Fiber Frenzy!

I've learned the basics of tatting using a Shuttle
I only have the plastic shuttles, but click on that link above and see some images of some beautiful shuttles!
Seeing all those lovely shuttles makes me want to continue to practice tatting that way.

Lately though, I've been reading that "needle tatting" is easier than "shuttle tatting" so I ordered some needles to see for myself, and yes...I think it is somewhat easier.
I don't get nearly as many knots as I do when using a shuttle and having to "flip" the stitch.

This is the "Josephine Chain"  
a pretty easy pattern to learn and I love how it looks with hemp fibers. 

I think it would make a pretty choker don't you? 

This isn't tatting of course, I was just wanting to use some of the left over hemp, so I crocheted this necklace using beads.
(you can use beads in tatting too, I just haven't gotten that far yet)

Here's some more pieces with the needle tatting.
These pieces are actually mistakes I've made so I just keep them for embellishments for future mixed media projects.

I love this perle' cotton embroidery floss for tatting

So many pretty colors!
I love to keep my fibers on old wooden clothes pins and spools.

Another Josephine Chain with the cotton thread...


"Oh no!  Lucy!"

A Lucy Fiber Frenzy!

1. A state of violent mental agitation or wild excitement.
2. Temporary madness or delirium.
3.  A mania; a craze.

"Lucy!  Stop it!
"You're gonna mess it up!" 

Oh was just practice after all...I just wanted to show you. 

 So...after the Fiber Frenzy passes,  Lucy (in the background)  in her kitty crouch, head down and butt in position, waits for the right time to pounce on her big brother Fetzer.

Fetzer gives me that look like "Oh dear, it's going to be another long weekend!" 

Hopefully this weekend, I'll be able to practice tatting some more (when Lucy is sleeping) and show you some more patterns! 

*Just a note...other than this unexpected photo shoot with Lucy, I've been keeping an eye on her whenever she's in that fiber frenzy mood.  I'm told that some kittens need to have surgery to remove thread/string that they've eaten!*  

Have a great weekend!

Becca & "the kitties" 


TexWisGirl said…
oh, lovin' the lucy interruption!

have never heard of tatting with needles. very cool!
Love'n you kittys. Mine get into my knitting and must sit on my studio table. I really like what your doing here. I have never heard of Tatting?? Looks so pretty.
What a cute post! I love how delicate your tatting is...the photos are lovely. The clothespins are lovely display pieces for the pretty threads, too! The pics with Lucy are so funny!
Gillian Olson said…
Your tatting is lovely, and the Lucy Fibre Fenzy is so darn cute.
Lesley Edmonds said…
Oh you made me chuckle to two kitties are old and sleepy these days and don't want to play much so this brought back happy memories - thank you for sharing...
Your tatting is great! Love the colours and it is so pretty when done.
Have a good weekend and hope Fetzer survives haha!
Lesley x
Unknown said…
Your post made me smile. Lucy is too cute. Your tatting looks great. I saw that they had the tatting needles at Hobby Lobby. But they were in a box so you couldn't see them..

Hugs, Linda
Bohemian said…
I Love the hues of your fibres... and seeing Lucy's temptation to attack the Project makes me smile and surely miss my Old Cat Rat Boy who always was tempted to pounce on my Projects if she saw any of it moving! *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
Catherine said…
LOL! Don't you love it when kitty just has to get in on the string action? You buy them scads of toys and fancy gizmos and really, all they want is a bit of yarn! Cute!

Your little flower chain is so cute! Such talent my friend!

Wishing you and your kitties a fantastic weekend Becca! I hope it's a crafty one! :)

xo Catherine
Linda Vincent said…
Gosh...I hadn't realised I'd missed so many of your posts Becca.
I've enjoyed catching up many lovely things to see! I really like the Josephine chain - its very pretty :-) Even your 'mistakes' are gorgeous ;-)
As for those kitties...well you know I love them.
But now you got me wondering ...Peachy has been sneezing a lot recently and the vet says he hasn't got a cold, but he may have something up his nose. He thinks it could be grass. But Peachy loves playing with my wool when I'm crocheting in the evenings....could it be?
Apparently if he doesn't get any better soon he'll have to go in and have his sinuses flushed out!!!
Torunn said…
So lovely Becca! Wish you a nice weekend.
Tracy said…
haha... I know what you'll be giving/making for the kitties for Christmas--tatted toys. ;o) LOVELY work, Becca... and I just drool over the satiny close-ups of the fibers...mmm... Really love your hemp & beaded necklace--looks like summer! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Lisa Graham said…
Becca! This is sooooo pretty...this whole post!

I think it would make a lovely bracelet too!

I hope you have a great weekend!

PS: your last email cracked me up. We are hippies. : )
That Lucy is adorable! I love all your tatting projects - even the practice ones look great to me. They will certainly be lovely embellishments for future projects. Have a great weekend. Tammy
Anonymous said…
Do you make chokers for the kitty too! Love this work, far to delicate for me, but you do it so well. xox Corrine
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, I give you so much credit for learning how to do this! You really are amazing.
I just love your little helper too.
What a sweetheart she is.
Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend.
Jillayne said…
Beautiful tatting Becca - just beautiful. I love how you persevere with your new techniques and keep at it until you have figured it out.
Perle Coton is a favourite of mine as well, for so many things, and it is just lovely in your tatting.
have a fun weekend playing!
Unknown said…
Lovely work! I love all the soft colors you are using in these pieces.
Dorthe said…
Becca, your photoes are gorgeous, and so is your tatting,- just beautiful.
Hope you can save the next piece from you sweet kitty,-:)
Rosie Grey said…
These shuttles do look nice! It's really amazing what you are creating here - so beautiful! And isn't it just nice of Lucy to help you a bit ;-)
Karen Mae said…
Wow - beautiful! I love the daisy chain. I'll have to add learning to tat to my list of things to learn...thanks for the inspiration!
Lorraine said…
love the tatting and the mad cat!
Cameron said…
What patience you have! All that detail!

....and yes, string of any kind will always be found by a feline....I have 3....let the frenzy begin! Haha!
Lady Locust said…
I just found your beautiful blog. I am just south of you a little ways. Didn't know there was anybody this side of the rockies that needle tats - Wow - I am so thrilled to see more:)

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