media. Gorgeous!!!
Ayala Art said…
I always love looking at WIPs, and the portrait is looking great! Fun, pretty colors. Happy PPF
Maria Ontiveros said…
I love the element on her neck.
Netty said…
Loving your beautiful lady, thank you for sharing. Happy PPF, Annette x
Lovely to see that you are painting again. Your crochet and tatting is wonderful. Lord knows my creations aren't always perfect, but I just love having something to keep my hands busy. Happy hands, happy heart. Enjoy the show. We seem to be having a dust storm today -- the first in a while. Wishing you all the best, Tammy
Natasha said…
I love the flowers in her hair, progress shots are always interesting for me! :)
Mary C. Nasser said…
This is really amazing!
Love how you incorporated your passion for crochet into your painted portrait!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art
Anonymous said…
Grilling and chilling sounds good. Lake Washington is so pretty just everyday. Love your painting, so full of life and the crochet work just makes it so brilliant. xox
RURAL said…
Becca, I love what you have created, she is gorgeous. And the addition of textures like the crochet piece, very interesting.

Is that a dragonfly stamp? I looooovvvve dragonflies.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
TexWisGirl said…
she's beautiful. i like it!
Giggles said…
Great textures, very pretty lady!|!

Hugs Giggles
Marji said…
Great to see you painting. It means that you have settled into your new studio. I'll be on the lake this afternoon watching the blue angels. The weather is gorgeous for SeaFair weekend!! Happy PPF
Lisa Graham said…
This is so pretty Becca! You layer colors and shapes so nicely in your art work and I love that you add your beautiful crochet to it! It's such a homey touch to the painting. Modern and old fashioned all at once.

Have a great weekend!
Hilary said…
Just ... beautiful. *swoons*
Silvina Soave said…
Hermoso trabajo! Me encanta tu estilo!.Saludos!
Becca, this is just beautiful...I love how you work with paint...and the mixed media aspects are wonderful! You have so many talents, my friend!
Catherine said…
Sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend!
Love your arty girl!
xo Catherine
Judy S. said…
Nice spot for your pretty crocheted flowers, Becca! We might walk up the hill to see the Blue Angels; they flew over the house today and shook the rafters. Hope to see some of the Olympics synchro. swimming, too. This weekend and last are notorious for being nice which is great for the art fair and then Sea Fair. Enjoy!
Tracey FK said…
sounds like a big weekend is on the cards but I hope you get back to the studio soon to get that next piece finished...xx
Just wanted to say I went camping this weekend in my little trailer and I had my "Take Flight" mixed art media by my very favorite artist and I love it even more now than the day I received it in the mail..it is so special my friend and I thank you again with all my heart !!..xo
Dianne said…
She's so beautiful! Love her dragonfly "tattoo" too!
Alicia C said…
this girl reminds me so much of Penelope Cruz - who for me is one of the loveliest actresses out there - funny- I feel exactly the opposite - I feel more in control painting than with charcoal bc charcoal for me is too slow & thus more prone to mistakes LOL I guess to each his own
Wonderful piece of art! It reminds me my late brother, he is really good in painting,canvassing and drawing.Unfortunately, he died because of spray paint he uses in his paints. You're doing great..
Sabina said…
What a sweet face. And I think the blue flowers over the red hair are the perfect touch. It's just great contrast.

And yeah paints definitely take some time to get comfortable with so I know what you mean. But they're also too much not to invest the time in.
Unknown said…
Your girl is beautiful. I love how you added the flowers to her hair. It sounds like you are really enjoying your new home and city.
I plan on starting a sewing project for my son's birthday this weekend.
Keep at it Becca. She and the sketch are both lovely. The added texture is perfect.
Karen Smithey said…
Wonderful piece! I especially love what you did with the stencil over her hair!
Justine said…
lovely lovely painting
Unknown said…
She looks great.. Love the little crochet piece you added.

denthe said…
Great work! Love the flowers in her hair!
Tracy said…
WONDERFUL canvas, Becca... LOVE how you're rendered the hair with color & design, and also love the texture play with you addition of your pretty tatting & crochet. VERY fun to see this new art work! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))
Clare said…
Hi Becca - love your painting. I like all the texture and colour overlayed on top of the painting. It is a fun, happy piece.
Linda Vincent said…
Oh Becca...she's absolutely lovely! I especially like those turquoise eyes :-)
I've been admiring all the beautiful photos on your blog, too. I LOVE the colour of your new teapot...great shape too! And your teabag sachets are delightful....
Lorraine said…
love the way you have combined the painting with crochet..looks fab

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