Sand and Sea Girl

Hi everyone!  
I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

I'm still trying to pack up things for our move,  but every time I go into my art room I get distracted and want to play! 

I had so much fun creating my last mixed media collage that I couldn't wait to try another one.

This piece is done on an 8x10 canvas with watercolor pencils, Pan Pastels and tissue paper.

Sand and Sea Girl

Just like the last piece, I photocopied an old sketch I did a while back and applied it to the canvas with Golden fluid matte medium.
Once it was dry I started applying color.

This was my original sketch.

I think she would have been cute with short hair, but I struggle with "painting" hair for some reason.
I think that's why I resort to collage.

Here's the thing though...
I'm still learning about paints, graphite, and their reaction to gesso or matte medium.
Once I started applying her tissue paper hair with the fluid medium, of course the color from my watercolor pencils would come off in areas.
I'm wondering if that is why some people use "clear" gesso at this point before they start another layer? 
Any ideas? 

Finally, I used the Pan Pastels to try and smooth out the messed up color on her face.
I don't think I'll use a final coat of gel medium because of the watercolor.  I'm hoping a spray fixative will do the job. 

 I am always so inspired by what I see out there in the blogging world of art!
How wonderful it is to be able to learn and share with other kindred spirits. 

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TexWisGirl said…
i do like the hair! and her eyes and complexion are so ethereal! :) i like how you get distracted!
Anonymous said…
I like here Veeeerrrry long and slim nose. She's awesome.
Ellie said…
Hi! First time I have found you! Love this piece, her face and hair, and the flower are so pretty. Def going to follow your blog
Tracey FK said…
Those eyes are looking amazing and you are really capturing a great feel to your faces here... I enjoyed scrolling back through some pages and seeing what you have been up to... won't wait so long to visit again next time...xx
Unknown said…
Awesome hair!! I liked reading the "making of"!! :)
Clare said…
I love her hair, it's such fun to 'build' up an art work - layering and playing. It's always a suprise in the end - wonderful adventures - mmm art making is really delicious stuff!
andrea creates said…
she looks great!
have a super weekend :)
Lesley Edmonds said…
What a beautiful face she has..I really like the new look you gave her. I can't help with your query I'm afraid but would love to know the answer...

Happy Sunday.
Anonymous said…
Love, love, love the tissue hair Becca, it so captures that wild look so well. Great piece. xox Corrine
Tracy said…
The tissue paper was a FAB idea, Becca! It gives such great texture and feeling. Hair is tough rendering with pencil, I find. LOVE the slender nose. This piece has a such a great vibe--the flower accent is lovely too! The clear gesso is also a great idea. I was painting this weekend too, hoping to get a canvas done to share soon. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
She looks fabulous. I just love her hair And her eyes. You did a great job.

Hugs, Linda
Rona Gregory said…
She is gorgeous! Afraid I can't answer your question either...thought I read somewhere that there was a reworkable spray fixative for this very thing...maybe check with your local art supply shop?

I have absolutely no idea what any of those products are, but I think your artwork is great! Hope your weekend is wonderful. Best wishes, Tammy
She is lovely, Becca...I love your mixed media choices!
Catherine said…
I love her hair! Very fun! I am thinking you are going to have to wait and pack your art room at the very last minute. LOL!
xo Catherine
Gillian Olson said…
Lovely piece, the hair really finishes it off well.
Terri said…
Hi Becca. I'm a fan! Love the name of your blog and your artwork; you've made her hair look like sea weed and it is tissue, great job and I love the shape of her nose -- although that might be a funny thing to say. Blessings Terri
DVArtist said…
I really like this very much. The process is very interesting as well. Wonderful piece of art.
sharon said…
Hi Becca! Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comment! Your face is gorgeous, and the tissue application is awesome!
Justine said…
absolutely fantastic! wow this is big wave music playing whilst I type too!
Lisa Graham said…
She is fabulous Becca! You do faces so well...they have such sweet angels. I especially like the tissue paper hair...what a fabulous idea. Have you ever thought of threads or yarn also? That might be something fun to try since you work with them so much.

As far as watercolor coming can water down acrylic paint which has the same effect as watercolor...but once it dries it's there to stay. Does that make sense?
Rosie Grey said…
Wow, Becca, this is so fantastic! I love how you painted her face and I also love how you did her hair! I'm in awe!!! You are so talented!
Pamela said…
Very cool art work Becca!!!
This looks like so much fun.
I love the waves of the ocean you are playing here!
Pamela xo
Torunn said…
Wonderful drawings and beautiful tones / colors.
Rhônya Holman said…
Beautiful artwork! You are very talented. =(^.^)=
In, BTW you have a lot of inspiring posts.

Have a lovely weekend!!
Annabelle said…
All of your work is gorgeous and this girl turned out beautiful.So sorry that I really can't help you with your ponderings , I'm just learning myself and at the moment I'm just a messy experimental artist ; )
She is exquisite...her hair is so unique and her expression pulls you to her! Very wonderful art! You are talented at so many things! ♥
Unknown said…
Hey Becca, I love this piece. I love the texture that the tissue paper adds, it gives her a lot of depth. I know that you can dissolve the wetercolor with fluid medium instead of water and then it will stay put. I think that putting a layer of clear gesso is also a good idea. I will have to play with these techniques to see what works best. I love your beautiful girl and your drawing is amazing.
manomij said…
I love seeing the process of you making this face. The tissue is fabulous!

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